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Fashion Check: A Google Glass App


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Fashion Check is an app that will aid with sending sample requests and booking studio appointments straight from your seat at a fashion show.

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Fashion Check: A Google Glass App

  1. 1. #FASHIONCHECK Deola Adebiyi @d3ola
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Fashion Check is an app that will aid with sending sample requests and booking studio appointments straight from your seat at a fashion show.
  3. 3. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Many fashion designers present several pieces on the runway but most of them aren’t made for the general public. What determines this is are the editors and buyers. They let the designer know what they liked and what should be further developed.
  4. 4. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Fashion Week can get very hectic and very busy. The backstage area after shows involves models undressing, designers taking pictures and celebrating their new collection. There is usually no time to let them know what you feel about the collection or else, you could be late to the next show.
  5. 5. CHAOS!
  6. 6. UNFAIR ADVANTAGES The fashion industry has been very receptive to Google Glass. Models from Diane von Furstenberg (Fashion designer and President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America) donned Google Glass on the runway this past month and editors such as Nina Garcia of Marie Claire were spotted using it. Vogue even had an fashion shoot featuring Google Glass!
  9. 9. DEMO Three simple steps: 1. Swipe to take pictures of looks going down the runway 2. As the show ends, compose your message to the designer either requesting for samples or to book a studio appointment 3. Send and go on to the next show!
  10. 10. DEMO EXAMPLE Nina Garcia, Creative Director of Marie Claire, using Google Glass to capture images from the runway Instagram Her Instagram feed shows how easy and simple it is to take images and videos off the runway in real time.
  11. 11. BUSINESS MODEL This is an app for PR agencies who have fashion designers and labels as clients. To start, there will be a free release to select PR agencies to test it out and the feedback will help work out the kinks and issues. With a major release, PR agencies that sign up will receive a bonus month when they sign up.
  12. 12. BUSINESS MODELS Small agencies can pay per client and major ones with several clients can pay a flat agency fee. Since the app will be paid for from PR agencies, there will no need to get sponsors for advertising.
  13. 13. COMPETITION Fashion GPS: They offer services include event management, sample requests, and event reports. However, with Fashion GPS, you have to wait for the designer to upload their collection to request samples which can take time. With Fashion Check, you just take a few pictures straight from the runway, send a message and your requests are sent in before you leave your seat for the next show.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION Fashion Check is a new way to send important feedback on the collection in real time. No more waiting to get to the designer backstage to give your feedback or waiting on the phone to make appointments to see the designer. Fashion Check helps to request samples, book appointments and makes Fashion Week much easier.