Luxury Real Estate Marketing - Attract More High Net Worth Clients With An Abundant State Of Mind


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Luxury Real Estate Marketing - Attract More High Net Worth Clients With An Abundant State Of Mind

  1. 1. Luxury Real Estate Marketing - Attract More High Net Worth ClientsWith An Abundant State Of MindThe most successful luxury real estate marketing professionals have understood and acquired amindset that matches the general state of mind of their typical clients. As a result, they attract morehigh net worth clients than their competitors do. That way of thinking can be summed up in a singleword that sounds even better in Italian than it does in English: ABBONDANZA! (Abundance)The holiday of Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance at harvest time that is often symbolizedwith a cornucopia, the horn of plenty or harvest cone. Here in Santa Barbara, California we aresurrounded by agriculture and are thus very fortunate to have a Farmers Market six days a week, allyear long.This time of year is particularly exceptional. The market is overflowing with colorful organic fruits andvegetables that are truly a feast for the eyes. Shrimp and Pacific lobster, caught right off the coast,near the Channel Islands, is also abundant this time of year and sold at the market. Just walkingthrough the market and appreciating the profusion of bright, multi-hued flowers can send you into astate of abbondanza.Evidence of abundance is all around us if we take the time to appreciate it. Have you ever juststopped to appreciate having hot and cold running water and water that is safe to drink? We oftentake it for granted. Have you ever noticed the ever present power that runs everything in our homesincluding our computers? How do you feel when there is a power outage?Here are some fun musings about the abbondanza mindset and the cornucopia:Did you know that a cornucopian is a futurist who believes that continued progress and provision ofmaterial items for mankind can be met by similarly continued advances in technology?In Greek mythology Zeus was raised by a goat and accidentally broke one of its horns. Feeling bad,Zeus returned her horn with supernatural powers that would give whoever possesses it whatever heor she wants.Perhaps that is what defines the abbondanza mindset of affluent consumers: They expect to get whatthey want. They are more optimistic than pessimistic. If you want to attract more high net worthclients, is it not worth getting yourself in the abbondanza state of mind? All it takes is the time toappreciate the abundance that is already in your life. You do not need to wait for Thanksgiving!Burbank real estate