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Nerium Regional Training PowerPoint


Published on Step by step instructions and information on how to build your #Nerium business in a PowerPoint presentation. Take a look at the Nerium Opportunity.

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Nerium Regional Training PowerPoint

  1. 1. •  Your guide to success •  A duplicable system •  Every Brand Partner has one •  Updated versions available online •  Carry with you at all times
  2. 2. Nerium Culture
  3. 3. Nerium’s Vision: Make People Better Nerium is based on one word: REAL Individually taking responsibility, collectively changing the world Become better by living our 10 Core Values Three Pillars of Personal Growth CharacterAuthenticity Give Back Nerium International™ CORE VALUES
  4. 4. Creating Leveraged Income with Nerium •  Build a business by investing only 5 hours per week •  Nerium International helps you create leverage in your life Brand Partners Hours Invested 1 (You) 5 hrs 5 (Find 5) 25 hrs 25 (Help 5 Find 5) 125 hrs Combined effort: 155 hrs (per week)
  5. 5. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 90% Time 75% Time 50% Time 25% Time 10% Time 10% Money 25% Money 50% Money 75% Money 90% Money Time/Money Relationship marketing requires an early investment in time before reaping the rewards of a leveraged lifestyle.
  6. 6. Nerium Slight Edge Residuals Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 $222 $510 $766 $869 $1,270 $1,840 $2,826 $3,469 $4,937 $6,318 $8,195 $10,760 TIME MONEY
  7. 7. Building Your Nerium Business
  8. 8. Your WHY If time and money were not an issue, how would you live?
  9. 9. New Brand Partner Objectives 1.  Qualify for 3UR Free 2.  Builder Bonus Qualify
  10. 10. Why 8-Point System •  Gauge your activity •  Power of part time •  Duplication •  Find your key players
  11. 11. High-Payoff Activities Attend Nerium Conference Call 1 pt. Read Corporate Email 1 pt. Study Personal Development (at least 15 minutes) 1 pt. Promote Opportunity to New Prospect 2 pts. Promote Product to New Prospect 2 pts. Follow Up With Prospect/3-way 2 pts. Attend Live Event 3 pts. Train New Brand Partner 3 pts. Host Real Results or 3UR Free Party 4 pts. Host/Attend Training Party 4 pts.
  12. 12. Attend Nerium Conference Calls
  13. 13. Mondays 6 p.m. Your Time Zone Basic and advanced training via webinar in back office Training parties Attend Conference Call or Webinar Sundays 9 p.m. EST, CST, MST & PST Training and recognition from top field leadership Nerium UniversityTeam Nerium Corporate Update Tuesdays 3 p.m. CT Weekly update from Jeff Olson, Dennis Windsor, and Leadership Team Main: 409-777-9200 Passcode: 7325# (REAL#) Backup: 832-225-5230, Passcode: 7325# (REAL#) Replay (REAL LIFE LINE): 507-726-3800 Mobile Communications: Text “REAL” to 59769
  14. 14. Read Corporate Emails
  15. 15. Read Corporate Emails •  Updates, promotions, and deadlines •  Social media item of the week •  Stay connected with updated information •  One point max per day
  16. 16. Study Personal Development
  17. 17. Study Personal Development •  Read 10 pages of a personal development book a day •  Watch a clip from the Real Life Library •  Listen to the 3-CD Success Training with Jeff Olson RealLife Library
  18. 18. Promote the Product
  19. 19. Product Prospecting System HOW: •  Consult the Product Prospecting System flyer for details •  Follow the five-step process •  Give prospects The Nerium Experience flyer when you deliver bottle •  Encourage them to qualify for the 3UR Free program Remember: You may sign up new Preferred Customers or sell NeriumAD® retail if the prospect is ready!
  20. 20. 1 SUCCESS PACK = 18 PROSPECTS! Each set of NeriumAD can prospect up to 6 people. x3 Success Pack Prospects
  21. 21. 1 PREMIER PACK = 54 PROSPECTS! Each set of NeriumAD can prospect up to 6 people. Premier Pack Prospects x9
  22. 22. Promote the Opportunity
  23. 23. Master the 2-A-Day System Share The Nerium Experience with at least two people per day NERIUM Look Better • Live Better
  24. 24. Label Your Tools •  Name •  Phone number •  Email address •  Social media page •  Website (Lead capture page)
  25. 25. Lead Capture Pages •  Marketing splash pages •  Automatically added to Nerium Communications Center •  Auto-responder campaigns •  Works on mobile •  Geotargets and shares appropriate product line: NeriumAD® (U.S.) and Optimera™ (Canada)
  26. 26. Power of Duplication You 2/day 10/week 40/month Team of 10 20/day 100/week 400/month Team of 30 60/day 300/week 1200/month
  27. 27. Power of Duplication 15,600 EXPOSURES FOR 1 YEAR!
