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Ind eng-080-doc

  1. 1. Jaano Jaago Jagao- an anti-tobacco campaign started from 23rd to 30th September 2010 under the project “Design for Social Change”, world’s largest school contest, organized by Director Kiran Bir Sethi, Director-The Riverside School in association with social activist and film actor Rahul Bose. Through this we attempt to cater to the problem of tobacco abuse creating various health problems in the city. Our students were sensitized to generate awareness, understand the socio-economic gap in the society and the needs of the disabled or underprivileged children by exposing them to their problems and unhealthy surroundings they are living in. A group of 24 students from class VIIIth were selected and trained to carry out this project. Awareness on ill effects of using tobacco (in the form of cigarettes, or chewing) was given to various people in the school at all levels primary, secondary and senior secondary, the fore class employees in the school-the bus drivers, security guards, in bastis around the school (Sunder Basti and Nizamuddin Basti), NGO’s, and people visiting the Delhi Zoo as well as Sunder Nagar Market. Our children displayed posters in all these areas, conducted street plays and surveys by using W.H.O ‘s questionnaires on Drug/Tobacco Abuse to generate awareness, and interviewed people on the streets, at the paan waalaa’s (panwaari’s) cigarette selling shops. They also visited the Blind school and conducted interactive sessions with the underprivileged students studying in the Ibtida Shiksha Kendra (an afternoon school running in our school premises only). They also took sessions amongst their peer groups as well in the junior classes such as 6th and 7th to spread awareness and give the message “Say No to Tobacco”.
  2. 2. Detail Report: Day 1: 23rd September 2010 Orientation Process: Sensitizing students, training them by giving information on Tobacco Abuse, collect resource materials, planning and organizing visits, preparation of street plays. An interactive session was conducted by School Counselor Ms. Astha and Social Worker Mrs Narang, on Tobacco Abuse along with the peer educators from class XIth to disseminate information and train other students. There after, our 24 students from VIIITH class prepared 2 street plays on contents, causes and harmful effects and prevention of tobacco addiction. 60 posters on Tobacco Abuse were received from Health NGO HRIDAY SHAAN and they were displayed on bulletin boards on all our floors covering all classes of senior school. These students took workshop later in the day for 7th class students in their class-rooms to sensitize them to the disastrous consequences of tobacco abuse. DAY 2- 24TH September 2010 BASTI VISITS: The students and social worker -Mrs Narang visited 2 Bastis in the vicinity of school- Sunder Basti and Nizamuddin Basti and conducted surveys on the use and impact of tobacco addiction among children men and women. They put up banners and posters, performed street plays and talk shows to create awareness. Our students also interacted with 30 female school drop outs at the “Hope Project” running in Nizamuddin Basti and conducted awareness on health issues like tobacco abuse and dengue prevention. Our students conducted awareness workshops for our 6th class students in their respective classrooms after coming back from bastis later in the Day. Day 3- 27th September 2010 The 8th class students along with Mrs Narang and Ms. Astha Bajaj visited the Delhi Zoo, the Petrol Pumps, Sunder Nagar Market area, the paanwaala shops and conducted surveys through questionnaires on Tobacco Addiction (Based on W.H.O’S Assist Questionnaire version V3.0), created awareness in the people through posters with meaningful slogans, street plays and one to one talk. The shopkeepers were warned not to sell tobacco products to small children, or school going children below age of 18. All students submitted their daily reports of experiences to the teachers.
  3. 3. Day 4- 28th September 2010 These student and teachers visited the Blind School (near Oberoi Hotel). Children were sensitized to the needs of the disabled visually impaired children studying there through informal interaction and games/sports. Thereafter information on Tobacco Abuse was disseminated to children studying at Blind school in their regular morning assembly. Also our students performed their street plays on Contents and harmful effects of Tobacco in this assembly creating awareness on the same. A quiz was conducted after giving information on substance abuse amongst their students which was well appreciated and liked by all to encourage and motivating them teaching them life skills to deal with other issues such as dealing with child sexual abuse and anger management. Our students got friendly with these children in such a way that was heartwarming they shared their contact numbers with each other. They also did some charity by buying various products such as Diwali gifts, candles, hand made envelopes, cards, file covers, diyas made by the blind people and raised funds for them. Day 5- 30th September 2010 The 8th class students took the afternoon assembly for the students from 6th-9th classes of Ibtida Shiksha Kendra, a school for under privileged children of nearby bastis focusing on the problem of Tobacco Abuse amongst the youth”, its prevention and lifeskills training. An exhibition of posters, street plays, interactive session and a pledge was content of assembly. Children would make posters and slogans during the common wealth games vacation on Tobacco abuse and would be awarded certificates.
  4. 4. Sample of the “DRUG-TOBACCO ABUSE SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE” , based on the W.H.O. Assisst V3.0 Form Q1. Have you ever used any tobacco products such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars etc.? Ans: YES-----------Name the Products used: __________________ No------------ Q2. In the past 1-3months how often have you used them? Ans Never, Monthly, Weekly, Once or twice, Daily Q3. How often have you had the desire or urge to use these tobacco substance? Ans: Never, Monthly, Weekly, Once or twice, Daily Q4. How often has your substance abuse led to health, social, legal or financial problems? Ans; Never, Monthly, Weekly, Once or twice, Daily Any Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Q5. How often have you failed to do what was normally expected of you because of Tobacco Use? Ans: Never, Monthly, Weekly, Once or twice, Daily Add any comments if required: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Q6. Has a friend or relative or anyone else ever expressed about your use of tobacco? Ans: Comments:______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ____________________ Q7. Have you ever tried and failed to control, cut down or stop using tobacco? What is the reason for the same. Comments:______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ Q8. Have you ever tried to inject any other drug or do you know of the various risks involved?
  5. 5. Comments:______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ___________________ Q9. Since when or how did you became a victim of drug abuse? Comments::______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Q10. Any message to prevent Tobacco Abuse in our society? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ TOTAL NO. OF PEOPLE IMPACTED WERE: - 200 PEOPLE (men, women and children) in jhuggi clusters of sunder basti and Nizamuddin basti -500 children of blind school -500 children of underprivileged school running in our premises (Ibtida shiksha Kendra) -1000 students of our school from 6th-7th classes -200 people in zoo, petrol pump and market around school -100 employees (IV-Class, sweepers, security, staff-drivers and comductors and administrative staff) A total of 2,500 people were approached and impacted by our group of students and teachers, counselors. Resource material used: 1. From UNODC manual 2. Yuva adolescent education teachers manual 3. HRIDAY-SHAAN (N.G.O) BOOKLET ON TOBACCO PRVENTION, POSTERS, HANDOUTS, CARDS.