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Bury the Wireframe: A Primer in Interaction Prototyping


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Originally presented at Interaction 13 in Toronto, Jan 31, 2013

When it comes to communicating a concept, testing assumptions and gaining consensus, nothing beats a prototype. Yet many people believe prototyping is beyond their ability or too taxing to add to their process.

It's time we stop using static representations to design interactive products. This talk will discuss why interaction designers should abandon printouts for interaction prototypes, how to introduce them into your process and showcase real world examples and success stories.

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Bury the Wireframe: A Primer in Interaction Prototyping

  1. January 31, 2013Bury the Wireframe: A Primer in Interaction Prototypinghugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843
  2. Bury the Wireframe:A Primer inInteractionPrototyping.
  3. This is not a talk about prototyping tools.
  4. Prototyping is a process.
  5. Explore.Communicate.Validate.
  6. Explore.Communicate.Validate.
  7. Exploration is collaborative.
  8. “Creative Intelligence is social.We increase our creative ability by learning from others, collaborating, sharing.” - Bruce Nussbaum Creative Intelligence
  9. Collaborate. If Kanye can, you can.
  10. Wireframes are great tool for information design, not interaction design.
  11. Explore.Communicate.Validate.
  12. A click is worth a thousand annotations.
  13. Maybe...I’ll just read the annotations.
  14. Communication is being a salesperson.
  15. You are a sales person. “Selling, I’ve grown to understand, is more urgent, more important, and, in its own sweet way, more beautiful than we realize.” - Dan Pink
  16. Explore.Communicate.Validate.
  17. Invalidate at every step.
  18. Validate in the wild.
  19. More Considerations• How savvy are clients, stakeholders?• How innovative is your design?• What are the core interactions in the experience?• How foreign is the context?
  20. Get prototyping: Just do it. Don’t be precious. Tell a story. Define your content first. Use the buddy system. Test. Break. Repeat.Make something you love.
  21. One more thing.
  23. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843
  24. Appendix.
  25. Tools, Resources, Frameworks• Prototypr• Kenotopia• Window Resizer for Chrome• Zurb Foundation• Code Academy• CSS Hat
  26. Books• Prototyping: A Practitioners Guide• Sketching User Experiences• Lean UX