ION Toronto - Welcome Remarks


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ION Toronto, 11 November 2013: Dan York (Internet Society) will discuss the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme, the resources currently available, and the process of gathering community feedback to add more information to this open resource.

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ION Toronto - Welcome Remarks

  1. 1. ION Singapore Event highlights Welcome To ION Toronto! November 11, 2013
  2. 2. ION Toronto Agenda Time Title Speaker(s) 12:30 Opening Remarks Dan York 12:45 ISOC Canada Glenn McKnight 1:00 Why Implement DNSSEC? Jim Galvin 1:30 Deploying DNSSEC: A .CA Case Study Jacques LaTour 2:00 IPv6 Deployment Update: Where Are We Now? Tim Winters 2:30 BREAK 2:50 IETF Update Dan York 3:05 Best Current Operational Practices: A Global Update Jan Žorž 3:20 Panel: Improving The Resilience And Security Of The Internet’s Routing Moderator: Paul Andersen Panelists: Merike Kaeo, Sandra Murphy, Eric Osterweil, Andrew Sullivan 4:20 Closing Remarks and iPad Raffle Dan York 4:30 ISP Summit Welcome Reception
  3. 3. Thank You To Our Sponsor!
  4. 4. iPad Mini Raffle drawing at the end of today’s event •  Completed survey forms act as raffle entry •  One raffle prize awarded
  5. 5. About The Deploy360 Programme
  6. 6. The Deployment & Operationalization Team •  Chris Grundemann, Director, Deployment & Operationalization •  Dan York, Senior Content Strategist •  Megan Kruse, Technical Outreach Manager •  Jan Žorž, Operational Engagement Manager
  7. 7. About Deploy360 The Challenge: –  The IETF creates protocols based on open standards, but some are not widely known or deployed –  People seeking to implement these protocols are confused by a lack of clear, concise deployment information The Deploy360 Solution: –  Provide hands-on information on IPv6, DNSSEC and routing resiliency/security to advance real-world deployment –  Work with first adopters to collect and create technical resources and distribute these resources to fast following networks
  8. 8. Deploy360 Components Web Portal Social Media •  Technical documents •  Audience-specific information •  Blog & social media •  Twitter •  Facebook •  Google+ •  YouTube •  RSS Feeds Speaking Engagements ION Conferences •  •  •  •  •  Slovenia •  India •  USA •  Canada •  Argentina (Online Knowledge Repository) (Come Meet Us or Invite Us to Speak) Consumer Electronics Show IPv6 Summits Interop Network Operators’ Groups (Constant Audience Engagement) (Hands-on Educational Events)
  9. 9. Web Portal – IPv6, DNSSEC and routing resiliency/security knowledge base including tutorials, case studies, training resources, etc. Content specific to: –  –  –  –  Network Operators Developers Content Providers Consumer Electronics Manufacturers –  Enterprise Customers Blog posts Social media integration
  10. 10. Deploy360 Site Structure IPv6 Resources DNSSEC Routing News Deploy360 Blog Events Links ION Conferences
  11. 11. Social Media
  12. 12. ION Conferences Three events per year Co-located with a diverse set of events Events in 2013: •  ION Singapore – March 28, 2013 •  ION Krakow – September 30, 2013 •  ION Toronto – November 11, 2013 Past events in Singapore, Brazil, India, Argentina, Canada, and the US
  13. 13. Speaking Engagements Consumer Electronics Show - Las Vegas, NV, USA North American IPv6 Task Force - Denver, CO, USA Eurasia Network Operators’ Group - Ukraine Digital Home World Summit – London, UK Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) Conference - San Diego, CA, USA Interop - Mumbai, India Broadband World Forum – Amsterdam, NL IPv6 Webinars – AfriNIC, ISOC Africa Region
  14. 14. Deploy360 Content Roadmaps Content roadmap consists of two types of items: •  Requirements - content that must be added to the site for this section to be “complete” in terms of meeting the section’s education goal. •  Enhancements - content that we would like to add to each section. This content may be added after the required content is complete or if additional funding, staff or volunteers can be found to assist with this content. The content listed will either be curated (i.e. found on the Internet and pointed to with a review from the Deploy360 site) or will be created by the Deploy360 team in conjunction with partners and volunteers. Beyond lists, content of site will also be translated into multiple languages.
  15. 15. Next Steps Adding more content –  Clearly defined content growth using published roadmaps for IPv6, DNSSEC, and Routing –  Actively engaged with industry professionals to curate or create deployment content Adding features based on audience feedback (including yours!) Adding information in multiple languages Increasing blogging and social media efforts
  16. 16. Your Participation Visit and explore Create Content –  Help us develop materials based on your experiences –  We will credit your work Define New Features –  Tell us what you need to get started on your own deployment –  We have the flexibility to make changes/additions Contact us:
  17. 17. Thank You