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Helo bracelet saving lives, changing lives


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Helo App is the perfect companion for you Helo Wristband. It monitors your vital signs and suggests tips to improve your lifestyle and reach a new well being level. You can check your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Breath Rate, ECG and many other vital signs. Organize all your data in an Health Plan to better understand your body. With Helo You can do the following
– monitor your heartbeat (Heart Rate)
– monitor your blood pressure (Blood Pressure)
– remote monitoring of your loved ones (WeCare)
– Panic Button to send an SOSor SMS in case of trouble
– monitor your breathing (Breath Rate)
– perform an electrocardiogram (ECG)
– check for steps, distance and burned calories
– carry out a full heart check (Heart Check)
– check your sleep quality (Sleep Quality)
– check your mood and your level of fatigue (Mood/fatigue)
– receive detailed notifications about your measurements (Notify system)
This data will be stored in your Personal Dashboard and you can get daily, weekly and monthly reports on your health with a trend chart. A scheduler will perform automatic measurements to keep all your values up to date.
Order yours today or come join with our Team of professional successful marketeers. Your success is ours. Further details available at

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Helo bracelet saving lives, changing lives

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