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  1. 1. LOOK BEFORE YOU DUMP A project by Loreto Day school Sealdah, Kolkata Change makers – Jaisica Joyeeta Das, Zoya Khan, Sanjukta Mullick, Cinderella Palma and Pallavi Sharma. Mentor teachers- Ms N.Bir, Ms M.Gomes, Ms R.Ghosh Step 1-Feel: When we went on an observation walk through the whole school, we became aware of a striking problem. There is an asbestos roof adjacent to the class V classrooms in the first floor. We felt sad to see that the top of the roof had become dirty since children from the 1st , 2nd and 3rd floors had been throwing down things from their windows onto this roof. These items ranged from bottle caps to handkerchiefs to banana peels. Something had to be done. Step 2- Imagine: • Form groups and think of ways to stop girls from throwing any more rubbish out of the window. • Discuss with teachers and devise ways of creating awareness among the school community about cleanliness. • Find ways of involving everyone, (esp. the students of the classes from which the rubbish is dumped on the roof) in the mission.
  2. 2. Step 3- Do: We formed a group of five girls . • We first went to our principal Sister Cyril who arranged for the roof to be cleaned. • We drew many posters and placed them on the windows through which the rubbish is normally thrown out. We also put up massages throughout school. • We spoke to the classes during the day about the problem and asked them to help us in our missions. • We took turns checking the roof once after every class to see if something had been dropped there. • The girls of the house on duty in a particular week were also entrusted with the responsibility of keeping an eye on their classmates to ensure that everyone from their class was dropping waste only into the bins. • If no truants at all were found in a week the house on duty would be given 5 extra points.
  3. 3. • With sister’s permission and encouragement , we took turns speaking about the problem and appealing for all the students’ help during assembly. • Anyone caught dumping things out of the windows was taken to the respective house captains to be spoken to. Step 4- Share : We are happy to say that we have largely succeeded in our little mission and the asbestos roof next to the class 5 classrooms looks much cleaner than it used to. We are also feeling quite proud as we ourselves have thought of this whole action plan. Today whenever we see anything lying around , we immediately pick it up and put it into a bin. We also encourage others to do the same. We even scold our juniors and remind our seniors if we see them littering the school premise. Since we started this project we promised ourselves never to throw things like toffee wrappers, tickets, chips packets etc out of our bus ,car or train windows. We have realized that it is up to us to keep our environment clean.