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Simple ways to get immediate sight of pii data


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Using the Capiible Template illustrate simple ways to get immediate sight of your PII data. This Pack is using the Aviva and Allianz public websites to demonstrate the concept.

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Simple ways to get immediate sight of pii data

  1. 1. IC © SENYA 2018 Simple ways to get immediate sight of PII data Illustrated using Aviva & Allianz UK Websites
  2. 2. IC © SENYA 2018 It is about Personal Data!!! PII is any information about an individual, including any information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual‘s identity, such as name, social security number. …PII
  3. 3. IC © SENYA 2018 PII can be divided into two categories: linked information and linkable information. Linked information is any piece of personal information that can be used to identify an individual and includes amongst others: a) Full name b) Home address c) Email address d) Social security number e) Passport number f) Driver’s license number g) Credit card numbers h) Date of birth Linkable information, on the other hand, is information that on its own may not be able to identify a person, but when combined with another piece of information could identify, trace, or locate a person, some examples: a) Last Name b) City, Post Code c) Work Place PII (personally Identifiable Information) is a term mostly used in the US with Personal Data the European equivalent, however does not completely match the PII definition as per GDPR
  4. 4. IC © SENYA 2018 getting started with the Template by discovering what PII data your Website contains Public info from Allianz and Aviva Websites are used in this illustration to make it more realistic
  5. 5. IC © SENYA 2018 5 Start by getting the free Template from Senya Find the Template here
  6. 6. IC © SENYA 2018 6 Simple Method, no programming required a) Navigate to Form/s on Website for example Make-a-Claim b) Use Google Scraper, right click on Form and click on copy to clipboard c) Never used it before; then simply google Web Scraper, click on link Web Scraper Chrome Web store and add-to-chrome Sophisticated Method, programming may be required a) Many, many tools available, some free tools below b) Microsoft PowerQuery c) Python BeautifulSoup d) Online - Octaparse Step 1 Get forms from your web
  7. 7. IC © SENYA 2018 7 Navigate to SourcesItems Sheet a) Paste on Name column b) Remove extraneous characters like * with replace all Optionally for every Form if you want to keep them separate as a group a) Add new Entry once in Sources sheet b) Select this entry from SourcesItems column belongsto Step 2 Paste into Template
  8. 8. IC © SENYA 2018 8 Step 3 Classify Select from dropDowns a) PII Grouping b) PII Type … that is it DONE!!!
  9. 9. IC © SENYA 2018 9 Step 4 Review Website Results a) have an early confirmed view of what personal data we have on the web with rich context b) have early view on degree of sensitivity and Risk/impact it holds, YOU can plan and prioritize c) Use Template as Regulatory evidence; it is a self- contained Declaration d) can strategize and inform downstream actions e) in a position to inform actions around data subject rights This will put you in position to:
  10. 10. IC © SENYA 2018 10 Real kicker, you can automate and accelerate the process Optionally you can apply fuzzy logic and machine learning to automatically classify most of the items. In illustration the SENYA Fuzzy Logic service was used to match elements to determine degree of surety as indicated in column Similarity. The closer to 100% the surer the cognitive service has match the item to a given PII Type
  11. 11. IC © SENYA 2018 11 Where’s the early “So What?” 1) From GDPR perspective both Aviva and Allianz websites contains PII data and is therefore at risk 2) Aviva/Allianz Customer in context, clearly visible 3) PII elements center around contact details (Name, Surname, email etc.), none seems what is considered high risk restricted with Aviva carrying almost double the data elements compared to Allianz 4) Template allows you to get immediate sight of your PII data conversation on your website Contact-Info Digital Footprint Identity Details Physical
  12. 12. IC © SENYA 2018 12 In Summary Do it yourself: Get going fast on your PII Discovery by downloading the Template. Widen PII Discovery by getting more SME’s in your Org to use the Template and collate the results Or let us help even more by accelerating the process with fuzzy logic matching and other platform smarts