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Open letter

  1. 1. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SENATOR BARACK OBAMA.Your Excellency,We greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Permit me tocongratulate you on your second term in the White House. In your firstterm, we were unhappy with certain covert and overt policy stands,and strongly wished there were no more a second term to give themlife with your exponential charisma.However, we thank God for Hischoice, favour and mercy.We magnify the Most High for bestowing youwith this unique greatness. As YAHWEH is the topmost Eagle, Hecertainly sees better than we do. It is for this reason that we mostsincerely congratulate and wish you success in your job.Recall sir that you came in with the promise of hope and change. Webelieve it is possible, therefore our hope is that by 2015, you wouldhave given humanity and the Black race, the signature of your brand ofgovernance. It is our hope that your administration of the world wouldhave opened unending doors of opportunities for the Black race, andthe world in general. It is our hope that change indeed will come to theworld as you continue to tackle aggressively: spiritual decay, economicmismanagement and uninventiveness, social aggression, socialretrogression, rebirth of primitive tendencies, political tension andattrition, misplaced suspicion, insecurity and the general deteriorationof our civilization and humanity.It is our prayer that as you prepare to sign off as the first BlackEmperor, humanity will be left better off spiritually, economically andsocially.
  2. 2. It is our hope that your deft political and managerial skills would havecreated more wealth and opportunities for humanity at the end of yourtenure.Please note that in the land of your ancestors – Africa, more still has tobe done to bring the people and the governments up to date with theexpectation of millennium realities. Whereas there has beenunprecedented infrastructural and democratic transformation in thelast 5 years, yet more still has to be done in many dimensions of ourlives:In the Spiritual Realm,In the Inoculation of the Fear of God,In the Social Sphere,In the Economic Sphere,In the Master plan of Infrastructure,In the Distribution of Amenities,In the Provision of Governance,In the Development of Leadership,In the Cultivation of Vision and Visionaries,In the Destruction of mere Ambition,In the Creation of Opportunities for the Masses,In the Entrenchment of Popular Democratic Inclusion,In the Restoration of Justice,In the Redistribution of Wealth,In the Education of Followership.
  3. 3. These indices and their likes are very vital to our existence on the Earth.These indices will form part of the instruments by which humanity andthe Earth will judge every ruler.With God, you have excelled thus far. With God, we can improvehumanity because humanity has a future, and that future is today.Together we can. Yes! We can.We see it possible,Michael Uyeh Akadakhaene.