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Pathbrite Overview 2012 07-19


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Introducing Pathbrite Web Portfolios for lifelong learners and anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. Use Pathbrite Web Portfolios to get into the school, internship or job of your dreams. Instructors use Pathbrite Web Portfolios in the classroom to get at alternative forms of student evaluation. And employers use Pathbrite Web Portfolios for enhanced employee reviews and evaluations. Pathbrite Web Portfolios are free to any individual. Go to

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Pathbrite Overview 2012 07-19

  1. 1. Next-Generation Web PortfoliosDerek GordonChief Marketing & Sales Officer
  2. 2. Our Mission Deliver next-generation solutions that help students – and learners of all ages – collect, track and showcase a lifetime of achievement, and recommend pathways for continuous success.2 Always put your best foot forward.
  3. 3. About Pathbrite • Venture-backed education technology start-up based in San Francisco • Started as a private space to share digital media and files • EDU adoption and growth influenced pivot into digital Portfolio space • Founder and CEO, Heather Hiles, has strong .edu bona fides – Commissioner of San Francisco Unified School District – Executive Director of Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) – CEO of SFWorks (NGO to place women from welfare into digital careers) • Awesome engineering and product development team with strong backgrounds in e-learning, HTML5, interaction design and social sharing3 Always put your best foot forward.
  4. 4. Leadership Team Heather Derek Hiles Gordon Founder, Chief Marketing & CEO & President Sales Officer Chris Regan Gray Caruthers Chief Product Officer VP of Sales Mauvis Ledford Chief Technology Officer4 Always put your best foot forward.
  5. 5. Pipeline of Networks Corporations Higher Ed K-125 Always put your best foot forward.
  6. 6. The ProblemProof of a lifetime ofachievement lives everywhere:• Hard drives• SIS‟s and LMS‟s• YouTube• Learning Games• Facebook and Twitter• Dropbox• Khan Academy• Google Docs• ACT and ETS6 Always put your best foot forward.
  7. 7. The Solution: Pathbrite Web Portfolios • Aggregate and curate all of an individual‟s digital breadcrumbs into a single, beautiful presentation • Multi-platform (Web, tablet, smart phone) • True portability • Social gestures built in • Publish via URL or to LinkedIn and Twitter7 Always put your best foot forward.
  8. 8. The Solution: Pathbrite Portfolio Platform Coming Soon: • Groups and classroom management • Notification system • Data dashboard • IMS Interoperability Certified as Alliance Partner • PESC Corporate Partner8 Always put your best foot forward.
  9. 9. More Coming Soon…• Portfolio Templates • Data Visualizer • Secure Transcripts• School Subdomains • Recommendation • Authenticated Engine Diploma‟s• Open API • Goal Setting • Privacy Settings• Formal /Information Learning Integration • Institution-wide - Udemy reporting - Evernote - Grockit9 Always put your best foot forward.
  10. 10. Product Demo10 Always put your best foot forward.
  11. 11. Confidentiality | Vendor Support | Accessibility• Encryption – User authentication through one-way, „salted encrypted‟ password encryptions, server verification over SSL (https)• Technical Support – Available• Storage Capacity – Individual accounts are allowed 2GB of storage and can be scaled according to customer needs• Back-up Capability – Data is stored in the cloud on robust Amazon S3 servers• Disability Support – Currently designing accessibility and universal support standards, available in May 201211 Always put your best foot forward.
  12. 12. Pathbrite People Portfolios: Free Means Free• Our Basic Portfolio Product is Free to All Individuals – Content aggregation, storage, and curation features included – Portfolio creation, publishing and sharing features included – Routine upgrades, improvements, bug fixes and maintenance included – Basic personal account analytics included (will launch in Q3) – Commenting features included (will launch in Q3)• Over time Pathbrite will introduce premium features for individual account holders and enterprise features for institutions – Such features may have fees associated with them, though not always – As premium and enterprise features are designed and introduced, and as associated fee schedules are published, both individuals and institutions can evaluate them and choose to add them or not based on their needs12 Let your knowledge shine
  13. 13. Training and Promotional Support• Train the Trainer Programs – On-site “train the trainer” support by Pathbrite – Train the trainer online videos – Product documentation, FAQs and best practice guides – Monthly email newsletters• Promotional Support – Email templates – Promotional flyer and poster templates – Online introductory and training video library – Tips and strategies for promoting People Portfolios to faculty and students13 Always put your best foot forward.
  14. 14. Enterprise Features Institutional Admin Controls and Subdomains Groups, Feedback SSL Security and Collaboration Layer Features SaaS Application Student Portfolio Pathbrite Profiles Published Hosted on Portfolio via URL, Twitter Amazon S3 Platform and LinkedIn14 Always put your best foot forward.
  15. 15. Enterprise Features Pricing Structure: It‟s Simple • Initial Set-up Fee = $10,000 • Enterprise License Fee = $10 per student per year • Student Access = FREE • Faculty and Staff Access = FREE • Alumni Access (Basic Feature Set) = FREE15 Always put your best foot forward.
  16. 16. Endorsements“Pathbrite is the best “Our learners are clamoring for a waycomprehensive profile of a to showcase what they know.person‟s abilities I‟ve seen.” Portfolios are a necessity and Karie Willyerd Pathbrite is the best in the market.” Chief Learning Officer Steven Hammersly SVP, Business Development“Our tests tell the best story about “Pathbrite portfolios are the best wayour students when combined with for students, parents, and teacherstheir other achievements. Each to track students‟ real-time learningtest-taker would be served well by outcomes.”a Pathbrite portfolio.” Steve Schoettler David Cumberbatch CEO & Founder Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer16 Always put your best foot forward.
  17. 17. The Ask• Pilot for 300- 500 students – Survey of student and faculty users to inform product design – Ideally work together to integrate electronic transcripts and diplomas• Evolve enterprise relationship over time – Have a voice in our enterprise build due to launch May 2013 – Basic Web portfolio product will remain free and portable to students post-pilot and post-graduation• What are our next steps and how can I help?17 Always put your best foot forward.
  18. 18. Thank you!Copyright © 2012 Pathbrite. All rights reserved.