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Your social selling index


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Discover how to improve your results on LinkedIn by using the Social Selling Index. The SSI is a FREE and invaluable tool that actually tells you what strategies are working for you and how well, it also indicates the specific areas of your linkedIn strategy to improve. Used regularly by most of the top level performers on LinkedIn.

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Your social selling index

  1. 1. Your Social Selling Index Linkedin allows you to check how well your LinkedIn ‘Strategy’ is working for you by looking at your Social Selling Index. Your Social Selling Index is an invaluable tool, provided FREE by LinkedIn, that will help you to • Establish your professional brand. • Find the right people. • Engage with Insights. • Build relationships. 1.) Search on Google for ‘LinkedIn Social Selling Index’ 2.) It should be within the top 3 of the results that display. You are looking for the same or similar as the image just above. 3.) Make sure in another window on your ‘browser’ program that your LinkedIn account is open. 4.) On the Social Selling Index site, Click on ‘Get Your FREE Score. Any score over 80% is great. Also displayed on screen will be what the average score for your industry may be.
  2. 2. The best part about your SSI or Social Selling Index is it will indicate to you the areas you should improve. It’s a great tool to use. Here’s an example of the Linkedin Social Selling Index
  3. 3. So how do you use your SSI score to improve your LinkedIn strategy? SSI Tips from Linkedin. 1.) Establish Your Professional Brand. Complete your profile and aim for an All Star rating whereby Linkedin tells you Your profile is looking great, location, industry, position, summary, photo, skills, education. Emphasize areas where you provide value to your prospects or clients. Post an overview or your companies services or products via Slideshare. Increase visibility and get more profile views by posting articles you have written about your experience in your industry. List your skills, in keyword preference order, and endorse your connections, some will return the favour. 2.) Find the Right People. You can find the right prospects very quickly and efficiently using LinkedIn search and research tools. Use Linkedin Search just like any other search engine, enter specific search terms and narrow down to specific industries, areas, company position etc. The ability to search upto 3 levels deep from current connections can literally place many 1,000’s or prospects at your fingertips.
  4. 4. You can ask your connections to introduce, recommend or refer you to connections of theirs. Engage with your prospects, provide them with content that is relevant and useful to them. Regularly check your ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’, interest is there, communicate with those that are potential leads. 3.) Engage with Insights. Discover and share useful updates to establish, nurture, build and grow relationships. Present yourself as an authority within your industry by creating or sharing content that is relative to your industry your target market and their success. Brag prospects attention by Tagging them with your posts or articles. Don’t just like, leave comments that are constructive and useful. Contribute your relevant insights and comments within Groups. Always personalise your connections requests and all communications. A little bit of common courtesy can go a long way, especially on Social Media. 4.) Build Relationships. Strengthen your network of connections by finding and building trust with decision makers.
  5. 5. Build and leverage relationships to expand your network and generate introductions. Cover more bases by finding and connecting with several decision makers within specific organisations, companies etc. Constructively comment on and share posts and articles put up by your prospects. Tag and share with them articles, posts etc that may be of interest to them and help their business. The key to being effective on LinkedIn is consistency. Whilst you have your own objective to generate more business, when it comes to establishing, building and nurturing relationships on LinkedIn you should always think about What’s In It For Them.
  6. 6. About Derick Mildred Derick Mildred Business Author: In 2007 wrote The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Development & Marketing which achieved sales in excess of $75,000 within just 6 months of publication. Business Owner: Derick is the proud owner of 2 businesses, A Web Design business called 1st Page Websites & a Consulting business called Synergise Consulting. Business Consultant: Aged a young 52, has been consulting to businesses for over 20 years with clients in Finance, Health and Beauty, Hospitality, Retail, & Services industries. Seminar Presenter: Has presented seminars on Business Development, Marketing, Productivity to a diverse range of industry groups. Website Developer For over 4 years has been designing and building websites that rank on Page 1 on Google for clients all over Australia. Online Consultant: For over 4 years he has been advising clients on how to improve their results on Facebook and LinkedIn. SEO: In 2014 he shocked the SEO industry with a 1st Page on Google Guarantee in writing which has been delivered on every time for every client without a single claim on this guarantee so far. Martial Artist: Currently with over 21 years experience in martial arts including Judo 7 years (Brown belt) & Kyokushin Karate 17 years + (San Dan 3rd Degree Blackbelt). From Linkedin Over 10,00 Connections & Top 2% for SSI.