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How are Seattle Agencies making and using video?


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We called 99 Seattle agencies to learn how they're making and using video. Our findings include:

- The top reasons agencies recommend using video
- How agencies produce videos on behalf of their clients
- How much do agencies spend producing videos
- The kinds of videos they make and how they're being used
...and more

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How are Seattle Agencies making and using video?

  1. 1. How are Seattle Agencies making and using video?
  2. 2. We called 99 Seattle Agencies and learned… The top reasons agencies recommend using video. How agencies produce videos on behalf of their clients. The types of videos they’re making & how they’re used. What stops agencies from making more video content? How much do agencies spend producing videos? (37 of them talked to us)
  3. 3. The top 5 reasons agencies recommend using video as a medium: Special mentions: Improved Search Ranking Brand Awareness Concisely explains complicated things Conveying Emotion Short attention spans; people prefer watching videos over reading Video has a strong engagement rate Great for storytelling Video is the medium shared most often
  4. 4. 11% 19% 69% All video production is done in house How do agencies make videos for their clients? Agencies who use in house talent and partner with studios to produce videos All video production is outsourced to a studio partner
  5. 5. What are the videos used for? Advertising Internal Communications Educational Sales Material Landing Pages Education
  6. 6. 11% 17% 22% 50% Agencies which produce an even mix of animations & live action videos Agencies which mostly produce live action videos What kinds of videos are agencies making on behalf of their clients? Agencies which mostly produce smartphone & *UGC video campaigns Agencies which mostly produce animations & motion graphics *UGC = User Generated Content
  7. 7. Many agencies expressed interest in utilizing video more often. Here’s what they say is holding back their ability to do more: The production process is too slow & a major hassle. Project deadlines are usually very short & the feedback/ review/approval process is too long. Clients are still shifting their understanding of the ROI from TV to online video. It’s faster & cheaper to make short videos for Vine & Instagram Production costs are unpredictable Production costs are too high/ clients can’t budget for it
  8. 8. What do agencies pay to produce: Animations/Motion Graphics Live Action Videos ———————————————————— ———————————————————— $500 $0 Filmed on smartphones $500,000 $50,000 Most pay $5,000 - $125,000 Most pay $5,000 - $35,000 Companies using Video Igniter pay this much for custom videos
  9. 9. When you want to speed up production timelines and lower your cost of producing custom animations, create an account @ & upload your creative spec to get started. offers computer animation services to agencies and businesses through a web app designed to simplify production and lower your production costs.