3M and iOS


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3M and iOS

  1. 1. 3M Cloud Library and iOS How do I get started?
  2. 2. To download eBooks from both Overdriveand the 3M Cloud Library, set up an AdobeID at www.adobe.com/account.html
  3. 3. Create an Adobe ID
  4. 4. Download and Install the 3M App on yourdevice  Visit the app store by tapping the App Store button  Tap the search button and look for the “3M Cloud Library” app  Tap the Install button to download and install the app
  5. 5. Set Up Open the app and select:  State (NH)  Library (Your Library)  Library Card ID: Enter your 14 digit Library Card Number (PLEASE NOTE, this cannot be your custom login for the catalog)  Your password: enter the 4 digit PIN you use to log into our catalog Read and agree to the End User License Agreement Tap Login
  6. 6. Find books several ways: Search Browse categories Browse Shelves Or search the library‟s online catalog
  7. 7. Find books by Searching  Search for specific titles or authors by tapping the Search button at the bottom of the screen
  8. 8. Search  Enter the name of a title or author  Tap Search  A list of titles will display  Available titles will have green “Ready to Checkout” text
  9. 9. Find books by Category  Tap the Categories button at the bottom of the screen and navigate by subject area  Find a category you are interested in (Fiction, for example) and select it  Sometimes there will be more specific sub-categories:  (Fiction – Historical Fiction, for example)  A list of titles will display  Available titles will have green “Ready to Checkout” or “Check Out” text
  10. 10. Find books by Browsing Tap the Shelves button to browse a selection of titles Titles may be our newest purchases or our most popular Check weekly for updates Remember that Shelves show only a sample of available titles
  11. 11. Check books out  Tap the cover of an available title to see more details  Tap the Show More button to read a description of the book  Tap the green Check Out button if you want to read the book (or tap Add to Hold List if the book is checked out)  The title will then appear in your My Books tab
  12. 12. My Books Tap the My Books button to go to your bookshelf Tap the cover of the book you wish to read to open it To return books early, press the red Check In button on the top right of the screen Tap the X on the top left of the book cover you wish to return
  13. 13. My Books, continued Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to check your reading history Tap the Reading History button
  14. 14. Read your books The Gear at the top middle of the screen will open your settings and allow you to adjust text size and margins The i button will allow you to see more information about a title, and to check books back in early The Magnifying Glass allows you to search the text The “X” allows you to close the book and go back to your bookshelf The Box at the top right allows you to set a bookmark The Slider at the bottom of the screen allows you to skip ahead in the book
  15. 15. Getting eBooks through the Online Catalog: Use our online catalog at http://derrypl.org to search for and check out eBooks (Mobile phones typically default to a mobile optimized version) Log In to your account Tap Search the Catalog
  16. 16. From the mobile catalog’s search page: Go into Advanced Search Search for 3m Limit by „Ebook (downloadable)‟ Tap Search
  17. 17. Check Out Select a book to check out Tap on the title or the cover to see availability Check out
  18. 18. Read your eBook Open the 3M Cloud app on your device Go to My Books The book will automatically load and display