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Where to Find Great Content to Post on Facebook


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Where to Find Great Content to Post on Facebook gives you many different resources to find great content and posts for your Facebook Page.

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Where to Find Great Content to Post on Facebook

  1. 1. The golden rule of Facebook is ‘Content is King’. It’s all about what you share and post, even more than how often you post. If you’re running short of ideas of what to post hare are some website that will help 1. Tumblr Content can be based on • Most Popular • Most Recent • Web Results Or arranged by: • Text • Photos • Quotes • Links • Chat • Audio • Video (don’t forget to mention your source in the post): 2. Post Planner Post Planner provides: • Trending content • Pre-written status ideas • Viral photos Post Planner’s Viral Photos finder is a great tool when I’m looking for photos to share.
  2. 2. 3. Twitter Lists Twitter Lists allows you to create lists and stay informed about what is of interest to you Including • Sports • Celebrities • News • Brands • Businesses • People I like to follow Follow the right people and you will never be short of content to post on Facebook or to invite your fans, friends and followers on Facebook to comment on and share. They have 101 choices if you’re looking for some Twitter lists to follow: • 101 Best Twitter Lists To Follow in the Twitterverse
  3. 3. 4. Reddit You name it, the subject is on Reddit. Popular topics include: • Gaming • Humor • Fashion • Technology • Music • Sports • Tech • Video • Funny Pics etc • And a whole lot more Here’s a useful tip: Try the “Funny” Subreddit to find humorous photos & memes. 5. Flipboard Flipboard is described as your personal magazine. With great content including Arts & Culture Business DIY Food Health Living Music News Tech & Science Sports Shopping Photos & Design Travel Style
  4. 4. 6. Inbound Is described as an internet marketer’s best friend. Content on the website is based on votes from users, therefore you can use content that is relevant to your target market that you already know is good content that will rate well. Content on includes • Marketing tools • Search • Social Media Tips • Content Marketing • Conversion • Analytics • Mobile • Startup Marketing 7. Online Publishers Such as • • • • • + Industry publications specific or related to your particular industry or area of expertise
  5. 5. About Derick Mildred Derick Mildred Business Author: In 2007 wrote The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Development & Marketing which achieved sales in excess of $75,000 within just 6 months of publication. Business Owner: Derick is the proud owner of 2 businesses, A Web Design business called 1st Page Websites & a Consulting business called Synergise Consulting. Business Consultant: Aged a young 52, has been consulting to businesses for over 20 years with clients in Finance, Health and Beauty, Hospitality, Retail, & Services industries. Seminar Presenter: Has presented seminars on Business Development, Marketing, Productivity to a diverse range of industry groups. Website Developer For over 4 years has been designing and building websites that rank on Page 1 on Google for clients all over Australia. Online Consultant: For over 4 years he has been advising clients on how to improve their results on Facebook and LinkedIn. SEO: In 2014 he shocked the SEO industry with a 1st Page on Google Guarantee in writing which has been delivered on every time for every client without a single claim on this guarantee so far. Martial Artist: Currently with over 21 years experience in martial arts including Judo 7 years (Brown belt) & Kyokushin Karate 17 years + (San Dan 3rd Degree Blackbelt). From Linkedin Over 10,00 Connections & Top 2% for SSI.