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Tulane Technology Services Computer/OS Upgrades


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Tulane Technology Services Computer/OS Upgrades

  1. 1. TulaneTechnology ServicesComputer/OS Upgrades
  2. 2. Computer/OS UpgradesTechnology Services is assessing all university desktop andlaptop computers to determine the existing computingenvironment.Based on the assessment, Technology Services will makerecommendations for computer upgrade or replacement.Adopting current hardware and operating system standardsfor university computers will increase individual and groupproductivity, reduce IT support wait times, and significantlyimprove the network security environment.
  3. 3. Computer/OS Upgrades• Computer hardware and operating systems must be kept reasonably current • Compatibility with current software • Compatibility with other systems • Speed and capacity • Features • Reliability • Drain on resources • SECURITY
  4. 4. PC Operating Systems (OS)• Current Microsoft operating system • Windows 7 (2010)  recommended• Non-current Microsoft operating systems • Windows Vista (2006) • Windows XP (2001)  still heavily used • Windows ME (2000) • Windows 2000 (2000) • Windows 98 (1998) • More …
  5. 5. PC Operating Systems (OS)Windows XP is being phased out NOWWindows XP – end of support • April 14, 2009 • No more development after this date • Security and critical updates still offeredWindows XP – kill date • April 8, 2014 • No updates of any kind after this date • After the kill date, all Windows XP machines represent a significant security risk to the Tulane network
  6. 6. PC Operating Systems (OS)All PC users should upgrade to Windows 7• Recommended minimum requirements to run Windows 7 • Dual or quad core processors (no single core) • At least 2GHz processor speed • At least 2Gb memory• Systems that don’t meet these minimum requirements must be upgraded or replaced • In many cases, it may be more economical/efficient to replace rather than upgrade • In some cases it may be impossible to upgrade
  7. 7. Mac Operating Systems (OS)Macintosh minimum requirements• Operating system • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or better• Hardware • Core 2 duo (minimum)• Systems that don’t meet these minimum requirements must be upgraded or replaced
  8. 8. Computer Hardware• Recommend three- or four-year computer refresh cycle (build around warranty period) • Set cycle and budget appropriately in advance • Spread employee computer purchases to multiple years to minimize budget impact• Before “handing down” a replaced computer to another department member, consider the total cost of operation • Outdated computers are slow (reduced productivity) and energy inefficient (higher power consumption) • The resources spent supporting outdated computers can be enormous • Hand-me-down computers are not economical to operate, especially if out of warranty• MAXIMUM desktop/laptop computer lifespan – 5 YEARS
  9. 9. Computer Hardware• Technology Services maintains a list of recommended computer models in multiple categories • Mac / PC • Laptop / Desktop • Recommended / High-performance / Economical• Purchase through Tulane computer store • The Technology Connection •
  10. 10. Computer Assessment• Assessment to collect following information: • Tulane asset tag • Computer manufacturer • Computer model • Operating system • Processor & speed • Memory • Responsible department • Computer location • Contact person
  11. 11. Computer Assessment• Most information can be found by looking up computer System Information • Windows 7 • From the START menu, right click “Computer” • Choose “Properties” • Windows XP • From the START menu, right click “My Computer” • Choose “Properties” • Mac OS X • From the Apple menu, choose “About This Mac”
  12. 12. Computer AssessmentSample System Information - Windows 7
  13. 13. Computer AssessmentSample System Information - Windows XP
  14. 14. Computer AssessmentSample System Information – Mac OS X
  15. 15. Computer AssessmentComputer Assessment Website: Services Main Website:
  16. 16. Anti-Phishing Warning• Technology Services will NEVER ask for your password or send a link to access your account.• Report suspected phishing scams to