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Ind eng-267-doc

  1. 1. Design for Change Contest in GPS ASR Nagar Date: 16-9-2010 Activity: Awareness about alcohol Area: ASR Nagar, Gudimalkapoor Designed by: The children in GPS ASR Nagar School B.Ramani D% B.Nagaraju 4th class D.Bhavani D% D.Peddaiah 4th class G.Shiva S/o G.Ranganna 4th class A.Srilatha D% A.Kistappa 5th class th K.Ramanjaneyulu S% K.Nagaraju 5 class Feel: The children in GPS ASR Nagar designed an activity to bring change in their community. The children felt a lot about the Awareness about alcohol. The children felt if we do aware in our parents about alcohol we may save lot off money and we may buy so many things and save parents from diseases. Imagine: After the children discussed among them selves after discussed they went to their class rooms and they told to another children’s about alcohol. Do: Then the children went to their community and they explained to some people about disadvantages from alcohol. The children have participated in the parents meeting. In this meeting they told to parents about the alcohol. Share: The class members shared their feelings with one another and they felt the importance of Awareness about alcohol. The children felt very happy about the change of their community.
  2. 2. They are discussing about clean and green They are sweeping in their school They are Lifting garbage The children had made cleanliness their class rooms They are capture plants They are planting plants their in school