Denver Coach Federation Newsletter March 2012


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Denver Coach Federation Newsletter March 2012

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Denver Coach Federation Newsletter March 2012

  1. 1. MARCH 2012IN THIS ISSUE: Message from Marty Vondrell, President Next DCF Monthly Meeting: March 15, 2012 Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings Attention DCF Members: Post your picture to your profile for the Find a Coach Directory In the Spotlight: Marilyn Feinstein Calling All Volunteers! Membership in the DCF DCF is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube! Resource Library General Meeting Information Contact UsMessage from Marty VondrellPresident, Denver Coach FederationWow, what a great meeting we had in February! Can you believe its March 2012 already?For those of you that came to the meeting last month, you know that the speaker was masterstoryteller, Doug Stevenson. And what a great meeting it was! It was a special meeting for mebecause I had some realizations about how Ive been speaking for so many years. Over the years,I have had really good speeches/talks and really bad ones. I had figured out in the last year thatspeaking from my heart was always so much more effective than logically presenting concepts forexamples.What I realized during Dougs presentation was that telling stories was the best way of all to betruly present, vulnerable and speak from the heart. As Doug would say, "love yourself and letthem watch." What better gift can you give your audience? I am now committed to practicing thisskill so that I can be a much more effective leader and coach.If you come to the meeting in March (Thursday, the 15th) I will give you my first personal storythat I have ever given in public. I promise it won’t be too long, and I can only hope that itsentertaining and enlightening. But even if it is a flop, I hope to set an example of how failure canbe a success, even if the success comes in the long run. I look forward to it, and I hope you willbe there.
  2. 2. Thank you for the community, the love and the support we are creating within the DCF. It is verymeaningful to me. Please look for ways to feel it and participate in every way you can. I envision itto be part of your plan to re-energize yourself and vibrate with abundance. We do this withcourageous authenticity. As I see it, this is being successful in coaching. We cannot take ourclients where we are not willing to go ourselves. We must continue to develop and take risks andbe vulnerable. I invite you to do that with me at the DCF. Thank you for being part of it and seeyou soon!With the warmest regards,Marty VondrellPresident, Denver Coach Federationmarty@martyvondrell.comNext DCF Monthly Meeting: March 15Date: March 15, 2012Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM(SIGs start at 6:00PM before the general meeting)Location: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decautur St, Denver, CO 80211Speaker: Michelle SchubnelTopic: "How to Increase Your Impact and Income with Group Coaching and Masterminds"Are you a coach who wants to make a bigger difference and earn more money in less time?The secret is working with groups.And now more than ever, coaches are enjoying great success by adding group coaching programsand mastermind groups to their business model.If you’ve been wanting to coach groups or lead a mastermind but aren’t sure how to go about it,attend this content-rich program and discover: The differences between group coaching and mastermind groups, and how to choose the right one for your business. The secrets for designing an irresistible group that your ideal participants cant wait to join. The most effective strategies for filling your group and the big marketing pitfalls to avoid. Simple techniques to confidently lead your group, even if youre just starting out.This engaging and interactive program will give you the strategies, resources and inspiration soyou can move forward and add group programs to your coaching business!About Michelle SchubnelMichelle Schubnel is the President and Head Coach at For more than adecade Michelle and the team have helped thousands of coachesworldwide learn how to attract great clients and create their ideal coaching business.An in-demand speaker at coaching events and conferences in the US and abroad, Michelle ispassionate about helping coaches make a big difference and earn a great living doing what theylove by developing a multiple revenue stream coaching business.
