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Ind eng-348-doc

  1. 1. Act Locally Impact Globally The Rainbow Warriors of P.S.B.B., T.Nagar strongly believe that a visible change in the right direction towards the environment would be possible only by building a sustainable community. This sustainable community would empower people to care about nature and the places they live in and to value and respect traditional practices that are environmentally sound. In short by integrating traditional wisdom and school learning they hoped to create changes that would help to bring future generations closer to nature and take steps to preserve, protect and conserve our environment. Keeping the practical, educational and environmental aspects in mind the Rainbow Warriors team, after an initial survey decided to campaign against the indiscriminate use of harmful plastics in the neighbourhood. With the assistance of their teacher they planned the tasks to be carried out at each stage and identified who will be responsible for what in the following manner. Tasks 1. To implement competitions. • Co-ordinate with the teacher to conduct a competition. • Decide the winning team. • Announce the prizes at the assembly. • Co ordinate with the documentation committee for photos. 2. Co-ordinate with tree suppliers, shop keepers and chief guests for the competition. • Tie up details. • Provide details to the documentation committee. • Observing planting, (when required) 3. Finance • Arrange for finance to buy tree saplings, make paper bags, plantain leaves charts etc.
  2. 2. • Keep accounts. 4. Documentation • Record competitions and outcomes using photographs. • Keep records of the posters displayed and tree Cut outs. • Maintain written records of project details. 5. Printing and matter • Decide facts to be known to public. • Teach fellow members the information. • Select design for tree cut out, paper bags etc. As the project is to be completed by one week or a few more days than a week they designed a calendar of activities with inbuilt flexibility to absorb or accommodate unexpected developments. Calendar of Activities Sept 20th to Sept 30th Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 September Date Activity Sept 20th Announcements in the assembly/posters in the notice board Sept 21st Speaking to parents of school children Sept 22nd Urging a tailor in the neighbourhood to use jute bags Sept 23rd Conducting a competition and announcing the best team Sept 24th Requesting flower vendors to use plantain leaves Sept 25th Interacting with shoppers at Nilgiris Sept 26th Paper bags were made at home Sept 27th Speaking to walkers at Jeeva Park Sept 28th Gifting paper bags to a laundry
  3. 3. Sept 29th Gifting small paper bags to a stationary shop Sept 30th Assessing the project to determine the impact Sep 20th – Announcements in the assembly/posters in the notice board Motivate the school students to reduce the usage of plastic covers Several posters were displayed in the notice board – how plastics are used, the problems • they cause, the problems associated with their disposal. A novel competition “CREATE YOUR OWN CREATIVE CALLER TUNE ON PERILS OF • PLASTIC USAGE” was announced in the assembly.
  4. 4. Poster displayed to announce the competition Creative Caller Tune Competition – CCTC Topic - Creative Caller Tune Date - 23-9-10 Theme - Perils of using plastics Tune - Any catchy tune Time limit - Two minutes Participants - Minimum 2 - Maximum 8 Best tune becomes the school’s Prize - caller tune
  5. 5. To sensitize students on the dangers of plastics as well as to motivate them to participate, five scenes were enacted to inform the audience how caller tunes reflect a lot about one’s liking, temperament, interests etc. Scene I Rainbow Warriors: Here is Mr. Ellangyan. I always marveled at his youthful energy even at the age of 65. Is he on a special kind of diet? Though I am much younger than he is, I don't have the same energy and enthusiasm. I am sure that it is more than just eating right and exercising well. Mr. Ellangyan, what is the secret of your energy? Mr. Ellangyan : Caller tune of Mr. Rembo Mudhiyavar is the secret of my energy. Listen to this.. '" ... ... Song. .. .... ... waka... waka yeah yeah. Scene 2 Rainbow Warriors: Mr. Siruppudayar would always manage to come up with something funny, day after day. Obviously he must have more than one funny bone in his body. But even with a fine sense of humour, one may not be able to crack a wit all the time. How then does he manage these situations? Mr. Siruppudayar: To show off some humour periodically I call up my friend Mr. Sadagopal to listen to his caller tune. After that nothing can stop me. .. .. ... Tune Ha.. ...ha ..ha ...ha .ha ..ha..
