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The universal God


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The universal God

  1. 1. THE GOD OF ISRAEL IS THE UNIVERSAL LORDStemming from our discourse on the Notion of GOD, it is pertinentto tie the knots of the matter by agreeing with Matthew Henry(2003) who by divinely inspired reasoning postulated that,"Natural light (science and logic), no doubt, is of excellent use,as far as it goes, but it is necessary that there be a divinerevelation, to rectify its mistakes, and make up its deficiencies, tohelp us out where the light of nature leaves us quite at a loss,especially in the way and mans recovery from his lapsed state,and his restoration to his Makers favour; which he can not butbe conscious to himself of the loss of, finding, by sad experience,his own present state to be sinful and miserable. Our own reasonshows us the wound, but nothing short of a divine revelation candiscover to us a remedy to be confided in"According to this pious man, every human is very aware that thisworld could have been better, desires it to be better; luckily theway to achieve that perfection is there waiting to be uncovered bydivine revelation, the key to which is, first acknowledging that theworld was created and that the Creator has laid down procedurethat leads to perfection – in the course of this essay the only way toperfection will be unveiled.By rational observation, every benefactor demands devotion; thisis the objective of religion which that erudite Bible scholar,Matthew Henry (ibid), deems an absolute necessity for human co-existence. With words comparable to gold, he etched hisobservation in marbles thus,"It is necessary to mankind in general, that there should bereligion in the world, absolutely necessary for the preservation ofthe honour of the human nature, and no less for the preservationof the order of human societies"Religion being, as it is, so important for the management of humanand societal relations; can we seriously contemplate a religion thathas no Creator at the centre? It is devotion to the Creator withabsolute powers to create and destroy that keeps man from fullyunleashing their basest instincts. That is what keeps more than 64
  2. 2. million unemployed youths with idle intellect from taking to thestreets with clubs, machete and guns. Can any city control 1million brutish men simultaneously on rampage? In this regard,this prophet of GOD was right to prophesy that,"A man that is endued with the powers of reason by which he iscapable of knowing, serving, glorifying and enjoying his Makerand yet lives without GOD in the world, is certainly the mostdespicable and the most miserable animal under the sun" Any religion therefore, that denies the existence of the Creator isinappropriate and defective; such religion is of no particular use,either to the person or the society; for who else will deter manfrom his inherent and continuous desire to commit wickedness thatassuages his ego, if there were no God? And so when scientists spend $10 billion of tax payers money toconduct an experiment that seeks to prove we were not created,and hence no GOD, I conclude with utmost rapidity that somebodyis inspiring them to teach humanity to destroy itself – such a manis trying to create a situation of kill or be killed with all the sublimeby-products of such a regime; for I see no other use for a burningdesire to prove we need no GOD.However, and indeed the world was created or how can anti-creationists explain spiritual experience and the influence of evilincantations? Which element would they hold responsible for thesesupra-human phenomena?If they will, let scientists do this simple and cheap experiment:build a large container and remove all the air. Spin it round for twobillion years by stimulation, and then stop it to observe whatelement or life that would be formed inside the container! Theinference here is that without the primordial dusts of elements, nomatter, dense or not, can be formed. Since no element can beformed in a vacuum (that is, on its own from nothing), it suffices togeneralise that the ones in the universe were not formed on theirown. On the basis of this, the Big Bang Theory was only designedto bang the heads of unsuspecting and hardened reprobates againstthe statute of common reasoning.
  3. 3. Run as humanity may from the Light that unveils their wickedinclinations, they can not but agree that the world was created bythe Almighty Being called GOD.This being a settled matter, and in the face of various claimants;who really is the Universal LORD – that is, the True GOD?Just like any mathematical set, the Universal LORD is defined bycertain characteristics that set Him apart from impostors. We willexamine a few qualities by summarising as brief as I can, some ofthe whispers I know about the GOD of Israel. Any religious groupthat feels its god can enter the contest is free to do so by examiningthe attributes of its god against the reasons I have adduced for theuniversal LORDSHIP of the GOD of Israel or give attributes ofThe Divine that The God of Israel can not or has not measure upto:The CreatorBy this, I mean a self- sufficient creator who has the ability tocreate, re-create defective and worn-out creatures, and sustain bothold and new sets of life experiences.In Genesis 1:1, by introducing Himself as YHWH Elohim, theGOD of Israel proclaimed in unequivocal terms that He alone, hasthis credential of self-existence.Absolute PowerThe universal LORD must not be a community of gods. He mustbe responsible for every natural and unnatural phenomenon.This necessary implies that the universal LORD must be ONE.Unlike other religions that boast of 8 million gods, and of somethat can count up to 330 million gods, Judeo-Christianity, thereligion that witnesses for the GOD of Israel; preaches theexistence of one GOD (Isaiah 45:5, 46:9, Deuteronomy 6:4).Exclusive Right to WorshipSequel to the above divine characteristic; because He is alone inpower and action, He must be the only one to demand and receiveworship. Without a shade of doubt left, the GOD of Israel declaresthat He is the only one that must be worshipped. (Isaiah 42:8,Deuteronomy 5:7, 9). Other religions claim you can worship 330million gods and it will still be counted as worshipping one god!Others claim that if you worship the chief-god of 360 gods, it is ok.