  3. 3. In particular, Michelle is on a mission to help more coaches start coaching groups. Do you want tocoach groups? Get Michelle’s popular free group coaching training videos (Viewed by 5,400+ coaches from 88 countries during the firstmonth the videos were available!)Michelle is a big fan of the New York Yankees, the Dave Matthews Band and skiing in freshpowder. She loves travelling and then returning to her home in the San Francisco Bay Area whereshe with lives with her husband Adam.PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the monthly meetings including DCF members.**Offering 1.25 CCEUs in Business DevelopmentCLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the March 15, 2012 DCF Meeting.Special Interest Groups (SIGs)EXPLORING COACHING AS A PROFESSION SIGMarch 15, 20126:00PM - 7:00PMOur discussion may include, and is not limited to: understanding how coaching differs from related professions learning what makes an exceptional coach determining if self-employment suits you choosing your niche and specialty investigating training programs, certification & mentor coaches getting started . . .FUNDAMENTALS OF STARTING YOUR COACHING PRACTICE SIGMarch 15, 20126:00PM - 7:00PMFacilitated By: Jean DiGiovannaJoin us this month for the Fundamentals of Starting Your Coaching Practice SIG to learn from ourguest speaker, Kelly Johnson, about technology that can benefit and enhance your business, suchas blogging ( vs, eBooks, video and more!Mission – To ensure that new coaches build their business, improve their coaching skills, marketeffectively and stay active and engaged in DCF. The SIG will help new coaches chart a coursetoward professional and financial success. In addition, coaches who complete this six-monthcurriculum should be prepared to mentor the next group of coaches entering the SIG.Facilitator:Jean DiGiovanna, CPCCjean@workshopuniversity.comwww.workshopuniversity.com303-413-8001NEW - EXPERIENCED COACHES SIG
  4. 4. Facilitated by: Marty Vondrell and Reuel Hunt5+ Years of Coaching Experience? You’re Invited to Check Us OutIf you are looking for an opportunity to share ideas with other coaches in a relatively informalsetting where we can get to know each other on a deeper level, then the newly formattedExperienced Coaches SIG may be right for you.The NEXT MEETING is always the Wednesday after the regular DCF General meeting.Please contact Marty or Reuel to receive more details about this SIG.Marty: marty@martyvondrell.comReuel: rjhunt@earthlink.netFacilitators:Marty Vondrell and Reuel HuntEmail Marty or Email ReuelAttention DCF Members: Post your picture to your profile for the Find aCoach DirectoryIf any of you have gone to the DCF Coach Directory lately, you will notice that a lot of ourmembers haven’t submitted photos of themselves – could that be you?One of the benefits of membership is that people looking for coaches in the Denver area can go toour directory to find a coach with ease. But, stats show that if there is no photo with a profile, youmight get overlooked.It’s a real easy fix – here’s all you need to do:Login > Member Area > click link that says Review and Update Profile > select "My Profile" tabdrop down menu to add/change photo.We want everyone who comes to our site to be able to see your smiling face and see how great acoach you are! (We thought about putting random pictures up for you, but didn’t quite think thatwas ethical :) ) Help us out & help yourself out too – update your profile!In the Spotlight: Marilyn FeinsteinThe Denver Coach Federation is proud to announce that Marilyn Feinstein is our featured "In theSpotlight" for March. After attending a couple of meetings as a guest, Marilyn joined the DCF in2011. She has found it to be a very welcoming community of coaching colleagues and believes the
  5. 5. programming is of high quality. She has already helped out on our Membership Committee.Marilyn’s diverse background is what makes her coaching approach unique and sets her apart.While she comes from a family of athletic champions (her mother and aunt received the LifetimeAchievement Award in the Olympic sport Table Tennis), she grew up feeling like a klutz. Hermother instilled in her the power of using your strengths as a bridge to achieve your goals.Marilyn always loved the Performing Arts, and while she couldn’t throw a ball, she experiencedmovement as very easy in Theatre and Musical Theatre. Reframing sports as a Performing Art(tennis movements as choreography), she blossomed. She became a top Junior tennis player;played Varsity for the #1 College team, and is a USPTA certified Tennis Pro.Click here to read more.Calling All Volunteers!We invite you to share your skills, talents, and experiences with DCF and play a bigger role in thecoaching community. How? Read on to see how easy it is to play full out.We have opportunities for you to be of service in the following areas: Facilitator for one of our monthly Special Interest Groups (SIG) - Facilitating a SIG allows you to grow as a leader, meet lots of amazing coaches, and develop an exciting program that you can use in other areas of your coaching practice. DCF Blogger - Would you like to learn more about blogging in a safe environment and would enjoy sharing emerging trends with the coaching community? Then this has your name written all over it. Manage DCF Twitter - Are you a tweeting fanatic and have a few extra minutes each week to tweet out to coaches and the community about our DCF meetings, events, and programs? Manage DCF Facebook - Post our events, speakers, coaching tips, etc. Its a great way to network. Greeters - Remember how you felt when you came to your first DCF meeting? Help our new guests feel welcome and at home. Channel 9 News Health Fair - Help us be a part of this great program so that we can be of service to the community. PBS Phone Support - Set up a date/time for us to give back to this important community program. DCF Press Releases - Do you have experience writing and sending out press releases? Wed love your help in getting this started! - Find out when these events are and encourage our members to attend to help coach job seekers in finding their new dream job. It might even lead to new clients! Assist with DCF workshops - We enjoy providing valuable workshops for our DCF members and invite you to be a part of this dynamic, engaging program. We occasionally need help in identifying interesting workshops, getting info about the workshop in the montly newsletter, etc. Identify teleseminar opportunities for DCF members - Is there a topic you think the members would get value from or is there a speaker who you know of who would "WOW" our members? Jump in and be a part of this initiative! Follow up with DCF speakers - Assist them with accommodations, transporation, special
