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ComfortWay MVNO (part 1)


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ComfortWay RSP platform for MVNO

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ComfortWay MVNO (part 1)

  1. 1. DISTRIBUTION OF THE OPERATOR SERVICES FOR INBOUND TRAVELERS a new multi-million sales channel for the Mobile Operator. A traveler buys a data bundle of the Operator in one click via ComfortWay mobile app. HOW IT WORKS: 1. A customer buys the ComfortWay SIM card and inserts it into any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, router and so on). 2. The customer chooses a data plan of the Operator via ComfortWay mobile app. 3. The selected plan is downloaded onto the -the- . 4. network upon arrival. KEY INNOVATIONS: 1. -the- mobile subscriptions according to GSMA . 2. Easy integration to the Operator with keeping all their business processes. 3. Tariff management, traffic control and payment for telecom services via native- language mobile app. BENEFITS FOR THE OPERATOR: 1. Ability to expand sales of pre-paid SIM plans: Direct sales to underserved customer categories Higher ARPU via innovative business models (integrated with travel providers, etc.) Access to global . 2. No customer acquisition costs. 3. Better customer experience: The plans are purchased and managed via a mobile application in the native language. Ease of discovery and purchase the right timing. SALES CHANNELS: 1. 100+ Resellers of SIM cards for travelers 2. Electronic goods shops at airports 3. Mobile Virtual Network Operators 4. Manufacturers of mobile devices 5. Corporate customers 6. Travel agencies for private and business clients. THE 4 YEARS FINANCIAL FORECAST: The Operator Country (example for China) 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total amount of inbound travelers (M) 60.0 62.0 64.0 65.0 Travelers who buy the Operator tariff plan (M) 0.5 1.0 3.0 7.0 Average Revenue Per User ($) 10.0 12.0 15.0 20.0 Additional Revenue for the Operator (M$) 5.0 12.0 45.0 140.0
  2. 2. MOBILE DEVICE (new competitive a revenue sou GENERATE RECURRING REVENUE ON PREPAID SIM CARDS FOR TRAVELERS PROBLEM: Every year mobile operators sell millions of prepaid SIM cards to incoming travelers. But they generate only one-time revenue. SOLUTION: Convert a local SIM card to a Global SIM card. It allows a traveler using the Operator SIM card during multiple trips around the world. Each trip = additional revenue for the Operator. HOW IT WORKS: 1. A customer buys the Operator SIM card on arrival and uses it during the current trip as usual. 2. When the customer travels to another country, she chooses a data plan of a local mobile operator via ComfortWay mobile app. 3. The selected plan is downloaded onto the Operator -the- the . 4. local mobile network directly with local prices on mobile data. 5. The Operator gets additional revenue on each recurring revenue on incoming travelers. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: Comfort: select a mobile operator with one click without purchasing a physical SIM card. Quality: direct high-speed LTE connection to the best local mobile operator. Price: our rates on mobile data are 10+ times lower than travel SIM cards ($10 per GB vs $100+ per GB). BENEFITS FOR THE OPERATOR: 1. Recurring revenue stream on incoming travelers. It increases life-time value 10+ times. 2. Additional revenue for the Operator subsidiaries and partners in other countries, because the SIM card could be connected to their networks only. 3. Significant competitive advantage (global vs local) attracts millions of new customers. 4. Very easy to start: just add a ComfortWay applet to the Operator prepaid SIM card. CONTACTS: ComfortWay Oleg Pravdin (CEO) 0 2016 2017 2018 2019 Current Revenue ($) Recurring Revenue ($)