  28. 28. Magazine Auto-Ship 10 Beautiful You and 10 Success from Home magazines $65 monthly extra savings + FREE SHIPPING 20 Beautiful You and 20 Success from Home magazines $125 monthly extra savings + FREE SHIPPING GUARANTEE PROGRAM Commit a minimum of 12 months to the Auto-Ship Program and Nerium International guarantees up to $5,000 in reimbursements, including auto-delivery costs and commissions. See flyer for official rules. Majority of participants have earned an excess of $5,000in bonuses and commissions participating in Auto-Ship Program
  29. 29. Nerium Blitz GAP: “Grab A Pen” •  Updated call with Jeff Olson and Mark Smith •  Wednesdays Every hour on the hour, 9 a.m.–9 p.m. CT 712-432-5478 Passcode: 7325# (REAL#) Back-up bridge line: 832-225-5230 Passcode: 7325# (REAL#)
  30. 30. Follow Up 3-Way Call
  31. 31. Follow Up/3-Way Call IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. LEVERAGE YOUR SUPPORT TEAM. •  Hear a success story •  Answer questions •  Use third-party validation •  Invite to a live event •  Sign-up your prospects •  Welcome calls •  Create duplication
  32. 32. Using 3-Ways Follow Up with Prospect Step 1: Verify third-party tool Step 2: “What did you like best?” Step 3: Transition into call with expert (mirror/match) Step 4: Validate expert Connect with Expert Step 1: Call expert when prospect is on hold Step 2: Before connecting, tell experts what tool was used, what they liked best, and their background Step 3: Listen and take notes only! Step 4: Thank expert
  33. 33. Attend a Live Event
  34. 34. Attend a Live Event •  Build relationships •  Learn the presentation •  Discover the bigger picture Real Results Market Party Real Results Regional Get Real Conference All events can be found in Events Calendar in back office
  35. 35. Fast Start Game Plan
  36. 36. Train a New Brand Partner Fast Start Game Plan with all personally enrolled Brand Partners •  Their WHY •  My List/NCC •  10-In-Play •  Book/invite to RRP •  PPS •  Introduce 8-Point System •  Connect to Rhythm Start New Brand Partner Training before Fast Start Game Plan Back Office >> Training Tab >> New Brand Partner Training
  37. 37. Training Parties
  38. 38. Host or Attend a Training Party •  Watch Nerium University with your team •  Build culture •  Have fun
  39. 39. Real Results Parties
  40. 40. •  Invite friends and family to your home or other venue •  Play The Nerium Experience presentation on The Nerium Experience DVD •  Share your Real Results •  Sign up new Brand Partners and Preferred Customers •  If needed, have people take The Nerium Experience •  Schedule parties for new Brand Partners or Preferred Customers Real Results Party or 3UR Free Party Additional training with audio CD in RRP Toolkit
  41. 41. Types of Real Results Parties IN HOME Simple, informal gathering of warm market Invite people you feel comfortable having over MARKET PARTY RRP in public venue open to everyone in local market Team up with local Brand Partners •  Business you get to be yourself 3UR FREE Help Preferred Customers qualify for 3UR Free Promote product only
  42. 42. BASELINE POINTS: Corporate emails…………….……….5 pts Listen to calls/webinar…………….…3 pts Personal development…….…………7 pts STAY CONNECTED: 15 pts ACTIVITY POINTS: (10) 2-A-Day prospecting………...….20 pts (5) Follow-ups with 3-Way………..…10 pts PERSONAL ACTIVITY: 30 pts Weekly Point Gauge Weekly Goal: 40 POINTS! Earn over 40 points a week following the basic rhythm
  43. 43. Recognition
  44. 44. New Brand Partners (Please Stand)
  45. 45. 40-Point Week (Please Stand)
  46. 46. 160-Point Month (Please Stand)
  47. 47. New Builder Bonus Qualifiers (Please Stand)
  48. 48. Senior Brand Partners (Please Stand)
  49. 49. Directors & iPad Earners (Please Stand)
  50. 50. Senior Directors & Lexus Bonus Qualifiers (Please Stand)
  51. 51. Executive Directors
  52. 52. Regional Marketing Directors
  53. 53. National Marketing Director 3-Star National* Marketing Director 5-Star National* Marketing Director International* Marketing Director Gold International* Marketing Director $50,000 $150,000 $375,000 $750,000 $1,500,000 Paid over 24 months Paid over 18 months Paid over 27 months Paid over 36 months Paid over 36 months 150,000 GQV with three qualifying legs Three Personally Sponsored NMD legs Five Personally Sponsored NMD legs Five Personally Sponsored NMD legs with Three Personally Sponsored 3-Star NMD legs Five Personally Sponsored NMD legs with Three Personally Sponsored 5-Star NMD legs Must maintain personal NMD qualifications to maintain rank. Must meet all qualifications to earn LBB. Grace period does not apply.
