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Ind eng-221-ppt


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Ind eng-221-ppt

  1. 1. JUSCO SCHOOL KADMA “Design for Change Contest” Activity week (20th Sep 10 - 26th Sep 10)
  2. 2. Title – I make a difference
  3. 3. FEEL  Very often, we live with more criticisms and less appreciation. This creates a negative thought process . We wanted to address this problem and change the environment and mood of the children , their families , their school , parent’s work place and the community at large , into a positive one .
  4. 4. IMAGINE  I decided to do a school project to see , what kind of an impact recognition would have on a community.
  5. 5. IMAGINE  As a teacher and team leader , I decided to choose and honour five students of my school in the age group of 8-11 years. , by telling them the difference each one of them had made.Then I gave them ten more ribbons to pass on .
  6. 6. DO  I called Abrez of std. III-B and told him how he had made a difference to the class and the school . His self confidence in his abilities had taught us to do our best at all times .
  7. 7. DO  I gave him ten more ribbons and instructed him to go out and spread this acknowledgement ceremony , by giving five ribbons to those who made a difference in his life. Then those five people could pass it on to the next five people.
  8. 8. DO  He went home and gave one ribbon to his father for guiding and helping him in his daily activities.
  9. 9. DO Papa ! Thanks a lot for helping me in my studies. You mean a lot to me.
  10. 10. HOW DID HE GET CHANGED ? Son , I t is so heartenin g to hear that. I feel special.
  11. 11. DO He gave the second ribbon to his mother.
  12. 12. DO  Mamma , you make such yummy dishes for me everyday with so much love. You are great !  I love you .
  13. 13. HOW DID SHE GET CHANGED ? It feels good to be appreciated by our children. It makes me feel wonderful !
  14. 14. DO  Hey sister ! I fight with you all the time but decided to give you one. After all , you are my best pal at home.
  15. 15. DO  We do all the mischief together and I love every moment of it .
  16. 16. HOW DID SHE GET CHANGED ?  I feel on top of the world !
  17. 17. DO  Areeb, you are my best friend in school and at home. We play for hours together and we never feel tired. You deserve one ribbon for sure!
  18. 18. DO  You know I am a computer buff. It’s really fun to play computer games with you.
  19. 19. HOW DID HE GET CHANGED ?  I never knew , I made a difference in my friend’s life. I am very happy to know that.
  20. 20. DO  I passed on my last ribbon to my aunt who teaches me drawing . She makes it , such an effortless and enjoyable learning experience for me.
  21. 21. DO  I enjoy with you as much as you enjoy learning from me. Thank you!
  22. 22. HOW DID SHE GET CHANGED ? Yes, I definitely make a differenc e !
  23. 23. DO These five people passed it on to the next five people , who mattered to them.
  24. 24. DO  The father passed it on to his boss, letting him know how much he admired his intellect!
  25. 25. DO The boss was pleasantl y surprised to know that.
  26. 26. HOW DID HE GET CHANGED ?  This put him in a thinking mood. Since he was an educationist, h e decided to devote one hour daily , to teach the under privileged for free.
  27. 27. DO  The mother passed it on to her domestic help, Satish. Poor fellow! He never expected this kind of recognition and appreciation.
  28. 28. DO My ! Was he on top of the world.
  29. 29. HOW DID HE GET CHANGED ? He decided to work harder by doing household work by day and going to an evening school later . This would enable him to earn a decent living as well as boost his self confidence.
  30. 30. DO The sister passed it on to her grandma, who was a source of constant support to her.
  31. 31. DO  I was always very close to my granddaughte r. But these new generation children , sure have a unique way of expressing themselves !
  32. 32. HOW DID SHE GET CHANGED ?  Secretly though, I am happy. I feel loved and wanted even at this age .What else could I ask for? I feel blessed!
  33. 33. DO  The friend passed it on to his mother. She least expected it from her cute, naughty son.
  34. 34. DO Thank you , my dear. You shall always be my top
  35. 35. HOW DID SHE GET CHANGED ? It gives me strength to go on.
  36. 36. DO  The aunt passed it on to her friend , who had been her classmate since school. Now they were in college together.
  37. 37. DO  The friend had always imagined her to be her competitor and was secretly jealous of her.
  38. 38. HOW DID SHE GET CHANGED ?  This gesture made her think twice. An age old rivalry vanished into thin air. Rafat was definitely the best friend she could have asked for!
  39. 39. DAY 2 , 3 , 4 & 5
  40. 40. DO  On the second day , I honouredParag of std.III-A for teaching us to be compassionate and caring towards the differently abled. And handed him ten more ribbons to pass it on .
  41. 41. DO On the third day it was Abhinay of std. VI , who received the ribbon from me for maximum participation in all school activities .
  42. 42. DO On the fourth day it was Abantika of Std.V for her sincere approach towards her studies .
  43. 43. DO On the fifth day it was my youngest team member Vivek of std.II-B’s turn to receive the ribbon for always showing a helping attitude towards his peer group.
  44. 44. HOW DID WE GET CHANGED ?  And there were many happy stories to tell. At home
  45. 45. HOW DID WE GET CHANGED ? Happy stories At the work place
  46. 46. DAY 6 & 7
  47. 47. DO  Happy stories In School  The whole school participated in the activity of designing the batch and passing it on to their dear ones.
  48. 48. A happy home and a supportive school, makes a “Happy Child.” A happy child makes a happy family , a prosperous society and a productive community at large .
  49. 49. FINALLY , HOW DID WE ALL GET CHANGED ?  The seven day crusade of passing on the message of “ I make a difference” created so many happy stories and impacted a large number of people in the community . We had smiling faces all around.  So go ahead ! Don’t hesitate to show your appreciation towards people who matter in your life .  And see what magic a heart full of love can create !
  50. 50.  Salutations to be given to the “Happy Crusaders”:  Vice-Principal , Ms . UshaRai for the great idea.  Co-ordinator , Ms. ArtiBedi for her support.  All teachers of Jusco School Kadma for participation.  All the students , their parents and support staff for their overwhelming response.  Let us continue this journey ! • Prepared by team leader-Afshan Teacher