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Ind eng-327-doc

  1. 1. DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS FATHIMANAGAR-III MANADAL: Bahadurpura-II Date: 23/9/2010 ACTIVITY: Awareness on importance of parents meeting in school AREA: Mustafanagar Designed by: the children in GPS Mustafanagar-V 1) Farhana Begum 5th 2) Shahnawaz khan 5th 3) Saba Begum 4th 4) Mohammed Jaffer 4th 5) Ruqsana Begum 4th FEEL: The children feel that there is less concentration of parents when conducting parents meeting in school they are not attending the parents meeting when school Hm calls them we have an meeting they show many reason and they told we have no time to attend the parents meeting. IMAGINE: - Children they themselves decide to do home visits and explain them importance of parent meeting and convince them to attend parents meeting and know what things are discussed in the parent teacher meeting. DO: - Children Form a small group and they take list from the Hm and went door to door and discussed with parents about importance of parent teacher meeting, in that discussion children explain them in that meeting teachers discussed about our education and attendance the main objective of the meeting is only aware the parents on importance of education and how their children are performing in the class and what is the status of their child and they gave every month data update about their children. Parents are agreeing with children and parents are felt very happy for their children effort because they feel that their parents attend the meeting and observe their children performance. Parents promise to the student they will be attending the parents meeting. Parents attend the parent’s teacher meeting in the meeting children perform language activities parents felt very happy after observation of their children performance.
  2. 2. SHARE: - parent share their experience with other parents who are not attended the parents meeting and they suggest them to attend the parent teacher meeting to know your children status in the school. Design for giving contest at GPS Mustafanagar-V Figure 1: children are starts from the school Figure 2: children are gone home visits
  3. 3. Figure 3: Children explaining to the parents about importance of parent teacher meeting Figure 4: children are greets to the parents
  4. 4. Figure 5: parents are attending the parent’s teacher meeting Figure 6: Children are singing rhymes Figure 7: student reading language book