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Key performance indicators for dentists dental practice management


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Overview of use of KPI (key performance indicators) for the dental practice. Mindmap for possible kpi's are included

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Key performance indicators for dentists dental practice management

  1. 1. KPIs for Dentists Alexander Tolmeijer, 2 september 2014 Annual World Dental Congress
  2. 2. Monitor your business
  3. 3. Key Performance Indicator A key performance indicator is a quantifiable measure a company uses to determine how well it meets the set operational and strategic goals.
  4. 4. Goals could be… -­‐ Number of visits -­‐ Waiting time -­‐ Turnover -­‐ Safety -­‐ Customer Satisfaction
  5. 5. Bear in mind… -­‐ Don’t use too many KPIs -­‐ Some KPIs take a number of actions in order to improve -­‐ Improvement of one KPI could lead to improvement of other KPIs
  6. 6. Getting Started
  7. 7. RIs and PIs Result-­‐indicator Performance-­‐indicator
  8. 8. Set your goals
  9. 9. Make it a joint effort… Customer satis-faction Waitin g room time Buy cheaper Use less paper Be on time! Less cancelling Clean office Answer phone quickly Save energy No work backlog Getting new clients Less stock Efficient planning
  10. 10. Then ask yourself… Team: • Do we all agree on these PIs? • Can we measure them on a frequent basis? • Do we know what to do with the result? • Who is responsible to act? Management • Which PIs are relevant for your business strategy?
  11. 11. Pick your important KPIs, for example… Average handling time Number of Cancellations Turnover per patient
  12. 12. KPIs are at the heart of your business. From the seeds new business grow
  13. 13. Start monitoring If you compare them with best practises you call these benchmarks
  14. 14. Sometimes you have to dig and find out exactly how things work…
  15. 15. Benchmarks comparison Business Objec,ves There are three Metrics levels of benchmarking: • Internal benchmarking (within the company) Benchmark performance How to close the gap? Improve • Compe,,ve or strategic benchmarking (Industry and compe,tors) • Benchmarking outside the industry.
  16. 16. Benchmarks Be carefull with benchmarks. Are these compliable with your own practise?
  17. 17. Start leading by numbers and make your business SMART
  18. 18. Mail: