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A prelude to the end of colour politics


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Just that we may be spiritually revived

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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A prelude to the end of colour politics

  1. 1. A PRELUDE TO THE END OF COLOUR POLITICS Every day in each era, man is always engaged in the three dimensions of universal politics – spiritual, economic and social. Of these, the spiritual dimension sits atop the hierarchy of control, and the others follow in the order listed above in determining the rise and fall of civilizations. In each era as the D-Day for the last war – the Great War to usher in the eternal civilization, between the Father of Lies and the Truth, draws ever so nearer; the Father of Lies tries to find relevance and comradeship with whichever people the Truth signals to show special favour to: now this tribe, then that tribe of humanity. Yet the Truth remains true and faithful to the guiding principle that made Him to create man as the Prime of His Creation – having a loving friendship and communion with those He made in His Image, the crowning glory of His omniscient imagination. Over the years Lucifer, that ancient Dragon has infiltrated the ranks of God’s chosen people in order to rally them to oppose and war against the Almighty Truth. Now that the kingdom is to be restored to the House of Israel – spiritual and temporal, he seeks alliances with Africa because he knows many of the House of Israel, was hidden here. As in every era, he fails because the Truth, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah – the Most Dread I AM, had already guaranteed that. Though the force of arms is now his exclusive preserve, yet those who know the Truth; the LORD GOD of Israel and Lord of the two-dimensional universe, shall wax strong and do great exploits – and shall overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and their testimonies. Herein is the intended caveat: The sly one has over the years woven tales of an afro-centric cosmos, by which he has integrated all the cobweb of lies, through which he has imprisoned and impoverished humans for millenniums; including of course, evolution and the manifestation of the evil one – variously referred to as the Antichrist or the Beast, the Man of Lawlessness, etc One will be deemed deaf or not a citizen of this world, if he/she has not
  2. 2. realized the current buzz in socio-political and economic discourse: black power! It is those Africans who are blindly immersed in myopic Africanisation of the universe that we hope to warn: Colour differential is a function of the intensity of the sun rays. This is both a Biblical and scientific fact. The stronger the intensity and length of exposure to the sun rays, the darker the skin. This agrees with Songs of Solomon 1:6 and I have seen that it is so. Without the sun, we will all be white. Now, the intensity of the sun around Egypt and Israel couldn’t have produced a black Jesus Christ. Hence those who think they can sneak in a black Jesus into the world should hide their faces in shame. Jesus of Nazareth was very clear about His return – it will be seen worldwide and simultaneously. He will come back in the Father’s Glory, or less technically He will come back as the LORD GOD and Father of humanity; with the divine majesty and authority. For those who wish to perish under the banner of the black colour or any other colour for that matter; I truly sympathise with you. When the sun is taken away and there are no more colour issues, under which banner will you live and die? When the spirit of Babel is removed and there are no more tribes and races, where will you hide to fight God? When the black race fought for emancipation from the slave houses of Europe and America, they never at any time asked to be made the saviour of humankind. Europe may have claimed the teachers and missioners of humanity, but never at any time did they claim to be the messiah and God of humanity. The One, who was the Messiah appeared after many years of prophesy; and He, with many signs and divine sacrifice fulfilled all that was written about Him. Spinning a lie to prove that He has returned under cover of darkness or that He is/was black is an insult that can not be condoned for one nanosecond. Those who assume that simply because Barak Hussein Obama is the president of the United States of America – the current world power, he is also the Christ or who think that, that feat gives them the audacity to foist on humanity the lie of a black Jesus, should please wake up fast. Those who know the Truth will go the whole mile rather than accept that Obama or any man; black or white is their saviour and God.
  3. 3. Our only Saviour, Lord, King and God is Jesus of Nazareth; and when He comes back, it will not be as man: He will come back as THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL. He will come with awesome and dazzling glory. And we will know when He comes back because His love, patience and mercy towards regenerated humanity have guaranteed that we get to worship at His feet for all eternity. Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Shalom!