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Dental Media - Google Ranking Factors

A slide show by Dental Media explaining some of the most important ranking factors that Google use for their search engine.

Dental Media are a specialist dental SEO agency.

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Dental Media - Google Ranking Factors

  1. 1. Google Ranking Factors
  2. 2. An Overview of Ranking Factors Google rank search results using a plethora of factors, some of these may be: page speed, content depth, backlinks, and many more. We’re gonna tell you about what we think are the most important factors.
  3. 3. Page Speed
  4. 4. Page speed is a pretty important factor. As a user of a website, do you often get frustrated with slow loading sites? Well so does Google, so they will rank sites better if they are faster.
  5. 5. Responsive Design
  6. 6. According to Google, more than half of the web’s traffic is from mobile devices. You could invest in a separate mobile site, but Google prefer a Responsive Design. A Responsive Design is when the site changes to fit the device that is currently viewing the page, it is also easier than setting up a separate mobile site.
  7. 7. Content
  8. 8. Your site needs content. It needs to have relevant and engaging content. It’s no good having content about washing machines if you’re a dental practice. Google will rank content accordingly, if you have content that is spammed with links and isn’t relevant to your site, then Google will demote your ranking.
  9. 9. Links and Backlinks
  10. 10. Links are a massive factor in terms of ranking. Having loads of links to your site is a good thing (as long as they’re not spammy links). Having links from a site that has a good link authority will also increase your link authority. Which makes getting links a big priority for your site.
  11. 11. Keywords
  12. 12. Keywords are a major factor on rankings. Making sure that your site is targeting your keywords is massively important. Obviously spamming your site with keywords will make Google act negatively towards your site, but try to use keywords in titles and in your URL slug.
  13. 13. Rank Brain
  14. 14. Rank Brain is Google’s machine learning AI system. Rank Brain is used to adapt to the way people search, this means that it will find more relevant results for the user’s queries.
  15. 15. Thank You! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more about us and our services! (01332 672548)