  6. 6. needs, etc. - This will allow you to meet some "Movers and Shakers" in the world of coaching! Create a member survey asking for feedback on what areas/topics theyre interested in to ensure were meeting the needs of our members. Resource Management Support - Go through the existing DCF resources on file and determine whats current/beneficial to coaches and whats outdated. Resource of the Month - Highlight a resource from our library and write a brief summary of it for our monthly newsletter. What a great opportunity to learn a new coaching skill, and then share it with your peers.Please contact Reuel Hunt at 303-734-0444 or to learn more about theseexciting opportunities or to get signed up today.We value your creative ideas and are committed to being the #1 resource for coaches in Colorado.Thank you for making a difference! We truly appreciate you and all that you share with us.The DCF Board of DirectorsMembership in the Denver Coach FederationCalling all coaches!! The Denver Coach Federation is for all coaches, both highly experienced andjust getting started, with a commitment to creating a strong coaching community, developingthemselves and others as coaches, and supporting coaching as a profession. With support fromcoaches at all levels of development and in all settings, we can design and co-create the future ofcoaching. But without the ongoing commitment of an actively engaged and diverse coachingcommunity, we may have to accept the future others envision for us. So join us in our mission tolead, develop and nurture a thriving community of professional coaches who bring aboutthe highest possibilities for humankind.As a member of DCF, you will join a wonderful community of individuals committed to making adifference in the lives of their clients, connecting with other coaches, developing themselves, andcontributing to the profession of coaching. Our community includes brand new coaches as well asvery experienced and highly successful ones. We also welcome those who are exploring coachingas a profession and who have not yet started the process of becoming a coach.There are many benefits to membership in DCF starting with being able to attend the monthlymeetings at no additional cost. The educational presentations during the meetings are deliveredby highly successful coaches with special expertise and are but one of the resources available forhelping you develop your coaching skills and build your business. As a member, you also have theopportunity to network with other coaches and participate in one of the Special Interest Groups(SIGs). The SIGs are led by experienced coaches, giving you the opportunity to learn and engagein lively discussion. Two of the three SIGs are held immediately prior to the meeting, and weinvite you to check them out. In addition to the SIGs and monthly educational programming, wealso have other programs and events such as workshops and tele-classes, with reduced rates formembers.When highly experienced coaches, coaches building their practices, and those who are just gettingstarted join together to support their chosen field, magic happens. So please join us and helpcreate the magic.It’s very easy to join by going to the DCF Website and filling out the form:
  7. 7. If you have questions about membership, please call me at 303-503-9681.Thank You!Karen McGeeDCF Membership DirectorDCF is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube!Check out the Denver Coach Federation on:FacebookBecome a Fan!TwitterYou TubeLinkedInIf you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@denvercoach.comResource LibraryThe Denver Coach Federation has a fabulous Resource Library with over a hundred educationaltapes and books addressing such disciplines as leadership coaching, executive and corporatecoaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching, and spiritual coaching, as well aspractice development for coaches. Its purpose is to promote education, business development andsupport for DCF members.The Resource Library is perhaps best known for its great selection of audiotapes. Several yearsworth of ICF Conference audiotapes include leadership and coaching topics by such high-profileindividuals as Laura Berman-Fortgang, Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, CherylRichardson, and Benjamin Zander, along with many other masterful coaches. A variety of otherresources include such great tapes as "High End Coaching" and "Personal Evolution" by ThomasLeonard and Frederic Hudsons book, The Handbook of Coaching.In addition to developing leadership and coaching skills, audiotape topics are specific toself-promotion and networking, use of assessments, therapists as coaches, attraction principles,team coaching, self- coaching, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, speaking, and gettingpublished. Members may borrow up to four resources per month upon signing "The Agreement forResource Check-Out".Brenda Cody, M.S., Resource LibrarianBrenda@WorkSolutionsGroup.com720-989-8743General Meeting InformationRegular Monthly MeetingsMembers: No ChargeNon-Members / Guests: $25 per meeting feeWhen: 2nd Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted)
  8. 8. 6:00PM - 9:00PMSIGs start at 6:00PM, and the General Meeting starts at 7:15PM sharp.Where: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, Colorado 80211Phone: 303-433-8247The PPA Event Center is on the corner of 21st Avenue and Decatur StreetPPA Event Center website: www.ppaeventcenter.comMap to PPA Event Center:Questions? Comments? Ideas to Share?We welcome your comments and ideas and are happy to answer questions.Contact Information:info@denvercoach.comwww.denvercoach.comDCF Board MembersMarty Vondrell, PresidentMarty@MartyVondrell.com720-389-4870Reuel Hunt, President Electrjhunt@earthlink.net303-734-0444
  9. 9. Karen McGee, Membership Directorkarenhmcgee@comcast.net303-503-9681Levya Braman, Communications Directorlevya@watersedgelifecoaching.com303-919-7771Carol Schultz, Education Directorcarol@verticalelevation.com303-805-7635Tom Lietaert, Treasurertom@sacredodyssey.com419-699-6100Jennifer Drake, SecretaryJennifer@guidingtransformation.com303-507-7993Kim Clausen, Past Presidentkeclausen@netzero.net303-465-0454 Copyright 2012 Denver Coach Federation