5 Ways the Public Sector is Maximising Value from Social


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Derek Laney Product Marketing Director Marketing Cloud and Tracy Whitelaw from Brisbane City Council. A webinar on how the public sector are leveraging the social web to engage constituents and achieve their mission.

Covers key use cases and Australian data to provide you with a solid foundation in social communications for the public sector.

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  • We want to show you today one really critical message, how to delight your customers in a whole new way.Salesforce.com was born cloud. We were born cloud in 1999. But we have been reborn social, and we're going to show you todayour vision for the social enterprise and what salesforce.com is doing to help create that social enterprise.
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  • 5 Ways the Public Sector is Maximising Value from Social

    1. 1. eBook Coming Your Way
    2. 2. This weekend in a town near me
    3. 3. Is Local Government Prepared? 57% understand social media 46% disallow use of social at work 26% councils have a social media policy 21% councils train staff in social media Most have started to use regarding events Desire for Humanisation Fear of loss of control Engage hard to reach segments Increase engagementACELG: Using Social Media in Local Government June 2012
    4. 4. Social Has Changed Communications ForeverThe Largest Shift in 60 Years Old Way New Way Unsolicited Engaging One to many Transparent Untargeted Targeted Static Real Time Curated Media Social Media
    5. 5. 1. Crisis Communications
    6. 6. 2. Engage at Government Scale
    7. 7. 3. Social Service Delivery
    8. 8. 4. Research & Consultation
    9. 9. Where to Look? Your Your Your Brand Competitors IndustryListen /Analyze 1 2 3 Measure 4 5 6 Engage / 7 8 9 Content
    10. 10. Where to Look? You Those Like You What Matters to Your CustomerListen /Analyze 1 2 3 Measure 4 5 6 Engage / 7 8 9 Content
    11. 11. 5. Social Marketing Source: Victoria TAC
    12. 12. Source: Altimeter
    13. 13. Citizens want to engage Source: Sensis Social Media Usage Report 2012
    14. 14. Questions
    15. 15. Look out for
    16. 16. Most Companies Struggle With Social Communications Fragmented No Unified Too Conversations Data Many Systems Ineffective Marketing Results Multiple groups Campaigns and Multiple point engaging engagement solutions disconnected Mixed Disconnected messages Multiple from the measurement enterprise Customers only dashboards see one brand Inefficient & No customer uncoordinated record or profile
    17. 17. World’s Only Unified Social Platform Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life.
    18. 18. Proven Leader in Social Huge Momentum Market Leadership Customer Success55% of Fortune 500 #1 Forrester Wave8 of 10 Largest Leader Gartner Magic QuadrantAdvertisers3,000 Customers Best Enterprise