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Ind eng-059-ppt


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Ind eng-059-ppt

  1. 1. Protect Environment with Non Usage of Plastics
  2. 2. The students wil organise a rally about the benefits of non usage of plastics and protect environment.
  3. 3. They conduct a rally and present a paperbags and explain how to protect environment.
  4. 4. We conducted a rally as the usage of plastic is increasing day by day in our society. We gave the awareness of plastic and tell them donot use plastic in the home and surroundings.
  5. 5. While rallying we displaying placards about how to protect environment
  6. 6. We visited houses of the students explained their parents about protect environment , how to keep surroundings cleanly.
  7. 7. The people take the paperbags and tell them we don’t use plastic.
  8. 8. Mamatha IV Santosh IV Ashok V Chandra shekar V Ramulamma V H.M.Bhagyasree Naandi: Manjula