ION Singapore - Wilson Ang: Progress of IPv6 Adoption in Singapore


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ION Singapore - Wilson Ang: Progress of IPv6 Adoption in Singapore

  1. 1. Singapore IPv6 Transition Programme Wilson Ang Deputy Director, Technology & Planning Group IDA Singapore 28 Mar 2013© 2012 IDA Singapore. RESTRICTEDAll Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. IDA Efforts To Promote IPv6 Adoption DEMAND SUPPLY§  Majority of Government agencies has §  ISPs aware of the need to deploy IPv6 and converted over 75% of their e-Services’ to IPv6 are working on upgrading their infrastructure since Jan 2013 §  Regulatory policy to ensure local residential§  Five top-ranking local websites already IPv6 users can access both IPv4 and IPv6 content certified; generating IPv6 traffic in Singapore (effective 1st June 2013)§  One top local bank is enabling IPv6 by 2013 §  Over 20 IPv6 vendor solutions/ training or services published on IDA marketplace to meet industry demand AWARENESS §  Two conferences and one executive briefing held in the last two years §  Quarterly e-newsletter broadcast to ~1,500 professionals on the latest IPv6 updates COMPETENCY §  Offers IPv6 forum certified Silver and Gold courses §  Offers IPv6 training to industry professionals and students from local iHLs §  Organised IPv6 innovation competition March 2013 © 2012 IDA Singapore. RESTRICTED All Rights Reserved. 2
  3. 3. Creating Awareness through IPv6 Conference 2012 IPv6 Conference 2012 31st Jul – 2nd Aug 2012 @ Hotel Fort Canning§  Focused on IPv6 business opportunities, innovations and security§  Forum for the financial industry to share IPv6 implementation best practises and discuss new ideas§  Hands-on workshops on IPv6 fundamentals & securityKey Messages§  Continued IPv4 investment will lead to higher cost of refresh cycle§  Inherent IPv6 vulnerabilities in IPv4-only networkOutcome§  Reached out to wider sectors such as healthcare & tourism§  40% of the audience were senior management & above§  Survey showed 95% sees benefits in adopting IPv6 for business sustainability Organised By Supported By Training Partners © 2012 IDA Singapore. RESTRICTED All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. Improving Competency through IPv6 Competition 2013 IPv6 Innovation Challenge - The Future of Internet 15th Mar 2013 @ Mapletree Business City www.ipv6competition.comBackground§  Focus on promoting skills and creativity around IPv6, while stimulating the future workforce’s interest in IPv6§  Guest-of-Honour: Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum§  Three categories: Application Development, Product Design and Idea Contest§  Out of 20+ submissions, 11 were shortlisted for the finalsKey Message§  Schools are training students in IPv6; companies should do likewise for their employeesOutcome§  Top three winners walked away with cash prizes and plaques§  Several projects captured industry interest prior to the competition§  Extended invitation to first-placed winner to showcase in the upcoming China IPv6 summit Brought to you by In Partnership with Supported by © 2012 IDA Singapore. RESTRICTED All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. 5. Local IPv6 Development – Stories & VideoSpotlight stories featuring local companies who Global experts sharing the business benefits andhave successfully transitioned to IPv6 security aspect of © 2012 IDA Singapore. RESTRICTED All Rights Reserved. 5