Simon Allford AHMM Architects - Active Design


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Simon Allford of AHMM on the challenges and opportunities of building in activity.

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Simon Allford AHMM Architects - Active Design

  1. 1. collage cityActive Design: creating towns andcities for healthy active livessimon allford
  2. 2. Constructing the Idea
  3. 3. theatre of everyday life
  4. 4. ecological urbanism...
  5. 5. Penguin Pool at London Zoo © Valerie Bennett....and public promenade
  6. 6. place, time & architecture
  7. 7. living
  8. 8. working
  9. 9. learning & playing
  10. 10. “Work is not a place you go,but a thing you do.”
  11. 11. “We should not only be interested inthe design of bridges; we should beconcerned with how best to get to theother side”
  12. 12. place
  13. 13. place time
  14. 14. place time architecture
  15. 15. architecture, architecture,tube stop
  16. 16. The White Collar Factory is built according to five key principles.Since much of the running cost of a typical office building ismechanical climate control, the WCF is optimised to reduceartificial heating, cooling and lighting. This is how it does it: 1 TALL CEILINGS 2 SMART SERVICING 3 PASSIVE LOW 4 FLEXIBLE 5 CONCRETE 1a 3500mm floor to ceiling 2a Minimum fresh air TECH FACADE FLOORPLATES STRUCTURE heights mechanical vent with 3a Opening windows 4a Generous scale provides 5a Exposed concrete soffit 1b Exposed services – easy extract from bulkhead maximum flexibility to suit 3b Windows adapt to suit 5b Concrete perimeter to maintain and adapt 2b Option for on floor plant a wide range of users solar conditions i.e small upstand increases structural for particular uses 2c Light fittings included openings to south, larger spans and eliminates as basic product to the north perimeter columns 2d Power and data in shallow 5c Robust self finished, raised access floor activated for heating 2e Radiant slab for cooling & cooling & heating 12m — 18m 4a 5a Minimum mechanical Stale air out 1b 2e 2a 2c ventilation 2a 1a 3b 2750mm 3500mm 3a Fresh air in Electrical and 5b data services 2d
  17. 17. UNIVERSAL BUILDING TYPE (is this what we need?) Town and Country Planning Act 2012 Universal Use Class Orders with supplementary Building Licences HER MAJESTY’S STATIONARY OFFICE 2012
  18. 18. building as a campus
  19. 19. playgrounds
  20. 20. promenade
  21. 21. interstitial space
  22. 22. lean buildingprops, theatre, stage set
  23. 23. convergence:doing more with less
  24. 24. A city sandwich
  25. 25. rules of engagement
  26. 26. architecture of opportunity
  27. 27. Definitions of Development
  28. 28. constructing ideas
  29. 29. for a particular proposition
  30. 30. on use and time
  31. 31. Rethinking the ReadyMade
  32. 32. an Ideas Manual for Users