  4. 4. Clearly this is what Lucifer used to entice the fallen angels ofGOD right from the beginning of his pride. Certainly they and heare getting their dose of worship from this arrangement, but it onlyshows that they are not the rightful recipient because worship musthave exclusivity and The One who alone demands exclusiveworship is the rightful recipient and thus the universal LORD. Too transcendent to be modeledThe universal LORD must transcend the universe or materialexistence, and above comprehension; thus any comparison is afutile exercise and a gross underestimation of the divinepersonality. The Creator of a living universe must be alive and toobusy to be depicted by dead and immobile objects. The GOD of Israel passed this test by proclaiming that no imageshould be made of Him (Isaiah 40:12-18, 25; Deuteronomy 5:8;4:23-24). In Isaiah 44:9-20, He condemned those who make andbow down to graven images as confused and irrational beings.What better way to show that you are far and above humanimagination, than this?The Oldest named GOD Whoever is the universal LORD must have been known early inthe history of man, in fact He has to be the first known GOD forobvious reasons. This knowledge must include facts about Hisabilities, attributes and personal name.In 255 A.C. (After Creation – about 4000 years B.C.), as recordedin Genesis 4:26, men had already known the GOD of Israelenough, for them to begin to call upon His name in times oftrouble, and in worship. Any god that comes after Him mustsufficiently prove that he (such god) is not a counterfeit andimpostor or else be consigned to that ignoble class.Causative RevealerOne of the outstanding qualities of the Divine is the ability toaccurately forecast what will happen in the life of a person, nationand the whole world. (Isaiah 46:10). The revelation concerning theHouse of Israel being so many and mostly fulfilled, the GOD ofIsrael went further to reveal what will happen at the world stage.Some came to pass so accurately that professional skepticsattempted to show, quite unashamedly, that events that were
  5. 5. recorded, some as much as 400 years prior to their fulfillment,were written after the events had taken place!The prediction about the rise and fall of empires from Babylon topresent day is a case in point; please tell me was the Bible writtenafter Britain gave birth to America? (Daniel 2:28-45; 8:3-24;Revelation 17:9-11). Certainly the GOD of Israel is the UndisputedChampion in this category! In Isaiah 41:4, 41:21-24, 42:9, 44:7,46:9-11 and 48:3-7 He declares His absolute abilities to bring topass all His predictions. He is never afraid to make predictionsbecause He knows He has the memory and the power to bring allHe has spoken to pass. Those who try to ape Him, He makes mad!(Isaiah 44:25)Absolute Universal SovereigntyIt is inescapable that following from the above, the Universal Lordmust be the only determinant of the fates of nations other than thatof the custodian of the faith that professes Him. As can be seenfrom the above, what the GOD of Israel decreed thousands of yearsago are happening with frightening rapidity and accuracy. Pleasetell me what has the GOD of Israel spoken about world geography,demography, politics and economics, and has not come to pass?Though some are yet unfulfilled but with the benefit of hindsight itcertain that all will come to pass.However, apostate men will continue to attend expensiveconferences on all global issues without solving any because theyhave refused to acknowledge an important constant, the Cause ofall causes; and because they will not; their models will continue tobreak down, and suddenly He shall come upon them withunrestrained vengeance.Must have a Living WitnessBy this, I do not mean a group of devotees committed topropagating the ideals of a religion or mystic but a group that havedocumented their experiences under their GOD, both in adversityand prosperity. The GOD of Israel calls Israel His witness (Isaiah43:21, 49:3)In fact in Isaiah 43:9-13, the GOD of Israel challenges thepantheon of false gods to show with records all they did in the pastor else bow to their Master. In Exodus 16:32-34, GOD instructed,
  6. 6. and the House of Israel kept a token of remembrance of what theyate in the wilderness for nearly 2000 years until the Ark ofCovenant was lost. The fact that the Ark was present in historictimes is a testimonial to fact that all the feats recorded by Moseswere performed by GOD. Moses himself challenged Israel towitness for their GOD (Deuteronomy 4:32-35; Leviticus 23:41-43)Before Israel or any other nation or people can successfully denythat they do not know the LORD their GOD, they have to proveIsrael does not exist, Abraham was not their father, they werenever slaves in Egypt, Moses never existed, David is a mythicalfigure, Jerusalem does not exist, the Sabbath was never a sacredday, the Temple was not cited where the Provocation now sits,they were never