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Ind eng-499-doc

  1. 1. DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS Bahadurpuar<br />MANADAL: Bahadurpura Date:16-9-2010<br />ACTIVITY: stop pollution<br />AREA: Bahadurpura<br />Designed by: The children in GPS Bahadurpuar<br /><ul><li>Afreen Begum 5th class
  2. 2. Summaiya Begum 5th class
  3. 3. Humera Begum 54th class
  4. 4. Farhana 5th class
  5. 5. Najma Begum 5th class</li></ul> <br />FEEL: The children in GPS Bahadurpura felt sorrounding area lot of sound and air pollution. The sound of vehicle near by school so children are disturb. And air pollution also there many community member throw garbage near school and their house. And after they burn garbage.<br />IMAGINE: The children thought for decrease of pollution. And aware of community members. Children made some display cards and write on the some codes.<br />DO: The children ready for railly with enjoying. They took display cards and go surrounding of school. And aware of community members. They stood beside the road with display card. On the display card has written some codes that is “stop sound polution”. And after where is burning garbage cildren go there and gave advice that do not burn garbage air will get polluted. <br />SHARED: They shared other children how to controle pollution and safe our envirnment. To listen these words all enjoyed very much.<br /> <br /> DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS Bahadurpuar<br />MANADAL: Bahadurpura Date:16-09-2010<br /> <br /> Team is ready to conduct rally. Child stand with display card “stop pollution”.<br /> <br /> Children are going in street with showing display cards.<br /> <br /> <br /> Team members with lot of children after complete the work<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />