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Dermacol Cosmetics


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Shop online the best Tattoo Cover Make Up at Our full coverage Dermacol Cosmetics cover up makeup like skin care, body care and more with Smart Cover makeup. Shop with Confidence.

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Dermacol Cosmetics

  1. 1. The Dermacol brand The original Dermacol cosmeticsfirststartedinthe BarrandovFilmStudiosinPrague inthe early1960s and have since remainedunderCzechownership.Soon,filmstudioexpertsteamedupwith dermatologistsfromthe Medical CosmeticsInstitute inPrague. Fromthe verybeginning,the joint effortsof cosmeticspecialists,whobase theirtrade onmedical principles,andfilmmake-upexperts were verysuccessful. It was thenthatthe Make-upCoverline developedbyDermacol waslaunchedasone of the firstof its kindbothin Europe andaround the worldandthis product'slicense wassoldasfar awayas Hollywood in1969. We are proudthat the beautyof many filmstarshas hadits originsfromDermacol. Today,Dermacol remainsdynamic.InadditiontoEurope,Dermacol isalsosoldinmanycountriesof the Middle andNearEast, in Ukraine,RussiaandAustralia. Dermacol isnotonlysuccessful abroad;inthe CzechRepublicitremainssynonymouswithmake-up.Everyfourthmake-upitemsoldinthe Czech Republicis fromDermacol.EveryfifthbodyfirmingproductisalsobyDermacol. Dermacol providesperfectcare forall skintypesand can handle all of yourskin'sproblems,whether your skinisyoung,mature,normal,dryor problematic. Dermacol faces Dermacol workswithpopularCzech and Slovakcelebrities who representthe selected productlines.Now you too havethe chanceto meet ourleading models,actressesand successfulfacesof Dermacol.
  2. 2. About us UltimaInternational LLC isinbusinesssince 1984 distributingbrandedcosmeticsandperfumes. UltimaInternational LLCisthe official distributorforDERMACOLcosmeticforUSA territorysince 2016. We have builtupour companygraduallywithhardworkand honesty,solidifyingourname andposition amongbusinesspartnersandclients,consistingof reputable wholesalers,importers,distributorsand chainstore. We have twoUS officesanddistributionwarehousesasfollows: 1) 400 ValleyBrookAve LyndhurstNJ07071 (201) 372-0005 2) 1009 West 12th St AlmaGA 31510 (912) 632-2000 For all inquiries,pleaseemailusto: We thankyoufor your continuedpatronage andsupport. Ultima Intl LLC. Contacts UltimaInternational LLc 1) 400 Valley BrookAve LyndhurstNJ07071 (201) 372-0005 2) 1009 West 12th St Alma GA 31510 (912) 632-2000 Contact form