  54. 54. National Marketing Directors
  55. 55. 1-Star National Marketing Directors
  56. 56. 2-Star National Marketing Directors
  57. 57. 3-Star National Marketing Directors
  58. 58. 4-Star National Marketing Directors
  59. 59. 5-Star National Marketing Directors
  60. 60. After three consecutive months of NeriumAD night and day creams on ADO, PCs will get their day cream for FREE…for LIFE! LIMITED-TIME PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROMOTION!
  61. 61. August 21−25
  62. 62. 2015 Nerium Cruise! Qualifications released soon. 2015 Nerium Cruise! •  June 8–June 12, 2015 •  Departs from Port Canaveral, Florida •  Visiting CocoCay and Nassau in the Bahamas
  63. 63. OCTOBER 23−25, 2014 LONG BEACH, CA REGISTER TODAY! GET REAL 2014 Register now at $99 for Balcony Ticket $149 for Floor Ticket
  64. 64. BreakPurchase tools and register for next event
  65. 65. Real Results
  66. 66. Look Better. Live Better.   Grand Prize Winner will receive: • Three-day, 2-night getaway to Miami, Florida • Two (2) roundtrip airfares to Miami, Florida • Ground transportation between Miami airport and resort • Hotel accommodations at a 5-star resort in Miami • $500 spending cash • Prize package valued at $3,500 Enrolling Brand Partner of Grand Prize Winner will receive: • Three-day, 2-night getaway to Miami, Florida • One (1) roundtrip airfare to Miami, Florida • Ground transportation between Miami airport and resort • Hotel accommodations at a 5-star resort in Miami • $250 in spa treatments at a 5-star resort in Miami • $250 spending cash Enter the contest at Received an all-expenses-paid vacation to Miami, Florida!
  67. 67. Engage in Social Media Daily •  Connect with corporate •  Social media training in Online Business Center •  Share Nerium videos with social networks using Nerium Communications Center ACTION ITEM: Share a picture, post, or tweet about today’s regional on personal or corporate Nerium pages NeriumIntl @neriumintl Join us for #RealChat on Twitter Wednesdays, 2-3 p.m. CT Fridays, 3-4 p.m. CT
  68. 68. Nerium Edge
  69. 69. Brand Partners who purchase a Success Pack or Premier Pack will get a 30-day trial of the Nerium Edge, which includes: Capture Pages Nerium Communications Center NeriumGoShow Nerium Mobile Application DeductrTM Real Life Library Success Magazine Nerium Edge: Message of the Month $29.95/month (30 GV)
  70. 70. Builder Bonus
  71. 71. Become a Builder •  Focus on new Brand Partners •  Early momentum •  Identifies the early “stars” in your organization
  72. 72. Qualifications •  Fast Start Qualify OR •  Achieve the rank of Director
  73. 73. Fast Start Qualifications •  2000 QV, no more than 1000 PQV •  Three personally sponsored Brand Partners placed in individual legs •  First 30 days Brand Partner Brand Partner YOU Brand Partner
  74. 74. Brand Partner Brand Partner YOU Brand Partner Director Qualifications •  4500 GQV in 1 calendar month •  Three active personally sponsored Brand Partner legs •  80 ADV or 200 PQV DIRECTOR
  75. 75. How Do I Get Paid? •  Bonuses paid by weekly check •  Must be active, current Senior Brand Partner •  Builder Bonuses follow the enrollment tree •  Builder Bonus pays to infinity $$$Date: Pay to the order of: John Doe Dollars Dollar amount here here here For: Level of Rank $ 000,000.00
  76. 76. The Builder Bonus Earn a $250bonus every time a coded Brand Partner in your Bonus Leg Fast Start Qualifies!
