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Advertising Your Twitter Account<br />
Linking<br /><ul><li>Register your Twitter account with the Social Media Hub
Link to your account from your Facebook site
Follow other units/senior officials/services
Try to have those you follow retweet something you said.
Ask other posts to follow you once you follow them
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Advertising Your Twitter Account


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Tips on how to get the word out about your twitter account.

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Advertising Your Twitter Account

  1. 1. Advertising Your Twitter Account<br />
  2. 2. Linking<br /><ul><li>Register your Twitter account with the Social Media Hub
  3. 3. Link to your account from your Facebook site
  4. 4. Follow other units/senior officials/services
  5. 5. Try to have those you follow retweet something you said.
  6. 6. Ask other posts to follow you once you follow them
  7. 7. Use "#followfriday." This tag is used as a way to recommend people your followers might be interested in following. Try to get others to recommend you as well!</li></li></ul><li>Registering Your Site with<br /><ul><li>Once you have your site up and running, click on this link to register your site with’s listing of social media sites.
  8. 8. Follow the instructions on the site.
  9. 9. After it’s approved, your Twitter site will be listed under the appropriate service section.</li></li></ul><li>Content Sources<br /><ul><li>Create your own content by:
  10. 10. Advertising unit events such as contests, community service events, family days, etc.
  11. 11. Linking to photos from these events.
  12. 12. Linking to content on your other social media sites.
  13. 13. Link to content created by others.
  14. 14. articles, blogs, and photos
  15. 15. Other social media sites (YouTube, Facebook)
  16. 16. Reputable local content. There is no restriction on this, but make sure it has been cleared with the appropriate authority (PAO or whoever has this responsibility).</li></li></ul><li>Twitter Tips<br /><ul><li>Follow those you wish to have follow you. This will tell them you exist! For example, if you want to build a media following, follow the major press outlets. If they follow you, Direct Message them informing them about upcoming trip-related Tweets. Or any Tweets that are key messages.
  17. 17. Search the "following" lists of others to get ideas for new groups or organizations.
  18. 18. Take advantage of the DoD Leaders twitter list, the Pentagon Press Corps twitter list, or the DoD Twittererlist, which include a variety of principles, senior officers, and other service members who tweet.
  19. 19. Going to be using a unique hash tag for a special event? Tweet it! And ask others to Retweet it.
  20. 20. Don't bombard your followers with tweets. Unless live-tweeting a major event, 10 tweets max per day, and spread them out.
  21. 21. Adopt a voice. Don't sound too formal, but stay professional. Let your followers know there's a real person behind that embassy name!
  22. 22. Have an interesting image on your profile, not just your service seal.
  23. 23. You don’t have to tweet from You can use a program like or so you can track your stats.
  24. 24. Remember: Twitter is a conversation. Retweet, ask questions, respond to tweets, answer questions, and have fun!</li></li></ul><li>Real Twitter Examples<br /><ul><li>USAF 433rd Airlift Wing:Retweeting Airman Magazine
  25. 25. RT @AirmanMagazine: Ever wondered who proposes AF uniform changes? If you're an Airman, it could be you.
  26. 26. USAG - Yongsang: Highlighting Facebook content
  27. 27. I posted a new photo to Facebook
  28. 28. Marine Corps Reserve:Tweeting Recruitment Events
  29. 29. Get those resumes in shape! - (GSC)
  30. 30. NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan:Using hashtags
  31. 31. Kandahar Afghan National Army Recruits Gain Leadership Skill: Fighting #Taliban</li>