  6. 6. Scene 3 Rainbow Warriors: Mrs. Bravodhari is a brilliant and gusty woman who handles crises effectively. But look at her. She is thin, frail and looks like any commonor who wouldn't have the nerve to stand up for anything. Then how does she prove time and again that she can easily outshine others? Mrs. Bravodhari: Well! It’s simple! Whenever I feel low, I call up my friend Adhairyomalar and listen to her caller tune...... Tune….Puli urummudu…….Puli urummudu…… Scene 4 Rainbow Warriors: Mr. Kumbhakarnan was at his friend’s house for lunch. His friends cook Suvaiking is well-known for his scrumptious cooking. Lo! Look at Mr. Kumbha, he is eating like a glutton throwing plastic plates all around. How do you think he would solve this problem? Mr. Suvaiking: Very easy…… I'll have to call up my friend Mr. Sarrourruppan, who has the right caller tune for now. Song: Rock a bye…….baby……on the tree top Mr. Suvaiking: That was a wonderful way to keep his hands off food........
  7. 7. Scene 5 Rainbow Warriors: Hey look! The Rainbow Warriors of P.S.B.B. are here. They are a swell bunch of kids who never give up trying anything new. Generally people are quite reluctant to venture on anything new. They have what Newton calls inertia. According to his first law, some external push is necessary to overcome this inertia. "Well kids. What actually motivates you or rather gives you the external push to implement new projects in your school?" Rainbow Warriors: The great support from our Dean Mrs. YG.P., our Vice Principal, Teachers and this special song by the tiny tots, inspires us. Song : Close your eyes…… The scenes were well enacted by the rainbow warriors and could catch the attention of the audience and inspired 100 students to participate. Close your eyes…(Song) Close your eyes Think of our earth….Dear Sweet People Do you see it being destroyed? Do you understand? Can you help us out? We just want to live here Stop polluting the air, water, soil and space..umm..umm.. Save our earth In your own sweet, sweet way Lets say no to plastic Do you understand? Can we bring this change? We just want to live here Stop polluting the air, water, soil and space..umm..umm..
  8. 8. Sep 21st - INTERACTING WITH PARENTS The team met parents at the gate as a group or individually, requesting them to carry their own bags while shopping. They also informed them that tree saplings will be given in eco friendly bags if they brought their own bags to shop at Nilgiris from Sept 25 to Sept 30. The pamphlets distributed carried the following information. CARRY YOUR OWN BAG & CARRY BACK A GIFT @ NILGIRIS SUPERMARKET T.P.ROAD DATES : 25th September to 30th September PLEASE SUPPORT US TO SAVE OUR EARTH
  9. 9. Sep 22nd - TO RAISE AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING ON THE PERILS OF PLASTIC USAGE AMONG PEOPLE OF ALL WALKS OF LIFE The RAINBOW WARRIORS team approached a tailor in their neighbourhood. Mrs. Malathi the owner allowed the team to display posters in her shop. The team later asked her the following questions. • What are the different ways plastic covers are used in her shop? • Who supplies plastic covers? • How do they dispose them? When they realised that the customers brought their clothes in plastic covers the team requested the tailor to inform her customers to use jute, cloth bags instead. They highlighted the importance of using these bags and the disadvantages of accumulating plastic covers. The group’s performance motivated her so much that the rainbow warriors could see a visible change in their next visit.
  10. 10. Sep 23rd - Conducting a competition and announcing the best team Winning Team Team work, cooperation, creative thinking, and enthusiasm were exhibited visibly by all the participants of the competition. Accompanied by orchestra the songs attracted the attention and interests of non participants as well. This competition provided a platform to channelize the youthful energy of students and their natural urge to understand real life situations. Through this competition the participants learnt a lot about hazards of using plastics thus proving that planning process itself is a valuable educational experience for students.
  11. 11. Sep 24th - PLANTAIN LEAVES TO SUBSTITUTE PLASTIC COVERS THE RAINBOW WARRIORS understood from their survey that the flower vendors used plastics less that the stipulated microns to distribute flowers to customers. The team explained the hazards caused by indiscriminate usage and disposal of these plastics to the vendors. They urged them to implement traditional packaging methods – usage of leaves, instead. The positive response from the vendors instilled a sense of responsibility and confidence in the students own ability to be able to make a difference.
