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7 Keys to Winning Football Games

This is a tried and true 7 keys to winning football games. A head football coach that designs his practice and workouts around these key factors will have a competitive football program.

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7 Keys to Winning Football Games

  1. 1. 7 Keys to Winning Football Games 1. Turnovers- we will not turn the ball over to our opponent, when we are on offense and we will take the ball away from our opponent when we are on Defense 2. Stop the Long Run and Pass – we will play great defense and we will not give up big plays to our opponent. 3. Eliminate Foolish Penalties – We will know the snap count of offense, we will watch the ball on defense. We will be smart with and we will not get personal foul penalties 4. Assignments – we will know and execute our assignment on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. 5. Kicking Game – 1 out of every 6 plays is some form of a kick; we will do a great job with our kicking game and create opportunities for our offense and our defense. 6. Goal line. - We will play great goal line defense and we Will score every time we are in the red zone on offense. 7. WAO, - EFFORT – HUSTLE - we will fly to the ball on defense we will hit you in the mouth on offense and defense; we will play WAO at every position on offense, defense and special teams.