  77. 77. YOU BP BP BP BP FSQ You earn a $250 Builder Bonus The Builder Bonus
  78. 78. Nerium Gives Back
  79. 79. Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer YOU Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer Preferred Customer 11 Earn free NGB bottles for each Preferred Customer if no Brand Partner in between Host 3UR Free Parties for Preferred Customers Earn Customer Acquisition Bonuses on Preferred Customers ferred tomer ferred tomer Preferred Customer ferred tomer Preferred Customer 11
  80. 80. Earn FREE bottles of NeriumAD night cream by acquiring loyal Brand Partners and Preferred Customers! Valued at $80−110 Opt in to Nerium Gives Back in your Online Business Center! NGB bottles ship approximately 60 days after original Brand Partner or Preferred Customer signs up. You must have active ADO to qualify.
  81. 81. 369 Program
  82. 82. Road Map to Lexus
  83. 83. 3UR Free •  Continuing program for Brand Partners and Preferred Customers •  Duplicates in organization to maximize total volume •  Free product equals high customer retention rate
  84. 84. Fast Start Qualify •  Earn 10% Check Match (Coaching Commission) •  Industry-wide statistics show: –  Sell 10x more product –  Recruit 7x more people
  85. 85. Earn an iPad •  Promote to Director •  iPads can be used as a presentation tool for sit-down presentations (Nerium Edge, NeriumGoShow) •  Increased Differential Success Pack Bonuses •  More money for residuals
  86. 86. •  Promote to Senior Director •  $500 Lexus Car Bonus •  Increased Differential Success Pack Bonuses •  More money for residuals •  Lexus used as a marketing tool; 80% of list not yet exposed Qualify for a Lexus Qualify with 12500 GQV each month
  87. 87. Senior Director Qualify for Senior Director and learn the Next Level Achievement System through Nerium’s Elite Leadership Program. Senior Director Call Thursdays, 11 a.m. CT
  88. 88. Road Map to NMD See compensation plan document for qualification details. Brand Partner Brand Partner Brand Partner
  89. 89. 90-Day Rhythm
  90. 90. $$$Date: Pay to the order of: John Doe Dollars Dollar amount here here here For: Level of Rank $ 000,000.00 Maximizing Your Weekly Check A majority of your income comes from your weekly check in your first 3–4 months Earn more money by rank advancing before the next Wednesday! Weekly checks pay out from:
  91. 91. 90-Day Calendar Map out High-Payoff Activities in your calendar and maximize weekly close to earn higher commissions NERIUM WEEKLY RHYTHM Weekly Close on Wednesdays at 11:59 p.m. CT Weekly checks paid every Wednesday Monthly Close on last day of the month at 11:59 p.m. CT Residuals paid monthly on 15th
  92. 92. Summer Run Summer Fun
  93. 93. Sendproceeds and form to BBBS Lemonade for Littles •  Create a lemonade stand to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters •  Teach your children about entrepreneurship AND giving back
  94. 94. Blitz Packs Day Cream Blitz Pack (U.S. only) 15 bottles NeriumAD day cream Only $500 USD Day Cream Blitz Pack (CA only) 15 bottles Optimera Day Cream Only $575 CAD
  95. 95. U.S. Blitz Pack 5 bottles NeriumAD night cream 5 bottles NeriumAD day cream Only $500 USD Canada Blitz Pack 5 bottles Optimera Night Cream 5 bottles Optimera Day Cream Only $580 CAD Blitz Packs
  96. 96. NeriumFirm (U.S. only) 9 tubes of NeriumFirm™ Only $500 USD Blitz Packs
  97. 97. New ADOs NeriumFirm (U.S. only) 2 tubes of NeriumFirm Only $120 USD
  98. 98. NeriumAD Combo Pack with NeriumFirm (U.S. only) 1 bottle night cream 1 bottle day cream 1 tube contouring cream Only $150 USD New ADOs
  99. 99. Premier Pack Update 10 bottles NeriumAD night cream 10 bottles NeriumAD day cream 2 FREE tubes of NeriumFirm Available for EnrollmentsandUpgrades
  100. 100. YEP Magazine Debut Parties Real Results Parties and Market Parties July 14–July 31 Share an event or find out how to host a debut party in your Online Business Center
  101. 101. August Blitz Calls Details TBA •  Single Parents: Aug. 4–10, 2014 •  Skincare Professionals: Aug. 11–17, 2014 •  Direct Sales/Networkers: Aug. 18–24, 2014 •  Military: Aug. 25–31, 2014
  102. 102. Focus on: •  Lemonade for Littles •  YEP Magazine Debut Parties July 14–July 31, 2014
  103. 103. Family Day Regional Saturday, August 2, 2014