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Corporate Social Media Conference Sydney

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  • Social Media Maturity Model:
  • If your business goal is to … … then you should measure …Generate leads Number of leads generated through social media.Increase customer satisfaction Positive sentiment around your company and brand.Lower customer service costs Number of incidents resolved through social media.Improve your brand’s awareness Share of voiceImprove product quality Number of product-related issues posted.Looking for detailed guidance on how to build out your social media metrics? Download our ebook 5 Steps to Effective Social Media Measurement. It includes sections on some of the most common social media metrics.
  • DW2D – 41M hits on youtube, did it cause a 20% drop in risky behaviour?PSY – 100K investment 10M returnI’d still rather be the guy selling shovels$1.3B
  • Added 7M more subscribers Most retweeted on twitter Most shared post Most upvoted on reddit $700M raised onlineSalesforce success story
  • cc: marketing is driven by one big idea: if you produce and share fantastically useful content, your community will be more likely to become customers, remain customers, and send you more customers. Oreo shows that great journalistic content can win over production costBrand | Approvers | CollaborationThis year a joint ADMA / CMI study shows 96% of aussie marketers
  • Over 70,000 impressionsOver 4,000 new fansFrom one pic
  • <Play>Integrating useful social function is a natural next stepFacebook will continue to encourage development of usages that create sponsorable storiesWhy do they care and why do they shareFrontiers: Mobile/TouchBigData Identity offers the promise of better CRM Cloud Delivery is a givenCommbank Story:
  • Integrating useful social function is a natural next stepFacebook will continue to encourage development of apps that create sponsorable storiesCustom Audiences – brings above and below the line togetherAutomation
  • Christmas bin campaign
  • Dell Driving innovation from customers- Nestle Hub Driving innovation across the businessRossignol creating connected products connected products
  • Innovation and Measurement
  • Social media measurement is just one component of Marketing Cloud’s Social Maturity Model. Answer 10 simple questions to see how your company ranks across all of the categories.
  • Informa Syd 2013

    1. 1. Building Valuable Relationships Through Digital Media Derek Laney Director Product Marketing @derektweets
    2. 2. Become a Customer Company:Listen & Engage Everywhere
    3. 3. Am I on the right path? Today’s Objectives: Assess Maturity Get inspired Takeaway IdeasResource: Social Media Maturity Model
    4. 4. Listening to Your Customers World Your Brand Your Competitors Your Customer’s World Listen / Analyze 1 2 3 Engage 4 5 6 Publish / Measure 7 8 9
    5. 5. What am I trying to achieve? A Framework for Social Media Analysis - susan_etlinger
    6. 6. Brands want to Make a Splash
    7. 7. Organised Social Strategy Wins 8 Key Plays from the obama campaign
    8. 8. For Marketing - It’s the Year of Content Wars
    9. 9. Quality Content is now Table Stakes
    10. 10. Social Platform is Maturing
    11. 11. And Monetizing Ads
    12. 12. We can deliver great Customer Experience
    13. 13. Improve Operational Effectiveness
    14. 14. Drive Innovation
    15. 15. Slides for Today:
    16. 16. Where to start?