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  1. 1. By: Derya Agis
  2. 2. • Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492 were accepted by the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Bayazid II. The Alhambra decree was issued on March 31, 1492 by Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon (Lipman, 2011). These Spanish Jews settled in different cities within the borders of the Ottoman Empire where Romaniot Jews, who were originally from Byzantium, were living (Besalel, 1999, p. 151). Additionally, Rozen (2002) mentions that several Ashkenazim whose ancestors were born in Europe should have arrived in the Ottoman Empire before the Sephardim (p. 49). Also, Karaites are present in some former Ottoman cities that currently belong to contemporary Turkey. However, they reject the rabbinical law, since they do not confirm the Talmud that involves oral ideas about Judaism, and they refer only to the Torah (Green, 1984, p. 170). Students should be taught about their existence in Turkey through some of their anecdotes. Below are two anecdotes belonging to the Sephardim.
  4. 4. Morenika me llaman, yo blanca naci, de pasear, galana, mi color pedri. D'aquellas ventanicas, m'arronjan flechas. Si son de amores, vengan derechas. Escalerica le hizo de oro y de marfil. Para que suba el novio a dar qidushim. Morenika me llama, el hijo del rey. Si otra vez me llama, me vo yo con el. They call me little dark one, Though I was born fair. I became dark Walking [along beaches and streets]. From those windows Arrows are thrown at me. If they are arrows of love, They may pierce me. She made a ladder of gold and ivory. So that her lover could visit her, So that her betrothed could be with her. He calls me little dark one, The king's son. If he calls me once more, I'll go away with him.
  5. 5. ADIO KERIDA Tu madre kuando te pario I te kito al mundo Korason eja no te dio Para amar segundo. Adio, adio kerida No kero la vida Me l'amargates tu Va buskate otra amor Aharva otras puertabs Aspera otra ardor Ke para mi sos muerta. Adio, ... Your mother, when she gave birth to you And brought you into the world, Gave you no heart For loving another. Goodbye, goodbye, beloved. I do not want this life You have made it so bitter. Go, look for another love, Knock on other doors. Hope for some other passion Since for me you are dead. Goodbye, ... • m/watch?v=q1_Fmv3 qts8 • m/watch?v=DdcusOX h_f8
  6. 6. Alta es la luna Alta alta es la luna, cuando empeza a esclarecer Hija hermosa y sin ventura, nunca llegue a nacer Hija hermosa y sin ventura, nunca llegue a nacer Los ojos me se hincheron, de tanto mirar la mar Vaporicos van y vienen, letra para mi no hay Vaporicos van y vienen, letra para mi no hay Su querido es hermoso, dos taras tiene con el La una que - arroja dados, la otra que - echa ses bes La una que - arroja dados, la otra que - echa ses bes Su querido es alto y vano, y una vara d’espander La su madre hizo colada, lo metio a detener La su madre hizo colada, lo metio a detener How high the moon at the approach of the dawn Such a lovely, luckless girl should never have been born My eyes have swollen from watching the sea Ships come and go, but there is no letter for me Her young man is tall and handsome, but he has two faults one is that he plays dice, the other that he throws sixes and fives Her young man is tall and vain, he's so like a clothes-line pole that her mother hung the clothes and made him hold them up.
  7. 7. Por una kaza chika, Vide una ijika, De anyos era chika, Le deklari l’amor Sali delantre de eya Ermoza komo la estreya Ya m’ensendio kon teya Sin tener piyadad. Pasharo d’ermozura Linda la tu figura, Aserkate al mio lado Te oyire la boz. El pasharo s’aserka S’aserka del mio lado Enfin de dos minutos El pasharo bolo. El pasharo bolando Mi korason yorando, El me desho asperando Sin tener piyadad. At a small house I saw a girl She was young in years I declared my love for her I appeared before her Beautiful as the star She lit me up with a match Without having mercy (on me) Bird of beauty How pretty your figure is Approach my side So I can hear your voice The bird approaches me Comes to my side And at the end of two minutes The bird flew away The bird flying My heart crying She left me waiting Without having mercy (on me)
  8. 8. • Buenas Noches Hanum Dudu (Ventanas Altas Tyenes Tu) Buenas noches Hanum Dudu Repuesta a mi palavra Esta noche te rogo yo Ke me suvash arriva Tirilay la hop tirilayla hopa Ventanas altas tyenes tu Kon velas amariyas Esta noche rogo al Dio Ke-me suvash arriva Tirilay la hop tirilayla hopa Una noche yo me armi Por todo el vezindado Deshame la puerta avierta El kandil amatado Tirilay la hop tirilayla hopa El fostan ke yo te korti De sharey kolorado Ke te lo vistas tu hanum Kuando-vas a ir al banyo Tirilay la hop tirilayla hopa Good evening Ms Dudu! Answer my words Tonight I pray Take me upstairs! Tirilayla hop tirilayla hopa You have high windows With yellow curtains Tonight I pray to G!D Take me upstairs! One night I armed myself Throughout the neighbourhood Leave the door open And the lamp out The dress that I cut for you Of red cloth Please wear it, mistress, When you go to the bathhouse!
  9. 9. UNA TADRE D'ENVERANO Una tadre d’everano pasi por la moreria. vi una mora lavando Al pie de una fuentezia.Yo la vihe "mora linda", yo la vihe "mora bella", deha bever mis kavayos desas aguas kristalinas. "No soy mora, kavayero, ke soy d'Espanya nasida. ke me kaptivaron moro I a sepas kual Florina." "Si keres venir konmigo, a Espanya te yevaria." "¿I la ropa, el kavayero. Donde yo la deharia?" "Lo ke de seda y grana, en mis kavayos servia. Y lo ke no sirve a nada, por el rio pasaria." " Al yegar por estos kampos mi padre a kantar veria kon mi ermano Alejandro i toda su kompania." "Avri puertas i ventanas, balkones i ganerias. ke por traer a una esposa vos traigo una ermana mia." On a summer afternoon I rode through the Moorish quarter and saw a Moorish girl laundering at a cold fountain.I said to her: lovely Moorish girl, I said to her: beautiful Moorish girl, let my horses drink at your clear waters. "I'm not Moorish, Sir. I was born in Spain the Moors kidnapped me on a blooming day of Passover. "If you'd come with me back to Spain, I'd take you." "But the laundry my knight what shall I do with it?" "The silks and the velvets, we'll carry them on my horses and what is of no use may go down to the river." "I see those fields where my father used to hunt with my little brother Alejandro and all of his suite." "Open doors and windows balconies and galleries because instead of a bride I bring back home my sister."
  10. 10. • Bibliography • Besalel, Yusuf. Osmanlı ve Türk Yahudileri [Ottoman and Turkish Jews]. Istanbul: Gözlem Gazetecilik Basın ve Yayın A.Ş. [Gözlem Journalism, Press, and Publications, Ltd], 1999. • Green, Warren. "The Fate of the Crimean Jewish Communities: Ashkenazim, Krimchaks and Karaites." Jewish Social Studies 1984: 169-176. • Lipman, Jennifer. "On this day: The Alhambra Decree: March 31 1492: Jews expelled from Spain." The Jewish Chronicle Online 31 March 2011. 31 March 2012. < alhambra-decree>. • Rozen, Minna. A History of the Jewish Community in Istanbul: The Formative Years, 1453-1566. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2002.
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