  13. 13. This activity required the following plan of action. • Time limit for interaction – two hours a day • Prior consent from the heads of the Nilgiris supermarket. • Ways to obtain tree saplings • Information on tree plantation  They thought of an eye catching way of attracting attention of the shoppers at Nilgiris  A huge tree cut out was placed outside the supermarket.  Tree saplings to be given away as gifs were listed • Kumil Theku • Laburnum or Manjal Kondarai • Badam • Magilam  A container with several jute bags was also positioned near the tree. The enthusiastic rainbow warriors approached shoppers and persuaded them to carry the jute bags that they had stocked to shop for their requirements. People who obliged as well as those who already brought their own bags were gifted with a tree sapling in an eco friendly bag. They were asked to sign on the tree cut out to support their initiative . The student’s enthusiasm was well appreciated and inspired many to take on such endeavours. The method for planting tree saplings was also explained in the following manner • Dig a pit - 120cms X 120cms X 120cms • Carefully place the saplings in the pit • Fill half the pit with compost manure • Young trees need large amounts of water once a week • Saplings should be protected with tree guards – coal tar drums, thorny twigs etc.
  14. 14. The importance of trees was explained to the customers in the following manner: “Sir/Madam planting trees is one of the most important things we do to save our environment. Trees purify air. We also know that trees provide us with food, fuel medicines etc. The roots prevent soil erosion and help to retain water in the soil. If you have a garden please plant trees for they can cool your home considerably. 3 mature trees near the house can reduce air-conditioning expenses by almost as much as it costs to run your refrigerator for a year.”
  15. 15. Sep 26th – Hands on experience at home On Sunday the Rainbow warrior team enjoyed trying their hand at making paper bags out of old newspapers and chart papers. They could easily make 100 big and small paper bags. This hands on experience encouraged the rainbow warriors to understand the importance of the 3 R’s- reduce, reuse and recycle as part of their lifestyles, not only at school but also ay home and at every stage of their life.
  16. 16. Sep 27th – Speaking to walkers at Jeeva Park Creating awareness about the perils of plastic usage is usually a key link in any action project as it would serve to inform many about the dangers of hazardous plastics and the need to reduce its usage. The Rainbow Warrior team interacted with several walkers and joggers and highlighted the following. • How much does an individual on an average use plastics on a day to day basis? • What happens to the plastic waste? • The need to adopt traditional methods.
  17. 17. • Advantages of these methods.
  18. 18. Sep 28th – Gifting paper bags to a launderer HUNDRED PAPER BAGS GIFTED TO MURUGAN DRY CLEANERS The young owners of the dry cleaners were impressed with the involvement shown by the rainbow warrior team in undertaking such initiatives. They promised to use the 100 paper bags gifted to them instead of plastic covers. The Rainbow Warrior team were happy to know that the project initiated would definitely sustain.
  19. 19. Sep 29th – Gifting small paper bags to a stationary shop HUNDRED SMALL PAPER BAGS GIFTED TO A STATIONERY SHOP OWNER S.S. Stores shop owner understood the need to use paper bags after listening to the problems of indiscriminate usage of plastic covers. The owner mentioned that he would accept a regular supply of paper bags from the Rainbow Warriors to sustain their initiative. The Rainbow Warriors promised to do so. The rainbow warrior speaking to the shopkeeper at S.S. stores Uncle, did you know that plastics not only clog drains and result in water stagnation in the roads during rainy season but also harm many animals too? A Dead Sea turtle was found with enough plastic rubbish in her stomach to carpet the floor and die when it clogs their stomach. Some unfed cattle which are turned loose on the streets often eat plastic bags which prove fatal for them. So please tell your customers to accept paper bags and reduce the usage of plastic bags. Shopkeeper--- Sure, I will definitely do so.
  20. 20. Sep 30th – Assessing the project to determine the impact The students decided to assess the impact of the project. They discussed their own experiences and feelings during the course of the project. The comments from shoppers at Nilgiris had created confidence in the students that they can make a difference because if one acts locally it would benefit globally. Customer’s Feedback at Nilgiris: