Alison Victoria Digital Tools and the Design Profession


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  • pre-60’s – technology was non-existent in the design space…design was a human intense exercise limited to small firms hired by large companies
    1963 - sketch pad created (first CAD program)
    Mid 60’s – Itek created digigraphics, first commercial CAD program – cost $500K per unit ($3.5M in today's dollars)
    1978 – HP9845C or first graphics based workstation sold
    1986 auto-cad (launched in 1982) is the most ubiquitous worldwide design program
    late 90’s – AOL takes off
    2000’s – PC sales explode going 50% of all americans owning one to 85%
    today – Google sketch up is free
  • An iPhone has more computing power than the computer guidance system that flew the Apollo missions to the moon and back.
  • Frank Lloyd Right drawing vs. a drawing by a student in a design program.
  • Anyone can be a “Maker” with tools today
  • Easy for homeowners to draw or comment on a board and share those with spouses or professionals
  • From DesignMine (boards and photos), make it easy to find the professional profile of the designer or remodeler responsible for a source of inspiration or design
  • Alison Victoria Digital Tools and the Design Profession

    2. 2. OVERVIEW • Trends defining our industry • What homeowners are telling us • Tools for digitally savvy designers
    3. 3. DEMOCRATIZATION OF DESIGN How technology is changing how you work with clients
    4. 4. What is “DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION” a quick history of major design technology changes pre 60’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s today $ TECH $ $3.5M free Itek
    5. 5. DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION EASY: it has never been easier to create and explore then now
    6. 6. FAST: images can be captured and shared instantaneously nownowthen DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION
    7. 7. POWER: incredible processing power now in everyone’s hand then now DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION
    8. 8. VISUALIZATION: imagining has never been faster or easier then now DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION
    9. 9. INEXPENSIVE: anyone can use a 3D printer to see their designs come to life nowthen DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION
    10. 10. UBIQUITY: access to any and all design is vast and instantaneous THEN NOW DESIGN DEMOCRATIZATION
    11. 11. TRENDS DEFINING OUR INDUSTRY • Homeowners have access to the most powerful design tools in history and they are easy to use • The majority of tools are free or nearly free • Homeowners feel empowered to drive the process
    12. 12. HOMEOWNER SURVEY what you need to know about your next client
    13. 13. How are homeowners finding design inspiration? Percent that answered “helpful” or “very helpful”. N=308 homeowners Would the following be helpful sources of inspiration or ideas for how you would want your new kitchen or bathroom to look?
    14. 14. How likely would you be to use any of the following tools on your next home improvement project (assuming the tools were free)? What tools are homeowners likely to use on their next home improvement project? Percent that answered “likely” or “very likely”. N=308 homeowners
    15. 15. How are homeowners finding professionals?
    16. 16. How often do homeowners want to communicate with their professional during the project?
    17. 17. How do homeowners prefer to collaborate with their professional?
    18. 18. Whose ideas do you trust more – yours or the designers?
    19. 19. Tools to help you succeed
    20. 20. color selections material selections collaboration tools basic renderings inspirational images EMPOWERMENT: homeowners want fast, simple and easy to use solutions HOME OWNERS
    21. 21. 1. Embrace it, don’t fight it – it’s here to stay 2. Use it to your advantage – align with clients (quickly) IMPLICATIONS FOR DESIGNERS 3. Try mental judo – turn bad design ideas into good ones
    22. 22. new BEYOND INSPIRATION AND ASPIRATION: a design tool for project ready home owners
    23. 23. new
    24. 24. new
    25. 25. WRAP UP • Download the App • Tweet me @alisonvictoria3 your Design Boards using #designmine • I will retweet my favorites