scattered into the four corners of the Earth, Hitlerdid not put them to the sword, the Earth did not rise to their aid in1948, they were not expecting the Messiah, they never crucifiedthe Carpenters Son, Christianity does not exist, etc.All these were either recorded or predicted and being fulfilled inour era! O Israel, witness for your GOD or those formerly called Gentileswill continue to make Him glad!Because you are His witness, it is your duty to proclaim yourLORD GOD. He said in Isaiah 44:8 that you entered into acontract with Him as His witness, then stand still without fear to dowhat ever He commands you. As a token of your nationalrepentance, you must declare that Jesus of Nazareth is the MaterialManifestation of The LORD GOD, and then Temple must berebuilt. Selah.He must have Answers to human Questions.Ranging from simple to complex problems; humanity likes to ask:`why, `how, `when, `who, `what, and `where.No matter how unconcerned a man may be, he can not but ask oneof mankinds greatest questions: How did I get here? Who got mehere? Why am I here? Why all the sufferings and imperfectionsaround? What next after now? What hope do I have? Where do Igo after now? When do I get perfection back?With countless narratives, the GOD of Israel has shown thebeginnings of all our questions and the end thereof consistently;
  7. 7. not even one of lifes sobering questions has evaded His eagle-eyedradar called the Bible.With regards to the beginning of all beginnings, how did I get here;one religion claims that the beings of the universe are rebornwithout beginning in six realms as gods, demigods, humans,animals, ghosts, and hell beings. This same religion claims theyhave discovered the law of dependent origination, whereby onecondition arises out of another, which in turn arises out of priorconditions! I do not know how humans can believe in `a beginningand `no-beginning, all at the same. In fact I do not have words tocomment on this type of inconsistency. May be that is why theychose to call it `the SilenceAnother world religion expresses skepticism on the matter of howwe got here thus;He, the first origin of this creation, whether he formed it all or didnot form it,Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven, he verilyknows it, or perhaps he knows not.( Encyclopedia Britannica.)Please, can this logically qualify to be a religion, which does noteven believe in a supreme being? I leave you to your consciences.Yet on our list is a philosophical school of religion that claims that,"…The creating of things has no Lord; everything creates itself.Everything produces itself and does not depend on anythingelse…" Hmm, no wonder man can live 100 years without food!Little wonder that when you bring all the element of life (who evercreated them) together, it begins to form a human being! Please tellthese men to stop confusing themselves and taking our intelligencefor a ride. I will not conclude on this point without mentioning themyth of Deus Otiosus, the deity who retired from the world aftercreation, and the myths that supports the physical and intellectualfatigue of that deity after creation. In the first instance, that goddidnt have a purpose for creation and doesnt qualify to be a god inthe first place. You can not claim to be God when what you createdwere unnecessary or without plans. May I ask mankind thisquestion: can a god who had no plans for creation create a worldwith so much potentials and promise like our Earth? I think themyth of Deus Otiosus was inspired and accepted by men who
  8. 8. desire to have a purposeless god so that they can assume the placeof that god. Sadly for such men, this can not be because the GODof Israel clearly had a plan for His works. In the second instance I ask, who is god that will die out ofexhaustion? Who is god that can not see in advance the endproduct and consequences of his enterprise? Probably, that godcouldnt see the end from the beginning; does this type qualify tobe addressed as god? This is not the way with the GOD of Israel;He knew exactly what will happen and the exact permutations touse to remedy them. Little wonder that The God of Israel is calledThe Alpha and The Omega, The Controller of everything inbetween. That is the true God in action – always simultaneously onbillions of chessboards, watching and moving His own pieces atwill – each move, a guaranteed victory for Him. By His standards,He has never lost a game in this universal chess competition calledlife!Confirms wholesome Rational InvestigationThe universal LORD must have pre-scientific knowledge thatcorrelates with modern scientific discoveries. In this sphere, theGOD of Israel has no rival. Below are a few scientific informationthat the GOD of Israel unveiled ever before man had the capacityto investigate their environment: • He gave a hint on the vastness, multi-starred and multi- planeted nature of the universe (Genesis 2:1, 4) • He told men, before they knew it, that they are the youngest creatures on the planet (Genesis 1:1-31) • He hinted at the concept of time differential between the planets. According to the GOD of Israel, one day with Him is like a thousand years in our eyes. Our nearby neighbour proves this; on Neptune, a solar system planet, one year there is equivalent to 164 years on Earth. Can man really understand how difficult it is for someone whose life span is eternity, to describe time to people whose active lifespan is 70 years? I think GOD has done well trying to explain time to us, because it is not easy for a man that counts in multiples of infinity to relate to those who count in unit of ones. That not withstanding, Jesus has shown that He created in literal
