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Building your business profile on social media

Building your business profile on social media with Jessica Brown

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Building your business profile on social media

  1. 1. Building your business profile on social media, in particular, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  2. 2. Social Media: Why YOU can not ignore it • It is word of mouth on steroids • It is current, relevant and invasive • 1 in 4 people in the world use social networks • 1.7 billion people use Facebook per month • It’s used by world leaders, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and even advocates for social
  3. 3. Benefits of Social Media Marketing • Increased brand awareness • Improved brand loyalty • Opportunities for conversions (sales/bookings) • Decreased marketing spend • Better search rankings • Improved customer relationships
  4. 4. Social Media
  5. 5. Social Media Channels for YOU
  6. 6. Story Telling  Why - This is the core belief of the business. It's why the business exists.  How - This is how the business fulfills that core belief.  What - This is what the company does to fulfill that core belief. “Consumers don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”
  7. 7. Story Telling When buying something, you are not actually purchasing a product. You're purchasing a set of beliefs; you're buying a way of thinking.
  8. 8. Example Update At Sunrise Hotel we offer all of our guests complimentary coffee and cake at 4pm everyday. Fancy a coffee and some relaxation? Join us at Sunrise Hotel for complimentary coffee and cake served at 4pm on our sea side terrace.
  9. 9. Building a Strategy How to create a social media strategy: • Identify your target audience • Select the right platforms • Align your strategy with your business objectives and sales targets • Ask yourself what do I want people to know? • Define what you can and cannot do • Develop a tone and style
  10. 10. Building a Strategy How to create a social media strategy: • Identify key staff members to involve • Educate staff members • Create a content plan considering seasons, events, plans etc • Allocate time • Find tools to assist you • Monitor and adapt
  11. 11. Developing your Profile  Create your strategy  Set your goals  Be human and true                                     to yourself   Build relationships   Commit  Help or inform instead of just selling   Stay relevant 
  12. 12. Developing your Profile  Ask do not tell  Be visual and engaging  Be brave and try new things  Follow trends  Monitor your progress and make changes  MOST NB – create and share AMAZING content
  13. 13. Social Media: Content that works! Post a video or great image Use links Ask questions or use the poll feature on Facebook Use testimonials/reviews Use and track hashtags Share articles from inspiring people/thought leaders/news websites Use other social media channels
  14. 14. Social Media: Content that works! Competitions/promotions Inspiring quotes Top 10 Lists or Dos & Don’ts Lists Tell them about your success/changes
  15. 15. Engagement Strategies Use image psychology Use reverse psychology Use questions or TBC sentences Respond, think, give and listen Play around with timing Stay creative and imaginative Provide customer service
  16. 16. Conversion Tactics Encourage reviews and share Promote specific content at relevant times Provide travel inspiration Use lots of pictures Give your audience an incentive Use the ‘Book Now’ feature on Facebook adverts
  17. 17. Conversion Tactics Use hashtags and in particular #isleofman Always link back to your website/booking platform Promote local events and activities
  18. 18. Social Media: General Best Practices Here are 15 points to bare in mind when engaging on social media platforms: • Establish and manage your expectations • Create a content strategy and calendar • Develop your voice and tone • Keep an eye on your competition • Stay aware • Read, watch and share • Follow the 60/40 rule
  19. 19. Social Media: General Best Practices • Think different • Commit, 100%!!!!! • Monitor your success • Use rich media (videos, whitepapers, infographics) • Keep the social in social media • ALWAYS respond to both negative and positive feedback • Be proactive, verse reactive • Be transparent
  20. 20. Extra Help! Content and Updates: Visit the Business Toolkit: Get in touch: