Four Corners of Classroom Support at Tulane


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The Four Corners of Classroom Support--Scheduled Maintenance, Daily Support, Remote Monitoring, & Periodic Refresh--form an effective, sustainable room management system. This poster expresses each element as its own initiative and describes a management approach to weave them into a holistic system.

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Four Corners of Classroom Support at Tulane

  1. 1. The Four Corners of Classroom Support A MULTI-PART APPROACH TO CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY AT TULANE New classroom technologies have created new opportunities for teaching and learning, but not without a price. Classroom technologies rep- resent a significant investment in time, effort and budget. A rigorous system of monitoring, maintenance, upgrade and support is essential if this investment is to remain valuable to the teachers, the learners and the institution. The Tulane Four Corners Classroom Support approach maintains this investment while addressing the short-term, day-to-day needs of the classroom users, as well as the long-term sustainability issues of the institution. #1 SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE #2 RAPID RESPONSE Regularly visit technology classrooms Despite proactive efforts, unexpected issues will occur • Observe conditions c ti ve Classroom telephone and signage encourage users to report issues immediately • Make minor repairs ro a • Technician on duty answers telephone and reacts • Replace worn components p • Max on-site response time: 5 minutes or less • Report facility issues (with follow-up) • Max time to solve issue: 30 minutes or less iv e More extensive maintenance during class holidays Solutions system ea ct • Clean projector & computer vent/filter • Standardized equipment r • Replace high-hour projector lamp • “Hot swappable” spares in stock for rapid replacement • Install software updates to computer & control system • Portable gear with delivery to serve as stop-gap • Conduct thorough diagnostic testing #3 REMOTE MONITORING #4 PERIODIC REFRESH Classroom control systems continually report status via data network “Refresh” one-third of classrooms each year • High-hour projector lamp alerts for proactive replacement • “Refresh” = new projector, computer & media playback • Network disconnect notice • After 3 years begin cycle over again • Contact security sensors monitored by campus police Replace as necessary: control system, audio system, mic, computer monitor, • Remote control of system functions (faculty assistance) keyboard, mouse, projection screen, amp, speakers, DAs, etc. • Track and analyze usage patterns for improved service • Automatic projector shut down after specified period to iv e Benefits of technology refresh i ve maximize lamp life and minimize replacement cycles en s • Minimizes inopportune failures ed i ct p r eh • Maximizes personnel resources p r c o m • Facilitates future budgeting • Ensures faculty & student access to current technology. Since the program was fully implemented... SELECTED • 30.6% decrease in classroom help line calls The Tulane Four Corners program developed over time from existing initiatives. The program balances time, effort and cost, and allows a staff of 2.5 FTE to sup- • 91.7% decrease in projector failures while classroom in use port an ever growing roster of technology enhanced facilities while experiencing OUTCOMES: • No known instance of class cancellation due to technology failure (Outcomes compare Fall 2007 to Fall 2008) no measurable downtime, and staying within predicted budgets and schedules.