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Ideas=Good, Innovation=Better


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Doug Maloney, VP Mobility CloudSherpas gives a perspective on innovation and how ideas turn into innovation.

Are you still brainstorming, there are plenty of better ways to generate ideas. Don't get discouraged if no-one thinks your ideas are good, ideas take time to grow and often require "their time". Its a process, keep at it.

Doug is a serial intrepeneur/entrepeneur with a flair for mobile apps like CricketLive

It was a pleasure to host Doug at the Commonwealth Bank Innovation Festival in Sydney Australia.

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Ideas=Good, Innovation=Better

  1. 1. Ideas=Good, Innovation=BetterDoug Maloney, VP Mobility@dougmaloney
  2. 2. IntroductionDoug Maloney, VP Mobility, Cloud Sherpas 2012 VP Mobility, Cloud Sherpas Heading up the global Mobility practice at Cloud Sherpas - reshaping Applands experience in Social, Mobile media for consumers into cutting edge design and development of mobile cloud apps for Enterprise. 2010-2011 GM Innovation & New Business, 3 and Vodafone Introduced new internal innovation strategies and products. Recognised globally for product innovation and for the creation of the Appland skunkworks 2001-2010 Devices and Products & Services 3 Australia Created and deployed new strategies for device introduction centered around applications and internet services.
  3. 3. AgendaIdeas = Good, Innovation = Better  Classic Innovations Exploring how a great idea is not enough, it takes time and determination to actually execute on an idea to claim that its an innovation.  Creating ideas How can you get started with ideas. Where do they come from ?  Disruptive Innovations A few recent examples of disruptive innovations in Financial services
  4. 4. ClassicInnovations
  5. 5. Persisting in the pursuit of greatness  High Jump has gone through many evolutions since its first introduction at the Olympics  Advancement from gravel to inflated mats made new jumping styles possible  Initial attempts by Dick Fosbury to introduce a new style were ridiculed  "Fosbury Flop" since 1968  Source : Richard Pascale, V.Govndrajancreativity + timing + technology
  6. 6. On quality We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. Itd better be worth it. Steve Jobs, Apple
  7. 7. Apple, Cloudand mobile apps Smartphones and mobile apps pre-date iPhone. Surprise ! Apps were available too, from a jumble of different distributors Finding what you wanted was difficult, and the range was very small. Global distribution and payment through the iTunes store created the right conditions for apps. to flourish The concurrent rise of Cloud services allowed developers to build with infinite scale Converging technologies made this happen
  8. 8. Ideas = Good
  9. 9. SUNSuspend judgment, Understand, Nurture Nurturing game Commonwealth Bank is having a Christmas party
  10. 10. The great idea generator turns 60  The de-facto way for groups to generate ideas  Research shows that brainstorming is less effective than imagined.  Brainstorms tend to produce group-think or ego- driven results  There are many ways to get groups working more effectively. Research and find some new ways1953-2013
  11. 11. Random stimuli Identify the problem to be addressed Pick a random word - from anywhere List the attributes and associations than spin off from the word - color, time, place, smell, sound ... Think of your problem in terms of the list providing stimulus
  12. 12. On being misunderstood We start with the customer and work backwards. And, very importantly, we are willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. I believe if you don’t have that set of things in your corporate culture, then you can’t do large-scale invention. You can do incremental invention, which is critically important for any company. But it is very difficult — if you are not willing to be misunderstood. People will misunderstand you Jeff Bezos, Amazon
  13. 13. Innovation = Better
  14. 14. Networked computer power enables a new currency  Bitcoin is a new virtual currency, born out of a thesis, and the ready availability of huge computing power  Democratised, distributed and self perpetuating, it flies in the face of established normsBitcoin  It is not, however, easy to understand bitcoin.orgpeer-to-peer currency  Since 2009  1 bitcoin = $11.50Payments to :1PUV66HSUj3eayYVABSdKBcPvVqeCRMPR9
  15. 15. Send and receive money with a tweet  Pygg is making money fun, social and less scary  Transfer money to your friends on twitter  Cute, simple and low tech  pygg.coPygg  Since 2011tweet to payPayments to :@pygg pay @dougmaloney $10
  16. 16. Switching on people power  People Like U shares anonymised spending data in a highly visual comparison tool  Notions of personal privacy are changing  Personal comparison tool compares your spending to other localspeoplelikeu  spending habits made public  Since NovemberU-Bank have reversed a fundamental banking attribute
  17. 17. Summary.  Work at generating ideas Keep your mind open. Change your routine. Look for new inspiration in different industries, the arts, sport ... Find new techniques for generating ideas. Drop your assumptions and look for disruption.  Ideas will have their time Round out your ideas as much as possible. Test your ideas on colleagues, friends and family. Expect them to not understand. Be persistent. Ask for positive input.  Innovation takes effort Moving from Idea to Innovation takes persistence. Keep your original vision and excitement in place. Dont give up !
  18. 18. Ideas=Good, Innovation=BetterDoug Maloney, VP Mobility@dougmaloney