6 Key Social Use Cases for Non Profits


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Webinar Slides: Are you a non-profit or non-government organisation? Can you do more with your online presence?

Recently I joined up Arttu Sipilia and our Salesforce Foundation team to look at 6 key ways you can use social to achieve your mission. We look at some examples from Sydney Homeless Connect, Red Cross, the Leukemia foundation and are joined by Chris Burgess from The Lost Dogs Home.

For an introduction or to benchmark your strategy, this is a valuable resource.

Recording here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvBdW0fqUz4&feature=player_embedded

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  • 98% of non-profitorganization shave a Facebook presenceAnd 72% are establishing themselves on TwitterHowever, its not just about you
  • Understand your audience:whats important to them? Identify yourInfluencers and advocates: who within those communities are most active or respected Do you have an agreed approach for managing detractorsSocial Marketing Put a human face on the causes you support Tell your authentic storie, they are your most valuable content
  • Member get member campaigns are the secret of successful social organizations like GrouponSocial MarketingIdentify the place where your target hangs outActively listen to the conversationEngage with the communityConvert volunteers and turn them into online advocates by telling their stories and providing appropriate recognitionSnowball EffectThe Netherlands Organisation found that social media takes small otherwise insignificant actions and broadcasts them to the rest of the world, when pooled can be perceived to be having an impact. This creates a snowball effect http://www.triplepundit.com/2012/02/social-media-really-produce-social-change/
  • Bain & Co - Customers that are highly engaged buy 40% more product and are 30% more happyIncreasing supporter engagement will increase their willingness to donate … AKA Friendship, RelationshipEngagement can be measures by metrics likes, comments, shares … but be careful because sharing lol cats is unlikely have the same level of conversions create an affinity with your brand unless your cause is cat welfareStory 1: Britt Howard managed to amplify her individual donor efforts to 60K using her business and personal social networks for the worlds greatest shaveHow do we foster this kind of advocacy?Story 2: Scleroderma Foundation launched an online video sharing campaign, improving their reach by 250,000 persons in 1 monthhttp://www.radian6.com/resources/library/walk-for-the-cure-with-the-scleroderma-foundation/Tips:Identify the stories and efforts of supporters and amplify them using your own voiceConsider social campaigns to encourage and recognize sharingListen and learn from your competitors, no good data should be wastedHave clear calls to action, make donation easy no complex forms
  • #occupy your charity
  • Connect with like minded individualsListening and learning from what’s said , Adjusting messagingForming groups of mutual online supportBe a thought leaderProvide Facts in context, but focus on your personal storiesHave clear calls to action, make donation easyStory 3: Michael Lazerlow CEO Buddy Media created an incredible video after his company was aquired by salesforce and used the occasion to encourage those suffering with a heart condition http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/05/buddy-media-ceo-michael-l_n_1572111.htmlGet Work DoneMass collaboration is one of the greatest use cases for social and can help you with your missionA community is a natural resource your organization needs to manage, don’t treat it like an email list
  • Lost Dogs Home
  • Uncover donorsListening for the point of needKeep an ear out for clientsProve ROI through CRM integrationReduce cost per donation
  • 6 Key Social Use Cases for Non Profits

    1. 1. Webinar July 2012Derek Laney @derektweetsAndrew Hill @andrew_sfArttuSipila @arrtusipliaSOCIAL FOR NON PROFITS
    2. 2. …its not just about us Your Brand Your Your Industry CompetitorsListen/Analyze 1 2 3Measure 4 5 6Engage/Content 7 8 9 3
    3. 3. Examples
    4. 4. Examples Sydney Homeless Connect
    5. 5. Derek LaneyDirector Product Marketing@derektweets6 KEY USE CASES
    6. 6. 1. Foster a Community
    7. 7. 2. Recruit Volunteers
    8. 8. 3. Engage toFundraise
    9. 9. 4. Promote Events
    10. 10. 5. Connect with like minded individuals
    11. 11. 6. Achieve Your Mission
    12. 12. Guest: The Lost Dogs Home
    13. 13. TOOLS
    14. 14. Tools: Foster your Community
    15. 15. Tools: Measure Everything
    16. 16. For more use cases…Examples: • Sales and Lead Generation• Crisis Management • Create a Listening Grid• The Lifecycle of Buzz • Measure Community• Uncovering Influencers Engagement• Benchmark the Competition • Customer Service Outreach• 360 Degrees of Your Brand • Make a Case for Social Media• Capture Industry Trends • Find your Brand Evangelists• Social Meets Web Analytics • Listen When No One’s Talking