  9. 9. days by the miracles of restoring withered hands, recreating dead bodies, etc. All these took place instantly, and not gradually, and so when GOD said He created in literal days, I believe Him. If men have calculated that the Earth is 4.6 billion years, I take it that, it only shows how long it would have taken a human super hero to create the Earth if GOD had given him the technology and raw materials used for creation.• That man has the same elements found on Earth in his system is no longer news; it is equally known that if they do not take doses of these elements to replenish their system, they get sick or mal-developed. Who then can dispute with the GOD of Israel who taught man that he was made from Earths substances (Genesis 2:7, Job 33:6). And this was even before men learned to clean their teeth!• Before men learned to note and compare their observations, the GOD of Israel inspired men to know that, in terms of material composition, they are animals and share the same characteristics with them; the only difference being the destination of their spirits at death (Eccl. 3:18-21), which the Psalmist says goes to GOD (Psalms 49:15), and confirmed by the Creator Himself (Luke 23:46). Without mincing words He told men that they are animals (Eccl. 12:6-7). Thus when they make Him angry enough, He takes away His Mind from them and they begin to act like the basest animals (Daniel 4:27, 31-37). Biologist, sit up, nothing is new.• The GOD of Israel is the only one to describe correctly the first home of man. After many false moves, inaccurate and vexatious theorising, mankind has finally come home to the truth that its first home was in the Middle East, precisely the area around ancient Babylon (Gen. 2:8-15)• While men are still speculating on the cause of the East African Rift Valley, the GOD of Israel had already hinted and I believe that it was a river called Gihon (Gen. 2:13)• He made man a biologist, long before modern man rediscovered himself (Gen. 2:19-20)
  10. 10. • The GOD of Israel described the rain cycle eons before any scientist understood the process of cloud formation (Job 36:27-38; Amos 5:8, 9:6; Eccl. 11:3). Even the purity of rain water is documented! (Job 36:27-28).• The sphere called Earth was properly described by the GOD of Israel long before men got over the shock from a fairytale called `Flat Earth (Isaiah 40:22)• In ancient times, it was convenient to `joke that the superman carrying the Earth was standing on a tortoise! Thank GOD, I was not born then, else somebody would have explained how the tortoise managed the trick of floating in mid-air. In this modern time, scientists have spends billions (and still counting) trying to discover "the dark matter" – whatever that is; in which they suppose the universe is floating! Hmm, humanity! For mercy sake, these people have traveled out of this planet, and sent numerous probes into outer space; no dark `whatever had blocked their paths. If they are expecting to find a jellylike substance in which the world `baths, then they have to account for what holds this jelly in place. But the GOD of Israel who knows exactly what law He promulgated to hold the universe together, said in the clearest terms that He hangs the world upon nothing (Job 26:7). According to Matthew Henry (ibid), "the vast terraqueous globe neither rests upon any pillars nor hangs upon any axles-tree…the art of man could not hang a feather upon nothing, yet the Divine Wisdom hangs the whole Earth so…it is poised by its own weight…" . This is unparalleled technology!• Long before men knew enough of astronomy for them to rely on horoscope, the GOD of Israel said only He can unlock the influence of stars on men (Job 38:31). On this I ask, would you rather trust the power behind the influence or the influence? I will rather rely on the one who has the power to rearrange the stars in my favour!• While men of the ancient world were busy building pyramids and grooves to worship the sun and the moon, the GOD of Israel had already taught that the sun and moon were just our
