Ginnings, Cameron<br />Latin- A3<br />April 4, 2010<br />Roman Forum<br />The Roman forum was the center of business at it...
Roman Forum
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Roman Forum


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Cameron's paper and works cited

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Roman Forum

  1. 1. Ginnings, Cameron<br />Latin- A3<br />April 4, 2010<br />Roman Forum<br />The Roman forum was the center of business at its time. It held many important buildings, temples, and shops. The forum was not a particularly special thing to the Romans because forums were common in ancient times and is probably equivalent to a modern town square, but it was the largest forum in Rome which makes it interesting to those of us who weren’t there during its original use.<br />The forum was not built by any one person. Various people contributed various buildings over time to the forum. Some of the most important ancient buildings located near the Roman forum were the Regia which is where the kings of Rome lived, the Temple of Vesta, and the House of the Vestal Virgins. Some of these buildings are dated as far back as before the Tarquin kings. The area that the Roman forum is built on was once a marsh that was cleared in order to build Cloaca Maxima which was the Great Sewer of Rome. Since the Roman forum is made up of many buildings not just one, some of the buildings have been made of different materials. At one time stone was the most important building material, but when concrete was discovered, it replaced stone because it was cheaper and stronger. Different sources give different dates to when the Roman Forum was built. Dates vary from as early as 27 BCE to as late as 100 BCE. As mentioned before, the forum is made up of many buildings and not just one so different buildings were built on different times, but from what I’ve found, people disagree on the definite dates. The Roman forum is located between the Palestine hill and the Capitoline hill in Rome. The purpose of the Roman forum was to serve as a public place where people could gather and talk as well as trade. The forum eventually became the economic hub of the city as well as the center of the kingdom, republic and empire.<br />Today, the ruins of the Roman Empire can still be seen in Rome. It is a tourist attraction that can be viewed by those interested by the Roman Empire. People still gather at the Roman forum just for different reasons. Hopefully, the Roman forum will be preserved to be seen and learned about by future generations.<br />Works Cited<br />" The Roman Forum - Collective - Great Buildings Online." Architecture Design Architectural Images History Models and More - ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings. Web. 07 Apr. 2010. <>. <br />" Roman Forum - History for Kids!" Kidipede - History and Science for Kids - Homework Help for Middle School. Web. 07 Apr. 2010. <>. <br />" Roman Forum." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 07 Apr. 2010. <>. <br />" Rome Monuments - Rome Coliseum - Rome Historical Buildings - Rome - Roman Forum Rome - Circus Maximus Rome - Pantheon Rome." Italy Travel Guide - Hotel Guide to Italy - Vacation Holidays Italy - Italian Cities. Web. 07 Apr. 2010. <>. <br />