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Terms of Peace


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Terms of Peace

  1. 1. TERMS OF PEACE; TERMS OF WAR. PREAMBLE: YHWH IS SAVIOUR: THE UBIQUITOUS GOD YHWH, the LORD God of Israel – Saviour of humanity, can’t be driven from the two-dimensional universe that He created no matter how much Lucifer and his human co-conspirators desire and work to ensure He’s done away with. In the language of politics, religion and science (Latin, Hebrew and Greek), He remains Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews; King of Heaven and Earth. HEART OF THE MATTER: Last time we spoke about the ubiquitous Lord – Jesus of Nazareth, mentioned in unambiguous terms, and who has permeated the three monotheist matter-of-life-and-death religions traced to Abraham. At the dedication of Jesus Christ, Simeon the Aged – Priest in Jerusalem, rightly prophesised that He (Jesus) shall be for the fall and rising again of many in Israel. (Luke 2:34 ref. Isa. 8:13-15) Yet it is a small effort that is requested of humanity – just believe in His Name and be saved (John 3:15-16). It is also a small matter that sentences and seals humanity’s eternal destruction – rejecting Him for that which is not true (John 3:18-21). The prince of darkness thinks he can give peace in the Middle East by defying and defiling the LORD GOD of Israel – big mistake! Slyness is not equal to wisdom! There is only one God – Jesus of Nazareth, whose doctrines purifies the heart; creates light, sincerity, truth, love in the innermost parts and the worship of the true God. These are the ingredients; these are the virtues that make men work for a universal common good – peace!
  2. 2. There is only one God, Jesus of Nazareth, who has peace in Himself – the Father of Peace; the Prince of Peace who gives peace not as the world gives (through deceit, censorship, coercion, manipulation, exclusion, gagging, threats, arms, etc). With Him on the Throne of our hearts, there is peace in the soul, peace with God and peace amongst brethren. Without Him, world crisis continues. Having known His commitment to protecting Israel (Physical and spiritual) from every aggression, and His love for all the humans He created; He had offered Himself so we may all become His own – children begotten by His blood. In a war, you can’t support both sides. In the war between God and the usurper, Jesus Christ has decided in favour of Israel, and that is irrevocable. You can choose to be His or not; it’s on you to make Him favour you or not. Be reminded that Israel is God’s only portion in the earth – the only land He physically walked and worked in, and God expects you to stand where He stands if you claim to be His. God doesn’t make mistakes! The key to curing universal division and war is His Blood: it is that or nothing. It is also pertinent for us to note that right from the start of the Great Controversy, it is either you are fighting on the side of the True God or on the side of Lucifer – the Satan. There is no rooming for sitting on the fence. This article is another warning to all those who claim they Christians to re- assess their faith in Jesus of Nazareth with a view to making new commitment to the will of the Almighty God – YHWH. The problems of peace, hunger, and security will all be solved if we return to the doctrines of Jesus Christ. If humanity returns to God, then Jesus comes and punishes only Lucifer and his cohort-angels. For humanity, the door of the Ark of Redemption can not be opened for ever – the hour approaches when it will be shut down for ever. Make today count. Even in this present age, with Jesus on the thrones of our hearts, anybody
  3. 3. and everybody can stay wherever he/she finds him/herself and work with sincerity for the peace and welfare and growth of that place. But those who are led by other spirits have other motives in mind for the places they find themselves. This is a problem that can not be wished away. It is a problem rooted in the struggle for the Seat of God. As YHWH Incarnate, Jesus of Nazareth – the LORD GOD of Israel is duty bound to protect Israel, and only those who stand with Him are protected. Remember, the sin for which you are rejected and condemned to eternal death is rejecting Jesus Christ. For the absolute protection of Israel (spiritual and physical), this present world and age will annihilated. If you are not a biological Israelite, your best bet is to become a spiritual Israelite by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Physical Israel have a certain hour of grace that will come on them (Zech. 12:10-13:2). I say things the way they are: what is happening in Israel is a proxy for the struggle between the Creator and the creature, the True God and the false god. Because His honour is involved, the LORD GOD of Israel will arise to show once and for all that He is the True God and King of the universe – the One that has the final say in all things. Only two other people are required to read this article to make it operational: the LORD GOD will arise with fire and lightening to judge all who oppose Him on this earth. Selah. Henceforth all humans; blacks, whites, brown, yellow, etc who are called by the Name of the LORD are enjoined to stand where He stands. Those who continue to oppose Him will be up-rooted from this earth and in the world to come with eternal torment. So it has been written. To escape, bow your knee and heart before Jesus of Nazareth; His Person, Name, and Doctrine. Those are the terms for your peace: that is a declaration of war. So it is written, so I have declared; so it is settled, in the Name of Jesus Christ – blessed God for ever.