Whereas I lay no claim to the quality of wisdom and knowledge at your disposal, yet I can
categorically tell you...
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  1. 1. REJOINDER Whereas I lay no claim to the quality of wisdom and knowledge at your disposal, yet I can categorically tell you that there is only one physical nation call Israel on earth; the other Israel metaphorically denotes all who have been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus of Nazareth – whether they be Jews, Arabs, Africans, Asians or Europeans. The only earthly Israel is the homeland of the Jews, given to them by Divine Fiat – the ruins of the Temple Mount proves they have lived as long as Biblical history has documented. Any other people living there are aliens or immigrants. The present circumstance of shared ownership arose due to a combination of errors of judgment and faulty scriptural interpretation. But the LORD GOD has in mind a time to restore them, hence Lucifer’s desire to annihilate them before that time. I am not happy when people or nations use their privilege to oppress and disposes the weak. Today the Arab and Muslim nations hold the political and economic advantage because their prince is in charge, but as is usual with them such will not be used for the general good of humanity but to birth a worldwide caliphate, to desecrate other people’s holy site; to provoke the sensibilities of others. I am sure you have heard of the Temple Mount, the Cathedral at Cordoba, Cathedral of Sophia, the proposed mosque near Ground Zero? The things that happened there, were they done by people who respect other peoples’ opinion and faith? Now, those who are holier than all accuse those who draw attention to these injustices as Hate and Fear mongers. I am sure the people who fought for the abolition of slavery were hate and fear mongers, so are those campaigning to salvage the earth from climate change. For me, only One Man’s condemnation carries weight – that of Jesus of Nazareth, the Incarnate LORD GOD of Israel – the One who will eventually have mercy on all Israel who turn to Him. Until then, the least any Christian can do is stand with Israel in their hour of tribulation and, to pray. These people had their heritage and kingdom suspended for your sake – so that you can be welcome into the Commonwealth of Israel. Jesus Christ never authorized us, Christians to hate or gang up to destroy the Jews. In fact on the day He was crucified He forgave them – the Jews were the first to obtain mercy from God. And when all is concluded, they will be the last to get God’s mercy (Zech.12:10). Therefore, it is not for us to judge those amongst them who still blaspheme the LORD Jesus Christ but to devise means to make the scriptures clear to them precept by precept, line by line. The heaven we all seek is called New Jerusalem, redemption and all the redeemed are described by Jewish lexicon. The kingdom we all seek is called the eternal Kingdom of David. It is not for nothing that the Saviour of the universe is a Jew. It is not for nothing that the Incarnate God is a Jew, and by the way, all redeemed Gentiles are grafted into the Jewish Tree of Redemption – for salvation is of the Jews. So the LORD GOD of the universe had ordained; so it is and will be, world without end. May God have mercy on our wretched souls in the Name of Jesus Christ.