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Health Plan Diagnosis


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In this presentation, brought to you by Kaiser, you will learn 8 key questions you need to be asking your broker or health care plan consultant as you renew your plans for 2013.

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Health Plan Diagnosis

  1. 1. Are there actualbenefits in your benefits?Eight questions about what you and your employees really get from your health care planIf your health care plan doesn’t offer much beyond the basics of conventional insurance coverage,you and your employees may be missing out on resources that make it easier for your employees—and your company—to thrive. From saving you time and money to helping you get healthieroutcomes, there should be more to health benefits than copays and physician directories.Explore these questions and why you should ask them; then click on each to learn even more.You can print out the questions to discuss with your health care and benefits broker or consultant.
  2. 2. Eight questions about what you and your employees really get from your health care plan How does my health Can my employees Do we have to wait What does my plan care plan rank in interact with the for referrals to see do to control drug- quality of care? plan online? specialists? related costs and 1 2 3 4 Quality care. It’s probably the single Online tools can help your employees see Referrals can add up to more costs and prevent errors? most important consideration when healthier outcomes by making it easier for complications. Ask how coordinated care Currently, 10 cents of every dollar spent choosing your health care plan. It’s them to take full advantage of your plan’s can take these concerns out of your health on health care goes toward prescription important to consider how quality care offerings—all while staying engaged and care plan equation. drug costs.1 You can’t afford a plan that affects your business. productive at work. doesn’t help control those costs. Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more How is my plan Does my plan have Does my plan Is my plan structured designed to improve the ability to report on provide targeted to effectively support workplace wellness? physician behaviors programming and my workforce—and 5 A health care plan with preventive care and wellness programs gives employees tools and information to make better health choices, which leads to a healthier and results? 6 Having some degree of physician oversight helps make sure that care doesn’t fall short of expectations. specialized care? 7 Your employees represent a broad range of health care needs. Your health care plan should too. Look for a plan with the 8 my company’s goals? Your company’s health care plan is an investment in your employees—and your company. Choose a plan that delivers workplace. And a healthier bottom line. comprehensive care and expertise to keep healthy returns for both. employees at their best. Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more