3M and Kindle Fire


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3M and Kindle Fire

  1. 1. 3M Cloud Library and Kindle FireHow to download 3M eBooks to your Kindle Fire/HD
  2. 2. Installation (This process only needs to be done once) At the top of the Kindle Fire screen: EITHER tap on the Gear icon and Tap More OR swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the More… icon (This step depends on which model Kindle Fire you have) Tap on Device Choose ON for Allow Installation of Applications Tap the Home icon.
  3. 3. Installation (continued) Tap on Apps at the top of your Kindle Fire/HD screen Tap on Store> In the Search Appstore field, type ES File Explorer Tap on ES File Explorer in the results list Tap on the word FREE Tap on Get App. The app will begin downloading and installing. It will show in your carousel when you tap the Home icon. This app will be used later in the downloading process.
  4. 4. Installation (continued) Tap the Home icon at the bottom of the screen Open the device’s web browser and type in the following URL in the address bar: ebookdownload.3m.com/apps/android3mcloudlibrary.apk. The 3M Cloud Library app will automatically begin downloading Your browser screen will be white but the toolbar at the top of the screen will show that the app is being downloaded You will see a small “1” in a circle
  5. 5. Installation (continued) After the 3M app has finished downloading, tap on the ES File Explorer icon on your home screen Tap the Folders tab Tap SD Card The app may automatically open to the appropriate screen. If the location bar at the top of your screen says SD Card, you are in the correct screen.
  6. 6. Installation (continued) Tap on the Download or AppMgr folder. The 3M file should have a .apk extension If it has a .zip extension, change it to .apk by pressing and holding on the file icon until a menu appears Tap Rename Delete .zip Add .apk Tap OK Tap on the 3M Cloud Library file Tap install at the bottom of the screen
  7. 7. Installation (finished) If the app does not open automatically, tap on the Home icon Tap on Apps at the top of the screen Search for the 3M Cloud Library app You can toggle between apps on the Device and apps in the Cloud by using the options at the top of the screen Once you find the app, tap on it to open and proceed
  8. 8. One-Time Set Up Open the app to set it up for your initial use. Answer each field! Select State/County- select NH from the menu Select Library- select your registered library from the menu Tap in the field below Enter Your Library ID and enter your library barcode Tap in the field below Enter Your Library PIN end enter your 4 digit PIN End User License Agreement- tap to open and tap Agree to continue The green Login button will now appear brighter and become usable. Tap the green Login button.
  9. 9. Check Out Books Open the 3M Cloud Library app on your Kindle Fire Browse through our collection or search for a specific title using the Search feature Tap on a book cover to reveal the Book Details page Tap the Check Out button on the Book Details page to check out the book If the book is currently checked out, the button will be gray and allow you to place a hold instead
  10. 10.  Immediately after tapping Check Out, the My Books tab appears The new book will appear in your Currently Reading list When the book has finished downloading, it will open so you can begin reading
  11. 11. Return Books Early Go to the My Books screen in the 3M app and click on the list view button In the list view, tap the book you would like to return. The Book Details page will appearTap the red Check In button
  12. 12.  Tap the Return Book button to finalize your return
  13. 13. Search, download and return 3M eBooks through our online catalog
  14. 14. Go to our online catalog and sign into yourPolaris account
  15. 15. Use your library barcode number and 4 digit PINto log into your account
  16. 16. Browse theonline catalogfor a 3MeBookType 3m into thesearch boxLimit by Ebook(downloadable)Click Go!
  17. 17. Choose a title to check out (or put on hold) andclick on Check Out
  18. 18. Click on Check Out Now
  19. 19. Success! Now close the pop-up and minimizeyour browser
  20. 20. Open the 3M Cloud Library app on your Kindle Your book will appear! If your book does not automatically begin to download, tap on the cover to get it started
  21. 21. Return booksearly throughthe onlinecatalogSign into yourlibrary accountGo toMyAccount –Items OutClick Check In