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Introducing TalentReach Resourcing Solutions

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TalentReach Introductory Offer

  1. 1. Introducing a new way to recruit …… without the usual costs. TalentReach Resource Management Solutions With a special
  2. 2. The modern recruitment challenge… HighLow Social Media Job Boards Fixed Fee Recruiters Contingency Recruitment Search & Selection Time / Resource Effort HighLow Cost / Placement Fees Recruitment Channels Why does recruitment carry such a high cost…???
  3. 3. LinkedIn connectivity The digital media landscape has revolutionised our access to today’s highly skilled candidate groups. Expertise is now focused on the specific HOWTO pinpoint, connect & validate candidates that sit in any of the following groups: And, as such, clients that are splitting their recruitment into 2 parts: Resourcing and Recruitment are realizing significant cost saving benefits whilst retaining a closer relationship with the core talent they seek. • Specific niche audiences • Professional talent – mid /senior and executive level • UK, EMEA & US candidate reach • Market mapping, competitor targeting & stealth searches
  4. 4. The traditional recruitment model…. Contingency recruitment & search & selection charge high placement fees based on navigating a candidate successfully through the entire ‘end to end’ recruitment funnel. The emerging and less costly recruitment model…. The time investment into targeting, researching & connecting with appropriately skilled candidates anywhere in UK or EU via LinkedIn, Social Media platforms & job board CV Databases provides stronger shortlists of ‘interview ready’ candidates through a fixed cost candidate resourcing model Research Validation Shortlist Delivery Interview FunnelBriefing Offer Mnmgt Research Validation Shortlist Delivery Interview Funnel Briefing Offer MnmgtUtilising LinkedIn
  5. 5. BRIEFING 1) Briefing of the role & understanding of the required candidate profile. 2) Agreement of shortlist delivery candidate numbers, timescales & validation criteria. RESEARCH 1) Identification of relevant candidate long lists across LinkedIn & Job Board Databases. 2) Networking and connecting to relevant candidate profiles VALIDATION 1) TalentReach Resourcing Partner then tele-screens candidates around, Current Situation, Salary, Notice Period, Location, Interest in Role / Hiring Company So how does it work.…. Research Validation Shortlist DeliveryBriefing SHORTLIST DELIVERY 1) Supply of ‘interview ready’ shortlists & rejection management of any validated candidates that don’t go into the clients interview funnel TALENTREACH RESOURCING PARTNERS Our Team of TalentReach Resourcing Partners are all ex-Search Consultants with experienced backgrounds around the entire recruitment cycle and thus proven expertise in identifying, connecting and managing candidates through the early qualification stages of the recruitment funnel.
  6. 6. Solution Geographical Coverage UK UK & EU UK, EU & US Monthly Resourcing Partnership* £1,500 £2,500 £3,500 One-off single vacancy assignment £2,500 £3,000 £4,000 *Monthly Resourcing Partnership: o Deliverables : 2 x vacancy assignment shortlists per month o Minimum commitment term of 3 months o Rolling monthly contract terms with 7-day opt-out facility after initial 3 months
  7. 7. • To prove how our Resourcing Service could help you slash your recruitment costs whilst maintaining the connectivity to the high quality talent you seek, take advantage of our Introductory Trial Offer: Introductory Trial Offer…. 1. We will work on a new or existing role and provide you with a shortlist of validated, interview ready candidates within an agreed time frame 2. If the candidate is placed within the business & you opt to purchase a TalentReach Monthly Resourcing Partnership, we will provide that specific candidate at no charge. 3. In the unlikely scenario you place the candidate, but do not wish to purchase a Talent Reach Monthly Resourcing Partnership, we will charge you a nominal 5% fee.
  8. 8. Start the conversation….. Speak to our team on: T: +44 (0) 161 825 8691 Email our team on: E: info@talentreach.co.uk Visit our site for more information: W: Talentreach.co.uk