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Tri state presentation


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The new approach to aged care complaints: A Department and industry dialogue

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Tri state presentation

  1. 1. The new approach to aged care complaints:A Department and industry dialoguePresentation to the Tri-State Conference• First Assistant Secretary, Iain Scott• Assistant Secretary, Lucelle Veneros28 February 2011
  2. 2. Strengthening aged care complaints• Complaints Scheme: Context for change• The Walton Review• Productivity Commission• Our focus• Listening to the aged care sector
  3. 3. What the sector has asked forA strengthened aged care complaints scheme• Transparency • Natural justice• Accountability • Evidence-based decisions• Responsiveness • Continuous improvement• Communicates effectively • Shares information• Focus on quality • Engages with the sector• Consistency • Seeks feedback
  4. 4. What you should be starting to see• Engagement with the sector• Improved communication with parties to a complaint• Strengthened, national approach to complaints-handling• Focus on quality outcomes• Expanded complaint resolution options: discussion paper out for comment until 22 March 2011
  5. 5. Aim of reforms• A more responsive and customer focused complaints system• Underpinning that system: a national approach• Natural justice• Clear and timely communication• Consumers and providers are aware of their rights and responsibilities, the role of the Scheme, and options to resolve concerns
  6. 6. You told us… You should already be seeing1. Local resolution where possible improvements• A best practice approach• Some complaints can (and should) be handled by providers• Meaningful and productive conversations• Sustainable and quality outcomes• Need to ensure providers, consumers can resolve concerns2. Expanded resolution options Discussion paper out now for public• Assisted resolution comment• Conciliation• Mediation• Investigation
  7. 7. You told us…3. Transparent and accountable You should see improvements• Publicly available procedures here• Performance measures• Improved reporting eg Report on the Operations of the Aged Care Act• Strategic direction (role, scope, priorities and opportunities)4. Quality and consistency You should see improvements• Revised national procedures here• Comprehensive national staff training• Testing and reviewing procedures• Feedback
  8. 8. You told us… You should5. Clear and timely communication be seeing improvements• Early identification of issues• Improved Statements of Reason• Revised letters• Ongoing contact throughout the process You should6. Procedural fairness be seeing improvements• Clarity about the issues being examined• Principles of natural justice• Examining the issues• Evidence-based decisions• Focus on quality outcomes for care recipients and providers
  9. 9. You told us… Ongoing focus7. Continuous improvement• We have a job to do, however...• …complaints are a tool for quality improvement• Education is important to ensure providers deliver quality care8. Provide information Coming soon• Trends and risk factors eg missing residents• Support industry with compulsory reporting obligations• Consumer education: options, role of the Scheme, advocacy Consultation with consumer groups starting to occur
  10. 10. You told us… Continuous and through9. Engage with the sector a range of mechanisms: meetings, online,• Consumers research, conversations• Approved providers• Staff• Industry• Advocates10. Seek and learn from feedback In progress and ongoing• Satisfaction surveys• ‘Compliments and complaints’• Aged Care Commissioner reviews• Commonwealth Ombudsman reviews
  11. 11. Questions and comments• We are listening and consultation will continue• Fact sheet (in your satchel)• Online:• Email: Thank you