  11. 11. servants, instructed to help us calculate time, days, years and seasons (Gen. 1:14-19). As Matthew Henry (ibid) states in his commentary, "…they must be for the distinction of times, of day and night, summer and winter, which are interchanged by the `motion of the sun, whose rising makes day, his setting night, his approach towards our tropic summer, his recess to the other winter…they are for the signs of the change of weather, that the husbandman may order his affairs with discretion, foreseeing by the face of the sky, when second causes have begun to work, whether it will be fair or foul…" Every human knows that the phenomena discoursed above are common place and have been properly accounted for by rational observation and documentation. But The God of Israel had already told us so!• It is of recent that men have come to understand that the Earth core is a living pool of molten magma yet the GOD of Israel had already declared that the same Earth that gives food, harbours the most lethal liquid fire humanity has ever known (Job 28:5). Just ask those who know, what Mount Vesuvius did, when she spew her heart.• An important impetus for the industrial revolution, the GOD of Israel had already pointed to where iron ore can be found (Job 28:2)• Left alone to the imagination of man, the origin of the human species would have remained a mazy jungle of lies and psychopathic conjectures that evolution set out to achieve. Teaching us through inspiration, the GOD of Israel saved mankind from this global headache by setting out the origin of the tribes and races in a way that only a man born without the gift of logic and reasoning would dare attempt to refute. Even the cause for a continent perpetually in diapers is unmistakable (Gen. 10:1-32). It is more rational to believe this account of world genealogy than any monkey-related mid-summer fairytale.• The existence of dinosaurs, through a description that fits Stegosaurus had been documented while some scientists have
  12. 12. just come to believe that these reptiles existed ( Job 40:15-18)• Scientists today, know that when white light is spread apart by a prism or diffracting grate, the colours of the visible spectrum appear as: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red in that order of increasing wavelengths. The dispersion, diffraction, parting or separation of light into its component parts was a scientific feat Job could not have achieved because the quest and technology was not simply there, but the GOD of Israel knew all about it; because He made light itself (Job 38:24)• By common observation, a rainbow can only appear against a moisture laden cloud; which most often than not signals the approach of rain or that has just ended. Thus rain and rainbow are related in a way that can only agree with the purpose of the GOD of Israel (Gen. 9:13-16)• It is a geographical fact (even by keenly observing the world map) that some years ago, the plate tectonics on which the continents rest, moved apart carrying the continents to their present location thus giving shape to the landmass of the Earth as seen today. As is usual with the GOD of Israel, He did not leave us clueless on this important matter; a man was named Peleg (the only one so named) to record for, and remind the coming generation of that occurrence (Gen. 10:25, I Chronicles 1:19)• It is not yet twenty years since men started observing activities in outer space, and the events they have witnessed there have only help men to realise how right the GOD of Israel was, when He said that the universe was formed with hot primordial dusts and particles coming together before they are hardened into planets and stars (Job 38:37-38)• Whereas men have cited the fact that some land animals bear resemblance to sea animals, to support the notion that life evolve from a single-celled organism that lived in the oceans, the GOD of Israel said that He ordered some land animals to come from the sea. By His purpose He ordered fowls of the air to come out from the waters (Genesis 1:20-22). Why He
  13. 13. ordered it so, we may never know but we know who fashioned all the animals in their order! I suppose science will soon stop looking for evidence to insult GOD, because the more discoveries it makes, the more the Bible and GOD are proven incontrovertible by them. I will not be surprised if scientists start consulting the Bible before announcing their discoveries.The GOD of Israel is the Father of science and scientists; He is theinstitutor of science and Grand Patron of scientific interest (Eccl.1:13; 3:10-11). Thus any scientist, who seeks to blaspheme Hisname or to invalidate the exclusive patent He holds for Hispioneering scientific work, as encapsulated by creation, is alreadyindicted for irresponsible and unprofessional procedures andgeneralizations.We have shown beyond any doubt that there is God and that He isthe GOD of Israel.From the same Holy Bible, we have shown that Jesus of Nazarethis The Material Manifestation of The God of Israel. Believe andlive. An extract from “The Trinity Demystified” By Michael Nkanyi Uyeh.