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Music magazine blog..

  1. 1. Music Magazine David Eshun
  2. 2. Layout conventions Both magazines have 3 columns. There are 2 cover lines on the side and the masthead and main image is in the middle column. This suggests that that is the usual convention of a music magazine cover. MastheadThe mastheads have different fonts to each other as they are attractingdifferent target markets. VIBE has a large masthead and uses the font ARIELBLACK which makes it stand out as compared to Hip-hop, which has a smallmasthead and makes the magazine look simple and draws attention to themain image. Hip hop uses a shadow because it helps the masthead stand outfrom the background. It breaks the usual conventions of a masthead and thepositioning of the masthead is at the top middle of the cover page.
  3. 3. Cover lines Both cover lines have 3 different colours and different fonts. The variance in cover lines makes the magazine look more interesting because it gives the effect that there is more on the page. Main ImageBoth magazines use the main image tosell their magazine. The modelsfeatured are famous and idolised. Theimages take up most of the space as itmakes it the first thing that drawsattention and it sells. VIBE uses similarcolours on the main image as themasthead and background. This relatesthe magazine to the image. The mainimage of VIBE has a blurred outshadow. This makes it stand out to theaudience. They do this because themodel is famous and may help boostsales.
  4. 4. Statement Of IntentWhat is the name of the magazine?The name is called ‘Urban BEATS’What is the magazine going to be about?The magazine will be a music magazine that gives the latest news and information on musicians. It gives features such asinterviews about artist DeshLi on his first visit to the UK.How I intend to place the masthead?The masthead will be at the centre of the magazine. It is the normal convention of a music magazine.What is the dominant image going to be and why?I want the dominant image to be of a male artist in a costume (tops with chain) and props such as a microphone forperformance, the artist is a male as that is the dominant sex of the genre and a frowned facial expression and attitudethat represents my chosen genre fits the genre of the magazine.What does the image tell your potential target audience?The image would tell the genre of music the magazine is, which is, rap/ RnB and what to expect.Will your target audience find your front page appealing and why? And why not?YesWould you be including any other image on the front cover?Yes I will include other images that fit to the cover lines.How is the potential target audience and how do I know that?The potential target market is aimed at male teenage- young adults who enjoy rap or RnB. You will know that by the mainimage used, props, costumes, and the masthead and cover lines on the magazine.What articles will be found in my magazine?Latest Juicy News about musicians, album info, tour dates, interviews and posters as prizes.How do these articles relate to the title of the music magazine?The articles talk about all things music related as it is about the artists and gives information on ways to get involved withwhat artist are doing that will keep the audience interested.How many different fonts am I going to use, what colour and what size and style?I will use 2 different fonts; Ariel black, Ariel rounded and the masthead will be a large fancy skyline.I will use 3 different colours. Blue Grey BlackWill your target audience find this appealing? Why?Yes as the masthead is fancy which draws attention to the magazine but the fonts of the cover lines is simple so themagazine doesn’t look overcrowded.Will your chosen font, depict the genre of the music magazine?No
  5. 5. • Masthead: Urban Beats• Selling Line: The freshest tunes from the freshest artists• Main Cover line: Desh Li talks about his new album ‘Fresh Start’• Coverlines: ‘MarshHeat-Behind the scenes of their new music video’
  6. 6. This is the masthead. I made thisthrough the internet and croppedout the white background onPhotoshop using the magnetic lassotool.
  7. 7. Cover Page
  8. 8. This is the former background of mymusic magazine. I made thebackground by using the invert croptool on Photoshop from a previousimage. I decided to change thebackground to a plain whitebackground to make the magazine lookmore simple.
  9. 9. The images all have The contents page has The date is correlating page Contents written in large written in numbers to the at the top corner of the large contents which helps page. relate it together.The nameof the The mainmagazine image isis also larger thanwritten in the rest of thelarge on images. Itthe showscontents importancepage. and draws the audience toThe cover it.lines fromthe frontcover arefeaturedon thecontentspage. Conventions of a Contents page
  10. 10. Contents page
  11. 11. There are normally by-lines to give credit tothe photographer A large image A Quote Stand First The celebrity in Most The quote the image magazines have from the encourages the a stand first to interview reader to buy introduce the helps break it the magazine as celebrity being down to the they look directly interviewed/ reader so at the reader. talked about. they have a The main image sense of is usually on the what it is left side of the about. page.
  12. 12. Double Page Spread