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Ind eng-039


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Ind eng-039

  1. 1. Prohibition of plastic bags
  2. 2. To save environment ,plastic bags should be completely banned and usage of paper bags should replace plastic .
  3. 3. It is a stop to spread diseases. If animals eat this paper food, there is no harm to them and the garbage is easily decayed in the soil or nude .Eradication of plastic bags is to stop entry of viral diseases like caloria, dengue, diphtheria etc.
  4. 4. . Paper bags can be prepared by news papers and charts. we can protect ourselves and animals simultaneously from being getting polluted environment..Students and teachers are formed into groups and conducted a rally by giving slogans No-plastic bags and use paper bags.
  5. 5. Cleaned the non bio degradable plastic garbage in the area.
  6. 6. Students created awareness in public on paper bags, clothe bags and golden fiber bags giving demonstration at each store in the vicinity.
  7. 7. We got some changes in that area people about usage of plastic bags, advantages of using paper bags. Currently some people are using paper and golden fibber bags for carrying things
  8. 8. Team Leader : Subhash Reddy HM: Pushpa shunyam Children's participated: Pushpa IV Gajendhar IV Devi V Shamsundhar V Praveen V